August 31, 2016

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life science
are you a real teacher
August 29, 2016

That helped me too.
October 18, 2015

ETi=ETf Ek+Eg+Ee =Ek+Eg+Ee Intial/final speed is zero, and having a ref point from the bottom, hf is zero and xi will be zero since in the beging the spring is at equiibrim. Finally ur hi=xf, since the strech will be the distaince traveled. From this info and the equation we ...
April 25, 2011

Physics-Help, confused!
ETi = ETf Ek+ Eg+Ee = Ek+Eg+Ee since vi and vf is o Ek is taken out, and having a ref point at the bottom Eg is for ETf is taken out( final hight =0 meters). Also spring is at equilibirum in the beinging, so Ee for ETi is also taken out( xi = O meters) so then Eg= Ee and mghi...
January 10, 2011

A body is launched from the ground and 9.00 seconds later its velocity is 25j+28k m/s. The horizontal range is therefore?
March 30, 2008

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