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Abigail, Dolly
August 22, 2007

what kind of filter do you use on a white light to make people aear yellow? Yellow, it allows only yellow light to pass thru.
April 19, 2007

Which color would you use for a room to relax in? B. orange C.purple D.yellow I just entered colors and moods in and here are the results:
April 17, 2007

In the summer, you're assigned to take a photograph of a lighthouse. It's essential that the color of the photograph be "cool". the best time of day for you to take the photo would be A.7:00AM B.11:00 AM C.12:00Pm D. 3:00PM 11, 12 and 3 are in the full light ...
April 17, 2007

Does anybody happen to know what colorodos state fish is. I used to live in colorado and it is Greenback Cutthroat Trout
April 1, 2007

geo area & volume
ok it asks me 2 find the lateral area of the cylinder ( the radius is 5 n the hight is 5) can some 1 help me with this please 392.5 Prinness, I think that 392.5 is pi*r^2*h, or the volume of the cylinder. This question asks for the lateral area. Lateral area is the area of the...
March 1, 2007

rf value of lycopene
the rf value depends on the kind of plate used (silica, alumina) and the mobile phase or developing solvent used. Lycopene has a very high Rf (~0.9) on silica gel when petroleum ether (75%) and methylene chloride (25%)is used as mobile phase.
February 19, 2007

College Math - Word Problem
An artist entered two paintings (Lighthouse and Cathedral) ina show. He feels that the probabilities are 0.15, 0.18 and 0.11, respectively, that he will sell the Lighthouse, Cathedral, or both. What is the probability that he will sell either of the two paintings? P(lighthouse...
February 14, 2007

a). How many ways can a person select three appetizers and two soups if there are six appetizers and five soups on the dinner menu? b). Three married couples have bought tickets for six seats in a row for a movie. - HOw many ways can they be seated? - How many ways can they be...
February 14, 2007

At a fair run by a local charity organization, it costs 50 cents to try one's luck in drawing an ace from a deck of 52 playing cards. What is the expected profit per customer if they pay $4 if and only if a person draws an ace. I presume that the drawn card is replaced ...
February 14, 2007

At a fair run by a local charity organization, it costs 50 cents to try one's luck in drawing an ace from a deck of 52 playing cards. What is the expected profit per customer if they pay $4 if and only if a person draws an ace. I am sorry that nobody has responded to your ...
February 13, 2007

American Government
I need help with this question: Althouh the New Jersy plan was not entirely adopted at the Constitutional Convention,the New Jersey Plan contained an idea that later became known as the ____________ which requires judges to treat federal laws superior to state laws. 1. ...
January 17, 2007

Iteration Control Structure
Design a program that models the worm's behavior in the following scenario: A worm is moving toward an apple. Each time it moves, the worm cuts the distance between itself and the apple by its own body length until the worm is close enough to enter the apple. The worm can ...
January 16, 2007

How do I begin a Journal for a homework assignment on Subordinate Group Member? I need help with knowing how to start my Jounal, so can someone help me please? To what group is the member a subordinate? What is the purpose of the journal? If you are still living with your ...
January 14, 2007

The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
Where can I find the correct meaning of the following terms: Stereotype, Gender group, Pluraism, Sociology, Minority group, Assimilation, Conflict perspective, Segregation, Ethnic group, Racism, Class Subordinate group, Social construction of race, Racial group, and Religious ...
January 12, 2007

Word Problems!!
PLz help me!These questions are on my study guide for tommorrow's test and I don't get them.Please help me solve them because I don't have a lot of time because I have to go to Chruch in 20 minutes.PLease help!Thanks! 1.Six pears and three apples cost $3.90. Two ...
November 6, 2006

Estimate the following product. 7 1/10 X 4 5/6 = I need help with this I can't get it could you please help me....
September 15, 2006

Axia student here as well eth/125
July 20, 2006

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