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I am to write an historical investigation, and this is my first time writing something like that. Is an IB school. the question is "How did the factory system affect the life of the working class in Britain?"

Calculate the volume of oxygen at 27C and 740 mmHg which could be obtained by hesting 10g of potassium trioxochlorate (v)

Thank you, so when I did that I got -137kJ. so is their answer wrong or mine. They had 400kJ.

Hi, I am doing a practice test for my chemistry final and I do not understand one of the answer they gave for this thermochemical equation question. I do not understand how they got 400kJ. The question is: Butane has a deltaH of -2871 kJ/mol when it undergoes complete combusti...

What is a bias paragraph?

what is 18 percent of 240

the outer distance of a bicycle wheel is 95cm how many complete turns does the wheel make when the bicycle travels a distance of 350m?

What can be a good picture of a modern situation of the ninth station of the cross when jesus falls the third time?

Chem 110
Calculate amount of milliliters of 2.0 M HCl needed to neutralize 0.15 mol of NaOH

Using the gas equation, V1=499ml; T1=25C+273K=298 P1=740mmHg At s.t.p P2=760mmHg; T2=273K; V2=? V2= 499*740*273 /760*298 =445.1 ans

4th grade math

Business Math
Cost + Mark-up = Price cost=$240, mark-up=.7S, price=S $240+.7S=S $240=.3S S=$800

Business Math
It says the mark up is based on price not cost so i believe that Reiny's answer is wrong because her answer is based on cost not price.

Can someone please help me with the following?: Factor each expression completely: x²-x-72 3x²-3x-168 Here is the way I have found to do these. First, make a couple of sets of parentheses. ( )( ) We put in the first letter. From X2 we can get ONLY X and X so put thos...

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