November 23, 2014

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how did you get four? I followed you up till 4.9. What did you divide in order to get 4?
November 5, 2014

An example of a depression screening tool includes the ? A. Patient health Questionnaire B. Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression scale C. Geriatric Depression Scale D. All od the above
March 12, 2014

if a 6 foot man casts an 8 foot shadow what is the height of the building that casts a 72 foot shadow
January 16, 2014

what is the answer of this?the line segment connecting (x,6)and (9,y) is bisected by the point (7,3) find the values of x and y
November 26, 2013

Principles of finance
Faulkner’s Fine Fries Inc (FFF) is thinking about reducing its debt burden. Given the following capital structure information and an expected EBIT of $50 Million (plus or minus 10%) next year, should FFF change their capital structure? FAULKNER'S FINE FRIES INC. (FFF...
June 8, 2013

A car of mass m travelling at 20 m/s east on a straight level road and a truck of mass 2m travelling at 20 m/s west on the same road. What is the velocity of the car relative to the truck?
February 7, 2013

The general manager for Gordon's Self Service Gasoline is interested in estimating the mean number of gallons of gasoline that are purchased by customers at their Philadelphia location. He would like his estimate to be within plus or minus 0.50 gallons, and he would like ...
April 18, 2012

2y/3+27+3y/4=-24 Please help me solve and show your work please and thank you
February 15, 2012

help! If you have an equilateral triangle with a line down the middle from top to bottom with T at the top and R X S at the bottom, X being in the middle and RT=6, RS=9 then RX= what?
January 7, 2012

This is my first stats class and I don't know how to do this, could you please help me? Thank you. You are asked to determine the typical number of sales of a certain product at the store you work for. A sample of 50 days over the last quarter shows an average of 55 units ...
October 31, 2011

AP Physics
Light passes from air into water at an angle of incidence of 33.5.degrees Find the angle of refraction in the water. Answer in units of degrees
September 25, 2011

no not unless the teacher says your not allowed too
September 25, 2011

Adding mixed numbers so its the same denominator: 3 5/8 + 12 1/6
September 14, 2011

employees worked 200 regular hours and 50 hours of overtime. what percent of the total hours for the week were overtime?
July 12, 2011

Thanks Henry and bobpursley for replying. Now the question makes sense :-)
June 11, 2011

The formula T=2π√L/480 can be used to find the period (T in seconds, the time it takes a pendulum to complete one cycle) of a pendulum that is L cm long. (a)Rewrite this formula using rational exponents. Don't forget to rationalize the denominator. (b)Solve the ...
June 11, 2011

What is the probability of tossing a number divisible by two, and the probability of tossing a prime number of a "Fair Die"?
May 17, 2011

Compare and contrast your abilities as an academic writer now as opposed to when you began your studies at the University of Phoenix. Using four comparatives and four superlatives within your responses, explain what has led to these changes and what changes you will make in ...
February 8, 2011

I am 55, my motherlaw is 70, my friend is 40. How do I figure out the LCM and the GCF. My home assignment is listed as= List the ages of two people in your life, one older than you and one younger than you. It would be best if the younger person was 15 years of age or younger...
January 25, 2011

I am 55 years old (Melvin) and I am supposed to list the ages of two people in your life which is my mother in law(Saraha) whom is 70 years old is the one older than me and one younger than me is my friend (Peter), he is 40 years old. I am supposed to find the prime ...
January 25, 2011

List the ages of two people in your life, one older than you and one younger than you. It would be best if the younger person was 15 years of age or younger. Find the prime factorizations of your age and the other two persons’ ages. Show your work listed by name and age. ...
January 25, 2011

Public Finance
A worker lives in a state that has its own income tax. The worker is in the 31 percent federal tax bracket. In addition, he is subject to a 9 percent MTR for his state income tax. Assume that mortgage interest is deductible both on his federal and state income tax, and that ...
January 24, 2011

The vector a1=(1,1,0) and a2=(1,1,1) span plane in R^3. Find the projection matrix P onto the plane, and find nonzero vector b that is projected to zero.
January 2, 2011

Whose responsibility is it to reduce our impacts on climate?
January 1, 2011

show that the length of Ax equals the length of A^T x if AA^T=A^T A
December 8, 2010

An equivalent expression of h+zx
October 6, 2010

A steam turbine operates between hot and cold reservoir temperatures of 538.0 ¢XC and 92.1 ¢XC, respectively. If heat is supplied at a rate of 238.0 MW, what maximum amount of power could the turbine deliver?
March 27, 2010

A ladder 9.00 m long leans against the side of a building. If the ladder is inclined at an angle of 75.0° to the horizontal, what is the horizontal distance from the bottom of the ladder to the building?
July 19, 2009

Since you can't draw the structures, could you just give me the name of X and I will draw the structure.Thanks!
June 22, 2009

Compound X, C8H17Cl, is a chiral product of the radical chlorination of 4-methylheptane. X reacts in SN2 fashion with NaI in acetone to form Z, C8H17I. When the reactant is the R-enantiomer of X, only the R-enantiomer of Z is formed. What is the structural formula for X?
June 22, 2009

all the countriies we studied in this chapter gained independence from the soviet union
November 10, 2008

What do the Stars on the U.S. Flag mean.
March 7, 2008

Without our two great political parties cutting across economic and geographic interests.Democracy as we know it could never have been made to function. The author of this statement probably meant to suggest that
March 7, 2008

How do you solve 1/125=25^6x-5 please and thank you I read this as 1/125 = 256x-5 or 5-3=256x-5 Take the log base five of each side.. -3=2(6x-5) solve for x. What exactly do you mean by take the log base five of each side?
April 22, 2007

Hi. I know this might be kind of a stupid question, but I was wondering if a predecessor follows something or is before it? I thought it was after, but the dictionary definition makes it seem like it is before. Is it before because of the pre? Thank you for using the Jiskha ...
April 22, 2007

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