July 31, 2014

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A metal sphere whose diameter is 150cm is lowered into the vessel till it rests on the base. Calculate, in terms of pi, the volume of water which overflows in cubic metres. The vessel has height and diameter of 2m, is a cylinder without a lid and stands horizontally, containin...

A hollow spherical metal ball has internal radius 1cm. If the metal is 1/2 cm thick, find the volume of metal ( Take pi equals 22/7)

A satellite takes 93.8 minutes to orbit the earth. If the diameter of the earth is 12740km approximately and the satellite is at a height of 32km above the earth's surface, find the average speed of the satellite in km/h Working out please

The radii of three concentric circles are 2cm, 3cm and 4cm Find the ratio of the shaded areas A (the second circle from the inside) and B(the outer circle) (Hint: don't substitute for pi)

The sides of a triangle are 4.53cm, 5.70cm and 6.21cm. By what percentage (correct to two decimal places) is the longest side is greater than the shortest side Working Out please

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