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Pigskin Geography
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Pigskin Geography
determine the river that were dammed to form these lakes?

Pigskin Geography

The demand for a luxury good whose purchase would exhaust a big portion of one's income is

Why are the lanthanides and actinides moved out of numerical order and placed at the bottom of the periodic table? They aren't always, but for most periodic tables, the width would be very long, and it wouldn't fit very well on an eight by eleven piece of paper. Look a...

Chemistry question
Why does something acid based disolve something carbon based? What makes you think this is a solubility rule? I can think of hundreds of exceptions. Carbon disulfide in aqueous solutions of acids, carbon tetrachloride in HCl, etc.

Great! I understand now that C0=f(a) c1=f'(a) c2=f"(a)/2 Now, If I am to find the parabolization of the equation x^2-x at x=2, then c0=x^2-x=2^2-2=2 c1=2x-1=2(2)-1=3 c2=2/2=1 So, the equation (taken from c0+c1(x-a)+c2(x-a)^2) is >> 2+3(x-2)+1(x-2)^2?? Is this co...

HOW IS A GRAPH SIMILAR TO A DATA TABLE both summarize data living things?

acids and alkalis
Chesterfield 3-1 Mansfield. COME ON U SPIREITES!!

I need some fundraising ideas for this trip I am going on. I need to raise from about $200-$5000. Got any ideas? Yeah, I have some ideas for you. One of my ideas is that you could wash cars, inside of course though. You could also put containers in some stores or something and...

why is it difficult to convert miles to yards or feet Not like the metric system where it is in powers of 10. It was based on strange things like:

what connections can you identify between the metric units for length and volume? Go to: Scroll down to: Measurement of Fluid Volumes

Hi, been tearing my hair out over this question. I think I'm on the right track, but just not sure how to finish it. Anyway, here it is: A particle is moving along the ellipse 4x^2 + 16y^2 = 64. At any time 'T' its x- and y-coordinates are given by x = 4cosT, and y...

engineering HELP
you've bought a new truck and want to show off your ag engineering skills by painting the bore, stroke, piston displacement, clearance volume, and compression ratio for the engine on the hood. All you know about the truck is that has a 4 cyl 250 cubic in engine. An interne...

You find out you need a pallet of 14 bags of seed that weigh 50 lbs each. You know the pallet itslef weighs 44lbs. The CO-OP forklift takes 30 seconds to move the pallet and bags of seed the 60 feet to the back of your truck. A) How much power does the forklift produce to move...

>_> I have that question too and I've never heard of Ms. Foster

How do i find total displacement in in^3/min if i have the bore and stroke and and rpm and number of cylinder. i can calculate piston and engine displacement and compression ratios but just not sure about TOTAL displacement and the rpms?

what are some benefits and risks associated with using bacteria to clean up oil spills? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "bacteria 'oil spills'" to get these possible sources:

DESCRIBE CYTOPLASMIC STREAMING IN PARAMECIUM. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF CYTOPLASMIC STREAMING? In the ameba it allows movement, but in the paramecium it distributes nutrients and other key metabolic processess...


You are given a hydraulic jack which you'd like to keep in your car in case you have a flat. Your vehicle weighs 4500lbs, and you know the jack will have to lift 1500 lbs when you put it under the axle. The hand end cylinder of the jack is 1/2inch in diameter and the "...

Can anyone tell me the formula and what the symbols mean for the following problems? 1. You have a 1/2 inch internal diameter hose at your home and water moves through it at 2.5 feet/sec when the faucet is fully turned on. If you leave the water running while you wash your car...

Your Swine manure pit is rectangular measuring 50' by 100' and is 4' deep. If you use a 1" diameter hose 2 hours each day at 8 ft per second velocity to remove the manure from your swine pins how many days worth of storage space do you have in your pit? In oth...

The balance tank in our milk processing plant in our building holds about 10 gallons of milk. The inlet pipe is 1.5 inches in diameter abd the outlet is 3/4 inches diameter. If milk flows into the tank at .5 ft/sec how fast must it depart to keep from overflowing? Use the mass...

You want to water your garden with rainwater, and you place a 55 gal drum at the bottom of the downspout of your house gutter system to collect the water. The drum is 42" tall and you cut a 1 inch diameter hole at the lowest point of the side of the drum to install your o...

Determine the minimimum depth of a water reservoir that will provide a flow rate of 1200 gpm in a 4 inch diameter horizontal pipe that opens to the atmosphere You ought to consider Bernoulli's equation for this, it is in your text. You can model it as this: A drop of water...

Your green house irrigation sytem is plumbed with 3/4" pvc pipe from which 1/2" branch lines are routed to each row of plants. if the city supplies water that flows at 3ft/sec what is the velocity of the water at plants level? WEhat is the flow rate in gallons per mi...

Bank Operations Question
Say you want to start a "National Bank". Thus you will need a piece of paper that is like a license to start a bank. What is that paper called? And what is the name of the government agency that you would get that paper from? If you are in a beginning course, the ope...

Economics Review Help!
This is for a test that I'm studying for in Economics. I never did understand this stuff. Here's what I have to figure out. I've never been good at Economics, but I'm trying to get this stuff down for my final. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. ...

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