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Prime numbers are numbers that no other factors other than one and themselves.

A indicates that the two lines must cross at some intersection. B tips you off to parallel lines that have the same slope and can never touch. C means that it is one and the same line.

5r-45+3 > 6r+18-26 5r-42 > 6r-8 -42>r-8 -34>r r<-34

When you have final answers, always go back and check them. If the original problem had a constraint as to what the solutions could be, then that is a tip off.

X could be anything except x=1 and 1/3 because that would give you a zero in the denominator. Division by zero is undefined.

Quizzes biology
I just checked again, all I get is Biology, it doesn't specify if it is General or Molecular (one of the many reasons I love my school :P). Thanks!

Quizzes biology
Wow thanks! You are saving my life! And I am Canadian so we don't have AP at the public school, but the course code is SBI 4U1. I tried searching that in google and didn't get anything, but you all have seemed to find me lots. This is greatly appreciated!

Quizzes biology
Hello, my teacher has once said that she gets all of her quizzes from the internet, but I can't find the site. Does anyone have any idea as to where grade 12, hard, biology quizzes may come from? The quizzes are brutal, and it would so great if I could see them ahead of ti...

homework help
read the book and find out urself :)

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