February 19, 2017

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expository alphabetically...
October 21, 2016

its b. btw
May 26, 2016

f*ck u ms sue
May 26, 2016

1. D 2. A 3. B 4. C Just took the test and got a 4/4
December 17, 2015

The answer to the whole test is 1. C 2. D 3 is a select all that apply. it d and c for 3 4. A 5. C I just took the test got a 100%
November 14, 2015

math plz help quick
Okay so basically just convert 0.3333333333333333 to a fraction and there is and answer!!!
May 21, 2015

4x-8 = 12+6x SUBTRACT 4x FROM BOTH SIDES -8 = 12+2x ADD 12 TO BOTH SIDES 4=2x DIVIDE BOTH SIDES BY 2 2=x
November 8, 2010

algebra 1
what do you call someone who can't turn pancakes?
September 15, 2009

x^3=5x what is the largest possible value for x?
April 23, 2009

If some substance has a ph of 8, is it a base or is it neutral? I know that a ph of 7 is neutral, so is 8 also neutral since it's in the middle?
April 23, 2009

These are not answered correctly. The correct way is to use a whole number to solve, not as a percent. You will end up with an incorrect answer using it in percent form.
March 8, 2009

i really need help answering this question and was wondering if anyone could help please! Outline and discuss the view that BME youths commit crime because of disadvantage You need to explain what BME means. I searched Google under the key words "BME" to get this ...
April 12, 2007

Chemistry Questions!!
Lipids do a range of things. Some (such as triglycerides) are storage units while others are biologically active phospholipid, platelet-activating factors. They are oily little things that exist in cells. They have a polar and nonpolar end enabling them to be soluble in ...
December 13, 2006

when the candle is heated it melts (physical change) and when it burns it is a chemical change. candle wax is made from hydrogen and carbon. im doing this homework too!!!!!
October 21, 2006

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