February 12, 2016

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Can someone explain this to me. Determine if each conclusion is valid or invalid for the given statements. a. Some expensive books are mystery books. All mystery books are interesting. Conclusion: Some interesting books are expensive. Valid or invalid. b. Some teachers are ...
April 18, 2007

1. Why are we using more dilute cultures for the killing curve while we are using the arg selection culture at full strength? 2.How would you find the arg+ mutants on the killing curve plates? 3. when designing a protocol to produce auxotrophs for biochemical pathways, how ...
March 31, 2007

Help! Help! Organic Chemistry
Alcohol Dehydration of 4-methyl-2-pentanol (a)based on the mechanism of the reaction, explain why (E) and (Z) 4-methyl-2-pentenes and the 2-methyl-2-pentene are the three major alkene products. (b)Explain why the reaction conditions promote carbocation rearrangements between ...
February 14, 2007

a bathroom cleaner contains 1 part of bleach with 4 parts of water. if you need 10 parts of bathroom cleaner, how much water and bleach do you need? If 1 part bleach and 4 parts water = 5 parts, then what do you need to do to get 10 parts? Although this does not solve the ...
February 2, 2007

Under what circumstances, if any, will a converging lens form an inverted image of a real object? Under what circumstances, if any, will a diverging lens forms an erect image of a real object?
January 30, 2007

What are the equivalents of 0 K, 0°C , and 0° F in the other temperature scales? Use the formulae below to calculate the scale you want. K = 273.16 + C F = 9/5*(C) + 32 C = (F-32)*5/9
January 9, 2007

We are studying energy my questions What happens to the momentum of a car when it comes to a stop? The momentum is transfered to the Earth. Momentum is always conserved. What happens to the momentum of a car when it comes to a stop?
January 9, 2007

does the rope burn too when it is lighted..
October 21, 2006

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