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physical science

its 5th grade math, what other way can i show it

how did you get #8a, can you help me step by step please

three times as many children as adults attended a concert on saturday. an adult ticket cost $7 and a child ticket cost $3. the theater collected a total of $6000. how many people bought tickets?

its 5 grade math, can you make it more understanding

the cost of 5 similar digital cameras and 3 similar video cameras is $3213 each video camera costs 4 times as much as each digital camera. john buys a digital camera and a video camera. how much does he pay?

mr. jacob is 55 years old and tony is 7 years old. in how many years will mr. jacobs be 4 times as old as tony?

naomi macy and sebastian have 234 stamps in all. naomi gives 16 stamps to macy and 24 stamps to sebastian. naomi then has 3 times as many stamps as macy, and macy has twice as many stamps as sebastian. how many stamps does naomi have at first?

on a farm, there are some cows and some chickens. if the animals have a total of 40 heads and 112 legs, how many cows are there?

jane had $7 and her sister had $2. their parents gave each of them an equal amount of money. then, jane had twice as much money as her sister. how much money did their parents give each of them

apples are sold at 3 for $2 at busy mart. at big food, the same apples are sold at 5 for $2. kassim buys 15 apples from big foods instead of buys mart. how much does he save?

how many times can you make a perimeter of 10?

Find the slope of the line that passes through the given pair of points. (-1, 2) and (3, 4)

If a line L1 has equation y = mx + b, where m and b are constants with m ¹ 0,then an equation of a line L2 perpendicular to L1 has the form , where C is a constant.

carol has died, begin death

what is electric power?

Am i right?

i think the anser is 200$

16. Calculate the interest earned on a savings account with $800.00 that is invested at 5% annual simple interest for 5 years. (1 point)

The data below are the final exam scores of 10 randomly selected statistics students and the number of hours they studied for the exam. Calculate the correlation coefficient r.

A ball is thrown off a cliff from a ht of 180 ft above sea level. The ht s of the ball above sea water level at time t is s(t)=-16t2+32t+180. When will the ball strike the water?

Spanish 1-Please check
It goes like this: La Clase de Economia and La Clase de Anatomia

Spanish 1-Please check someone
1. Me gusta nadar y correr en patineta 3. Me gustan las hamburguesas con papas fritas o la paella. Me gusta comer en restaurantes pequenos y rapidos

How many grams of sucrose would you need to prepare 10 mL of .01M solution of sucrose(FW+342g/mole)? show your work

how many grams of sucrose would you need to prepare 10 mK of ,o1M solution of sucrose(FW+342g/mole)? show your work

How many 1's go into 4??

Zn(s) + 2 HCl(aq) H2(g) + ZnCl2(aq) When 25.0 g of Zn reacts, how many L of H2 gas are formed at STP? 1. 0.382 L 2. 0.0171 L 3. 22.4 L 4. 8.56 L 5. 4.28 L

functional english
How can i describe three different scenarios where stress can build up and affect a person? Also i have no idea on how to start! please help?

fuctional english level 2
Describe three scenarios where stress can build up and affect a person. Can someone help me on how to describe a scenario? Examples?

A hotdog vendor named Sam is walking from the southwest corner of Central park to the Empire State Building. He starts at the intersection of 59th Street and Eighth Avenue, walks 3 blocks east to 59th Street and Fifth Avenue, and then 25 blocks south to the Empire State Buildi...

a fruit is most commonly _______? A. modified root B. a mature female gametophyte c. mature ovary d. a thickened style e. enlarged ovule

thanks so much I like it that you did not just put the correct answer but gave me sights it really helps me learn. the answer i have to the worksheet is the use of chlorophylls a and b, starch as a major stored compound, and cellulose in cell walls does that sound right?? Than...

what are the characteristics that link plants with green algae??

Algebra: Simple Interest
Problem: Geoff has $5000 to invest. He wants to earn $568 in interest in one year. He will invest part of the money at 12% and the other part at 10%. How will he invest. +I already know how to do Simplest Interest, I just can't read the problem to find what i = p = r = t =

Divide first since you do it left to right so 12/6 = 2 2 x 3 - 5 6 - 5 =1

Ohhh I get it! Thank you :D It took be 45seconds to figure that out, after you helped.

There are two similar triangles XYZ, and ABC. If x = 8, c = 5, and y = b, find z and a. How am I suppose to solve this problem if y = b? Do I find what b is first? Or will the answer be with a variable?

There are two similar triangles XYZ, and ABC. If x = 12 and z = 3c, find a. How do I work with that problem when z = 3c?

What is 8.2% as a fraction in it's lowest term Please someone kindly help!

what are 2 examples(policy positions) in which the obama administration has worked to the advantage of corporate interests?

there are 24 hours in a day and scientists tell us that we should sleep for 3/8 of the much time should we spend sleeping?

Need help finding a good website on Paris? Ones I find always are the same info or are just adds for places you can stay in paris. These sites have a lot of information about the history of my favorite city plus the backgrounds of some of its most famous attractions. http://en...

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