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eth 125
opposing viewpoints on bilingualism in politics and education 2010- in the google search helped me find a site thatsupplied numerous links for my research.
February 15, 2007

How do I set this problem up and solve it. Mrs. Muniz's algebra class was collecting money for a party. The class decided that each student should give the same amount of money. They collected a total of $9.61. If everyone used 5 coins, how many nickels were collected 961 ...
February 15, 2007

A radio wave has a frequency of5,000,000 Hz. Write this number in scientific notation. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This is not the right answer so hurry up as soon as possible ...
February 12, 2007

who invented music. There is no one who is known for inventing music. I imagine the cave men beat sticks on a rock and enjoyed the sound... They probably also blew on a reed and found it made noise. Mama cave women probably crooned to babies and found it put them to sleep. I ...
January 29, 2007

how do i solve two step equations? Do you mean two equations in two unknowns? The method of substitution is one way. There is a good tutorial here:
January 18, 2007

for nail:hammer:: screw: screwdriver
January 16, 2007

Are the Carbon atoms full though. I dont know. My teacher was saying something about putting the atoms with dots on a diagonal and she said something about using arrows to indicate the "CC" bonds. ??????????????????????????????????????? I dont understand what you ...
January 8, 2007

That worked out perfectly! I understand where you're going now! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Use the electron-dot symbols to show how the bonding (covalent or ionic) takes place. Use as many of each atom as needed for: 1. Carbon and Hydrogen 2.Silicon and Fluorine try combinig the...
January 8, 2007

For what value(s) of b will x^2 + bx + 3 have exactly one root? I'm rather new at this but wouldn't b=2*sqrt(3) give (x+sqrt3)2 as factors and that would give one root? Check my thinking. for a quadratic equation to have exactly one root, the discriminat must be zero i...
December 20, 2006

possessive nouns
The banana belongs to the the chimp
December 12, 2006

the big idea of energy
i hate everyone on his website becauce u r all dumb someone HELP ME
December 5, 2006

the big idea of energy
thank u i had no idea what it meant by the big idea of energy. i am from england. thank you who explained it so well fab.
December 5, 2006

Why do beryllium and fluorine combine in a 1:2 ratio? use page 194 in your textbook. Be is in group 2 (IIA) and has two electrons in its outer shell which it wants to give away. Flourine is in group 17 (VIIA) and has seven electrons. It needs one more to fill its outside shell...
December 3, 2006

do you have fractions on this website? Yes
November 15, 2006

acids and alkalis
anyways thanks guys for the website (L)
November 4, 2006

acids and alkalis
you should know this by now
November 4, 2006

acids and alkalis
soap, oven cleaner, toothpast and loads more :) x
November 4, 2006

English!_+ check please!
November 3, 2006

A rifle is aimed horizontally at a target 46.0 away. The bullet hits the target 1.60 below the aim point. What was the bullet's flight time? What was the speed of the bullet as it left the barrel?
November 2, 2006

inca arts and crafts
September 28, 2006

Okay i have to for class monday present a speech thingy about Queen Elizabeth I... Like your in groups and one of us has to dress up like that person(queen) and the other two interview them! Soo like u need questions and answers...but heres the thing i can only come up with 4 ...
September 16, 2006

Solve for x. (l is the absoulte bar, not one) 3*l 3x-2 l -6 > l 3x-2 l We're given; 3*|3x-2|-6 >|3x-2| Add -|3x-2| to both sides to get 2*|3x-2|-6 >0 Add 6 to both sides to get 2*|3x-2|>6 Divide both sides by 2 |3x-2|>3 This means 3x-2>3 or 3x-2<-3 3x-...
September 5, 2006

advanced algebra
One number is 3 more that half of a second number. If the average of the two numbers is 31/2, find the smaller of the two numbers. PLEASE HELP. thanks! N-3=1/2 S N+S= 2*(31 1/2) help me
August 31, 2006

Language Arts
My teacher said to create an acrostic poem with the name EAST MILLBROOK and we have to fill it in with or goals for the year the only problem is she wants us to use words like exemplify instead or show. Please help me!!! This is what it should look like Exemplify A Show T M ...
August 29, 2006

(4,-2) and (2,-8) lie on the line Ax-2By = 28. What is the value of A? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! 4,-2) and (2,-8) lie on the line Ax-2By = 28. What is the value of A? Put the points in. First one. A4-2B(-2)=28 4A+4B=28 A+B=7 call this equation 1) second ...
August 23, 2006

what is the least common denominator? It is the smallest number into which all of the denominators in a series of fractions can be evenly divided. For instance, is you have fractions 1/2, 2/3 and 5/6, the denominators are 2, 3 and 6, and the least common denominator is 6. The ...
August 1, 2006

It’s increasingly popular among the states to allow the public to place various propositions on the ballot. When more then 50 % of votes cast are in favor of a proposition, it is approved and becomes law unless it’s held up in the courts. For example, proposals ...
July 10, 2006

Suppose that the CPI in year five equals 123 and in year 6 equals 130. What was the inflation rate in year 6? Thank you, Megan 130/123 = 1.057 Ergo, 5.7%
July 10, 2006

Explain the role of human capital in the ability of an individual to find and keep a job. Thanks! take a shot first.
July 2, 2006

Explain how it's possible for actual GDP to temporarily exceed full-employment GDP. "full-employment GDP" is a defined concept. Full employment does not mean 100% employment -- an economy has a "natural rate of unemployment" and reflects the fact that ...
July 2, 2006

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