July 31, 2014

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science fair
thank you

science fair
I need to do a project for the science fair but I don't know what to do. My science teacher says it has to be like the water dancing on a penny, everything has to be the same but you have to change one thing. What can I do?????? HELP ME PLEASE :/

6th grade science
I know how to do the expiriment but I need help with the essay this about the glass cup over the candle and it sucks water.this is what I've got"When you put a cup on top of a lit up candle warm air gets trapped under the glass. Once the glass cools it contracts, draw...

12 students

adult education
thanks i made a 80 on the exam

adult education
is it b for num 1 and for number 3 is is it d

adult education
Hey ms Sue 1. Change the fraction 93/1,000 to a decimal. A. 0.93 B. 0.093 C. 0.0093 D. 0.00093 My answer is c 2. John measured the diameter of four steel rods. Compare his measurements below. Which one is the largest? A. 0.025 inch B. 0.026 inch My answer is c C. 0.24 inch D. ...

adult education
Can you help me with penn foster exam for general math 1?I would like to know if my answers are right

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