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20 divided by 4 is 5.

Find the movement of a particle that moves along a straight due to the force F=-k*m*v(^2)

A chain rests on a table, and is released. 1/4th sits on the table, while the remaining 4/5ths of the length hangs before it is released. Calculate the time it takes to leave the table.

college chemistry
When ethane reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water. When 10 molecules of ethane react with 20 molecules of oxygen, what is the composition of the FINAL mixture?

how many grams of sodium choloride is needed to prepare 600ml of 9% saline solution?

Medical Assisting
How does blood stay in a liquid form in the blood vessels?

he literature value for the melting point of aspirin is 135°C. Suppose that a sample of aspirin prepared in Experiment 41 melts over the temperature range 125–128°C. What does this result suggest about the purity of this sample of aspirin?

The weight of a small Starbucks coffee is a random variable with a mean of 360 g and a standard deviation of 9 g. Use Excel to find the weight corresponding to each percentile of weight. a. 10th percentile b. 32nd percentile c. 75th percentile d. 90th percentile e. 99.9th perc...

Discuss why the media is more than juste entertainment

Underline the topic sentence in the paragraph.
Paragraph one is an analysis because the writer breaks down the points of piece of writing and considers how they relate to each other. Paragraph two is a summary because a summary is a description of the essence of the topic and this paragraph does contain the overall summary...

Isn't just because the were fighting over the colonial territory which is the "empire" they refer to?

The French and Indian war has also been called the "Great War for Empire". Explain why this may be an appropriate name for this war.

US History
wait never mind new set of terms: -confederation -anarchy -states rights -consent of the governed -abigail adams

US History
What do these terms mean? -Federation -Confederation -Checks and Balances -Anarchy -popular sovereignty -states rights we are doing the time period of 1776-1790 if that helps! :)

4th grade
yeah i love math its my favorite subject

please that someone could help me with this. Write two paragraphs about how interest rates affect people’s purchasing decisions. Underline the topic sentence in each paragraph.

A cube has a total surface area of 384 ft². Find the total surface area of the largest sphere that will fit into it.

by the way vinegar is made from acid and water.

how was vinegar able to remove the calcium shell of an egg?

Omg Thanks i was really lost!

The supplement of an angle is 28degrees more than twice the complement of the angle. Find the supplement of the angle. Please help so confound!

geography honors
which of the 13 original colonies was the last to be settled?

3+-7 negative + negative = positive so 3+-7+9= 5

Physical Science
The balloon that is larger was in the slightly warm oven getting heated. The balloon that is smaller was in the refrigerator. When air is in cold temperatures it contracts and when air is in warm temperatures it expands.


Algebra 1
cancel out the ys and divide 9/15 by 3 which equals 3x/5z

do rtd make the distances equal to each other and the speed is 60km well thats what i got but im not very good at these lol

what is the process by which alcohol enters the bloodstream and travels to all body parts? starts with d and ends with n and the 6th letter is i and it has 12 letters

use the arithmetic sequence formula a(n)=a(1)+(n-1)d last=first+(number-1)difference ?=4+(15-1)20 ?=284 im pretty sure lol


what is the process by which the alcohol leaves the body? it has 11 letters begins with an e and the 5th letter is i and the second to last letter is o i need it for a crossword puzzle

so baisically multiply the 2nd equation by 3 so you can subtract the 3bs let me show you 105=5a+3b -189=12a+3b ------------ -84=-7a 12=a then substitute 105=5(12)+3B 105=60+3B 45=3B 15=B :)

use the geometric or arithmetic formula

College Accounting
chapter 21

What is the sybiotic relationship between a bacterium and another organism

give the vertical and horizontal translation in units

How do you simplify i^63?

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