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Health Information
If HIPAA rules are stricter than state law, which standard should you follow and why? What if the state law was stricter? Explain

Health Information
What is the best answer to this question. I have read, and read many times and can't figure it out. Please help! Judge Jones is hearing a motion to order release of substance abuse records pursuant to a subpoena. The hearing: A. must be in open court because the records we...

Confidentiality of Health Information
Answer each question in one or two paragraphs. 1. Compare and contrast contributory negligence with comparative negligence. 2. If HIPAA rules are stricter that state law, which standard should you follow and why? What if the state law was stricter? 3. Explain the subject matte...

Suppose you toss a coin and will win $1 if it comes up heads. If it comes up tails, you toss again. This time you will receive $2 if it comes up heads. If it comes up tails, toss again. This time you will receive $4 if it comes up heads. Continue in this fashion for a total of...

Three coins are flipped. Find the probabilities a. p(two heads)= b. p(at most two heads)= c. p(no heads)=

Please read my short story deeper Ever deeper
I would love to read it and comment but where is it?

wow really? thank you!! Was it a hard class there? Go Texas!!!

Could someone please explain the concept of electromagnetic radiation to me please? Thank you!

We expect that we can receive annual incremental income after taxes of $15,000 which includes an adjustment for uncollectible accounts. What is the maximum commitment to A/R we should be willing to assume if our firm's minimum required after-tax return is 12%?

Thank you! but what about for a molar mass for a single element? my teacher said it is different from the atomic mass, but all the research i've done says it is not different.

How do you find molar mass?

I have to make a diagram of a neuron and label the given parts. I have it all finished except for sodium and potassium. I asked my teacher and he said they go in the action potential. I am not sure which one goes where though. I think the sodium is outside and the potassium is...

?-52=26 ?=26+52 ?=78

twenty percent of drivers drining between 11pm and 3am are drunken drivers. using the binomial probabilities table. fine the problability that in a random sample of 12 drivers drining between 11 pm and 3am , two to four will be drunken drivers

when you find the probability of an event happening by subtracting the probability of the event not happening from 1, we are usning

COM 140
• Suggest two tips for formatting academic documents not mentioned in the resources. Which guidelines are most important for formatting? Which guidelines are less important to a business document but more important to an academic paper

Thanks that helped alot!

I still don't exactly know what a vertical asymptote is.

I need help finding the vertical asymptote of f(x)= 1-x -------- 2x^2-5x-3

12 math
a club consists of 25 married couples. determine how many committee of 7 people can be formed from these coules if there are A. no restrictions B. exactky 5 men on the committe c. at least one person has to be a men d. there must be at least 3 women and 2 men

Reseach paper
I got a grade of 100 on my research paper. I got my references from AMA opinion 5.07, AMA Patient confidentiality and Journal of the American Medical Information Association vol.3 I found the JAMIA at penn foster online database. I used MLA style.

What effects did the Black Plague have on art and life?

Is this statement true? Because we are created in the image of God, God's Ten Commandments, in a sense, are written on all of our hearts.

What are words that change form to become plural?

social studies
thank you

social studies
Do Hindus believe it is the god Vishnu who grants spiritual enlightenment whispering at the moment of death the truth the soul needs to achieve enlightenment and set it free?

social studies
Are the gardens surrounding the Taj Mahal thought to represent the Islamic garden of Paradise?

How do I figure profit margin

social studies
In order to make sure they would always be free did the Romans establish an army or build a wall around their city?

Social Studies
Why did art have a religious significance to the ancient Romans?

mixture problem
Thank you

mixture problem
Lisa will make punch that is 25% fruit juice by adding pure fruit juice to a 2-liter mixture that is 10% pure fruit juice. How many liters of pure fruit juice does she need to add?

Thank you

3x/5/ x/4+x/2

Analogies must start with scr, spr, str, thr 5 letters broom : sweep :: brush :

What was probably the most important commodity in ancient Rome?

What surrounded Rome and protected it from hostile invaders?

Plebeians could move into the upper class by winning in the Olympics. True or false


What is the pH of the solution created by combining 1.30 mL of the 0.10 M NaOH(aq) with 8.00 mL of the 0.10 M HCl(aq)? This is how I would go about solving the problem, but could you tell me where I went wrong? First I would find the number of mols of OH from NaOH and then use...

Hi, I have to do a research paper on the movie "Bobby" directed by Emilio Estevez. I have to choose one character and apply two theories to a character from the movie. The theories can be Psychoanalytic, Neo-analytic, Behaviorist, Cognitive, etc... I have two theorie...

Assume x and y are functions of t. Evaluate dy/dt. xy - 5x + 2x^3 = -70; dx/dt=-5, x=2, y=-3

Assume x and y are functions of t. Evaluate dy/dt. xy - 5x + 2x^3 = -70; dx/dt=-5, x=2, y=-3

social studies
My grandson has to write down services. What do they want?

the novel
In The Call of the Wild, when London writes about "what a puppet thing life is," it reflects the theme summarized in which of the following statements?

══════════════════════ Memo: Whomever Date: A few minutes ago … From: Marie, Advanced Federal Taxation P.C. Re: 2007 Tax Return for New Clie...

CORPORATE TAX ¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T¨T Memo: Whomever Date: A few minutes ago ¡­ From: Maire, Advanced Federal Taxation P.C. Re: 2007 Tax Return for New Client...

PHRASE #1(passe compose) Vendredi dernier, jacques a obtenu un "B" dans son cours de Biologie. #2(future anterieur)Jacques aura obtenu un "A" s'il avait pris son temps a bien repondre les questions. #3(futur simple)Jacques obtiendra un "A" dan...

math please
what is the least number that is divisible by 2,3,4,5,,6,9 and 10?

beautifully can that word be an adverb and and adjective? Can any word that you add ' ly' to be an adjective at any time.

AP Biology
We just did the Osmosis and Diffusion lab in Biology. My teacher wants us to use water potential (and its equation) to explain the results....how do I use the water potential equation?

serious math help!!!!!!!!!!!
Explain an easy way to estimate the area and circumference of a circle if you know the radius or diameter

I'm having a terrible time understanding how to estimate cash flow. My book only provides one example, and it's long and drawn out. The question I'm working on is this: A project that is expected to last six years will generate a profit and cash flow contribution b...

World History
Provide websites on Martin Luther (Protestant Reformer). I need viewpoints, so a viewpoint of the pope at that time would be great. The pope was against him, so I need sources that are against Martin Luther and his motives. Please provide me some credible sources that offer vi...

physics question
...just looked at the problem again and figured it out..

physics question
How much heat had to be put in during the process to increase the internal energy of the gas by 1.50×10^4 J ? Here is the given information and questions that I have already answered: n=.450 R=8.3145 (Point A) p=2*10^5 v=.010 (Point B) p=5*10^5 v=.070 (Point C) p=8*10^5 ...

AP World History
Please give me resources (hopefully, straightforward ones) on the contact between groups of people occured and the nature of that contact, including the notation aboiut the impact of that contact on both parties: -Developlment and Spread of Islamic Civilization -Tang & Song Dy...

In 1829, the model of modern policing, the London Metropolitan Police Department, was established. It's main objective was: a. Criminal apprehension b. law enforcement c. Crime prevention d social order

Human service administrator
Why are cost per output and cost per outcome calculations valuable to a human service agency?

What is the number of the highest harmonic that could be heard by a person who is capable of hearing frequencies up to 1.00×104 Hz?

A fisherman notices that his boat is moving up and down periodically, owing to waves on the surface of the water. It takes 2.90 s for the boat to travel from its highest point to its lowest, a total distance of 0.640 m. The fisherman sees that the wave crests are spaced 7.60 m...

to me there is not a right or wrong answear it

A mass is vibrating at the end of a spring of force constant 225 N/m. On a position x vs time graph, how do you determine: How much energy did this system originally contain?

It is reasonable to assume that the bulk modulus of blood is about the same as that of water (2.20 GPa). As one goes deeper and deeper in the ocean, the pressure increases by 1.0*10^4 Pa for every meter below the surface. If a diver goes down 33.0 m (a bit over 100 ft) in the ...

World history
IS AD and CE the same thing?

In a design for a piece of medical apparatus, you need a material that is easily compressed when a pressure is applied to it. Would this material have a large bulk modulus, small bulk modulus, or is the bulk modulus not relevant to this situation?

homework hlep
3x- 5y/(7 ) = 10 2x/3 - 9y/7 = 19/5

financial management
unsure, can someone please assist asap? Thanks so much

financial management
Last year Rattner Robotics had $5 million in operating income (EBIT). The company had net depreciation expense of $1 million and interest expense of $1 million; its corporate tax rate was 40 percent. The company has $14 million in current assets and $4 million in non-interest-...

During the past month, you withdrew $22 from your savings account and then deposited $24. If your balance at the end of the month is $120, how much did you have in your account at the beginning of the month? 22 24 -- = -- 120 x 2880 ---- 22x x=130.9 Is this correct?

Algebra II
Having trouble factoring 3x^9- 75x

The length of a rectangle is 14 centimeters less than twice its width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 62cm. What are the dimensions of the rectangle? Here is what I did: P=2L+2W 62=2(14-W)+2W 62=28-W+2W 28-28 ------------ 34=-W+2W +W +W ------------ 34=3W -- -- 3 3 W=11.3 I...

the life expectancy increased from 74% in 1970 to 78%in 1990 what contributed to this factor

buisness math
How much interest will you have to pay for a credit card balance of $554 that is one month overdue if a 20% annual rate is charged?

How would I start an apology letter on a trip that has been canceled and the deposit will not be given back because that bus company is in bancruptcy

Hi, I have to write a poem in the style of Arthur Rimbaud's "Delirium II: Alchemy of the Word". Is there any websites that can help me with this? Any Tips? Thanks

Human Service Administrator
What ethical issues might arise by relying more and more on technology in Health Care or Human Service?

Human Services
Thanks for the help.

Human Services
Can anyone see if this is correct. A problem is when a question has to be considered before answering or finding a solution. A policy is considered to be a system of laws that concerns a given topic by a governmental entity or its representatives. A program is a public service...

Human Services
What do the words "problem," "policy," and "program," mean within the context of health and human services?

Why are we able to use analysis categories to analyze older problems as well as modern ones?

What is television effect on sports

my fith grader has a work sheet on stem and leaf plots. There is no workbook or examples that were given and i have no clue. Can you help me?

#19, Inclusive Language-Quoting from Biased Material - The mayors and their wives were invited on a tour of the state buildings. Answer: The maors and their wives[sic] were invited on a tour of the state buildings. #8. Puctuation-colon - Studing is exciting: find something abo...

re- check
on #19 it is asking for Inclusive Language-Quoting from Biased Material. The sentence is: The mayors and their wives were invited on a tour of the state building. Answer: The mayors and their wives[sic] were invited on a tour of the state buildings. #8 Punctuation- colon - Stu...

please check
Please check focusing on the grammar area specified in the left column. The Sentence following the grammar area is the sentence in question. 1.Dangling Modidiers - If your baby does not like cold apple juice, it should be heated. My Answer: If your baby does not like cold appl...

if x-3y=8 and y=2x+1, then x=

Humans shape their environment in ways that other organisms cannot. Are humans subject to the same pressures of natural selection as other organisms? Yes. If we are too weak or too lazy or too unfortunate to make a living, we will not survive. We can steal or grow our own food...

How are eukaryotic cells similar to a production line? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites on these cells: 1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eukaryote 2. http://library.thinkquest.org/C004535/eukaryotic_cells.html 3. http://www.cellsalive.com/...

It’s hard to believe that a woman her age could accomplish so much. Inclusive Language—Making Language Nonracist and Nonagist. How can I do that. This is my one out of 10 it has me stump. woman, or person? Why not just drop the "her age" words? It's har...

written communication
I need a example on how to write a Persuasive message and a negative message. Marie or Ann or whoever, http://www.jiskha.com/search/search.cgi?query=negative+message http://www.jiskha.com/search/search.cgi?query=persuasive+message Here are some previously asked and answered qu...

Human Services Administrator
What should the role of health and human services workers be in relation to the future needs of American society?

Human Services Administrator
Who should determine health and human services needs?

Human Services Administrator
How do regular consultations between managers and their subordinates impact productivity and job satisfaction? That depends upon the nature of the consultations. If the managers are critical and micromanage, the job satisfaction and productivity usually goes down. If the manag...

Human Services Administrator
What are some elements to a good appraisal system? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You do not state if you need this appraisal system in hiring or in evaluating an employee. Here are some links for you: 1. (Broken Link Removed) 2. (Broken Link Removed) (alt...

Is it more common for people to make decisions regarding religion on the basis of reason or by faith? I believe faith determines religious decisions. I think that depends on the person. Many people make decisions on religion based on both reason and faith. Guru is right. Howev...

Baptism - Catholic
Can someone please tell me what happens with the oil and the candle at baptism? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. For anything concerning the Catholic religion, a good place to begin is with the Catholic Encyclopedia: 1. http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/02258b...

Is a person more than a physical body? What is the mind? What is thought? I am having trouble finding information on pricipal issues,some philosophies related to the questions and some misconceptions about the questions. If anyone could help me. I really do not understand phil...

Grade 3 science
Are cotton balls a better insulator than paper. I say cotton balls but the teacher wants me to write a hypothese which I did and explain how I would test it. I know cotton is a better insulator because it is used in materials can you give me a test or explain a test for this? ...

Science grade 3
I know that fresh water will freeze faster than salt water but I need to fill in a table. The table shows some variables which are the amount of water and the amount of salet. I need to write how I would control each variable and I do not quite understand what to do? http://ww...

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