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medical billing
What Tool Does The National Committee For Quality Assurance Use To Evaluate Health Care?

list some of the risk areas that can be identified through the auditing process?

Hospitals That Are Excluded From Medicare Acute Care PPS (such As Children's Hospitals) Are Paid Based On?

A wooden cart with frictionless wheels on level ground is given a push of 45.0 N. What must be the mass of the cart if it accelerates at 0.500 m/s/s? I know I need to use F=MA, but I was wondering if 45.0 N is the net force. If it's not, how would I find the net force?

9th grade
in which of the following sentences does the subject come after the verb a. on the next street, you'll find the shoe shop. b. whenever he's in town, jeremy likes to go fishing. c. brock traveled over miles of dirt roads. d. where is my elvis CD Thank you!

what were elizabeth barrett brownings poems about

has elizabeth barret browning recieved any awards for her poetry?

Literature / Short story I
escapist literature

algebra 2
if g(x) = 2x+1 find g[g(x)]

algebra 2
what are the rational zeros of x^3 - 12x - 16

algebra 2
what are the rational zeros of x^3 - x^2 - 10x -8 = 0

algebra 2
how do i put x^4 + 5x^2 -8 into quadratic form?

Help please! Honors again.
Help!! I'm confused. How low can you go? It's possible for a canidate to win the poplar vote (the vote of citizens) yet lose the electorial vote (the votes in the electorial college that accually determine the president). That's because every state gets a number of...

Does anyone know the answer to THIS PIZZAZ WORKSHEET? What happens when joggers get mad?
No problem!
Bigger the grain the faster it cools.. so if you had a 10 ounce piece of grain, and a 5 ounce piece of grain, the 10 ounce piece of grain would cool faster.
The bigger the grains the faster it cools is right.. Good job!

social studies
In the World War 2, what is the time period (beggining to end.) No really specific time period, probobly just the month and year.

health ethics
The doctor should tell the police, in every single situation, but secure Paula first to make sure she does not get hurt.

whats the answer to pizzaz workseet 54, Did you hear about riddle?

I think funding should be based by student number.

Honors class language arts 6th grade
It was Rythim and boos.. weird..

Honors class language arts 6th grade
1 Print the words MUSIC FOR HALLOWEEN. 2 Double the middle letter. 3 Change the consonant that comes earliest in the alphabet to a D. 4 Change the second L from the left to a Y. 5 Move 1 H to the left of the row. 6 Delete all the E's and I's. 7 Switch the 11th and 15th...

Language Arts
It's a honors class.. I hate it.

Language Arts
If you are supposed to get 3 words, that have something to do with halloween, then how would you get when you have: hs fo manytwo; and you're supposed to: Switch letters 3-5 from the left, as a group, with letters 9-11 from the left, as a group.

How do you get the answer to this problem? The Diameter of a typical pinhead is 1 milimeter. If a common virus measures 250 nanometers in diameter, and the virus fits together so well that there are no gaps or overlaps, how many viruses would fit on the pinhead? Express your a...

15- n when n=9

Algebra 1
how to perform the porblem 5 diveded by 7- 1 divided by 2 as a fraction?

Explain how the views of President Roosevelt and President Reagan are different. Also, Explain which leader’s views, if followed, would bring about more prosperity and a better life style for the American people. Can someone help me with this? Either help me find some web...

Since there is more than one person, how would I address them?

production of widgets your company produces. Your clients are both local and international. They have diverse backgrounds, technical experience, and understanding. 1. Choose and utilize a prewriting technique to gather your thoughts. 2. Create a draft of the document that will...

Imagine you have been asked to communicate to several clients regarding a delay in the production of widgets your company produces. Your clients are both local and international. They have diverse backgrounds, technical experience, and understanding.

Critical thinking
in what situations might an individual writing process be preferable"

first you add 7+5 is 12 then you add 7 +48 is 55 then you divide 55 by 12 is 4.58

american government
how does the social contract theory argue that the state was formed?

What is the name for the chemical formula Ba(CH3CO2)2 (all the numbers are smaller and at the bottom of the compound, I just do not know how to type them)

faits amusants or faits amusantes

des faits amusant or des faits amusantes hope that helps!

Assume that October's credit sales were $35,000. In the space below record the journal entry for the provision for uncollectible accounts under each of the following independent assumptions: a. The Allowance for Doubtful Acccounts before adjustment has a credit balance of ...

im am sorry for the cofusion i misspelled the word....the ? is what were the FRAMERS responsible for and name 3 of them

what were the farmers responsible for "and" name 3 of them.

what are the four common features found in the state constitutions of the thirteen colonies?

Oh, sorry, I didn't catch my mistake. Ty

ABC ABD ABE ACD ACE ADE AEB AEC AED To me it would be the first letter and add 2 letters to it, not repeating the first. Like shown above. Then go on to the next letter and do the same. This will take some time but should get you your answer.

I had to place these statements in the Fallacy Types I thought they belonged in. Did I do this right or am I completely wrong here? Fallacies are confusing.Thanks Everyone Ad hominem/genetic 7. I don’t care if she is the top psychiatrist in the state! Her theory on siblin...

Stuck on this problem Find values for m and b in the following system so that the solution to the system is (-3,4) 5x+7y=b mx+y=22 5(-3) + 7(4) = b b = -15 + 28 = 13 m(-3) + 4 = 22 -3m = 22-4 m = 18/-3 = -6 Thank you Sanchi....I will use this as a template for solving my other...

I had to create a word problem. My final result was 8 < 8.56 but I am not sure how to graph it. I know you can't show graphs on this site but can you give pointers? 8 < 8.56 is an obvious statement of fact. I don't see how it can be the result of a word problem. ...

Thank you Christina.. I am taking Algebra online...something I would never recommend....How would I write the equation of the line passing through (6,37) and (1,12)? the most common way is to use y=mx + b where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept so the first thing you hav...

Find the slope of the line passing through the points (9,12) and (8,4. equation for slope = y2-y1/x2-x1

Trapezoid. Height is 16m, one base is 2 20m, and the area is 224 m what is the length of the other base? The dimensions of area are m^2, not m. I assume that your entry of "2" was a mistake, and that you meant 20m for one of the base lengths. Trapezoid Area = (averag...

A=1/2h(B+b)(for b) multiply both sides by 2/h Then, subtract B from both sides.

My neighbor hired me to plant 10 trees. However, he wants 5 rows of 4. How am I going to do this just using 10 trees? you cant you need 20 trees or just do 2 rows of 5 is this is an actual math question and not a real life question then the answer is impossible or unsolveable ...

name 5 solutions used at your house Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum but your question is not clear. 5 colutions for what?

this site was a turn off when i read the lecture/scolding about how this site is not here to do people's work. Sure that is the understanding, but insight and guidance do go a long way to direct and stimulate thoughts on the student's part. Maybe u dont really feeling ...

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