May 26, 2016

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In a container of negligible mass, 0.100 kg of steam at 110°C and atmospheric pressure is added to 1.00 kg of water at 20.0°C. (a) If no heat is lost to the surroundings, what is the final temperature of the system? (b) At the final temperature, how many kg of steam ...
November 25, 2015

If the temperature fell 11 degrees from a low of 6 degrees, the temperature would now be??
November 11, 2014

A collection of dimes is arranged in a triangular array with 14 coins in the base row, 13 in the next, 12 in the next, and so forth. Find the value of the collection.
August 30, 2012

B Any one who says different, either 1) doesn't know what they are talking about or 2) just want to watch you get it wrong. If you want to answer a question like this please research before you post so that way other people will get it right. Thanks! :)
March 21, 2012

what is x if the problem is: (x+2)(x+4)=30+x
April 15, 2011

Business Management
What are some strategies of persuasive messages used by etailers
April 4, 2010

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