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I need help with number 20 :/

Health billing coding
By whom is the employer identification number (EIN) assigned

LA- Grade 9
"Something invisible, seeking shelter from the cruel and pitiless vacuum of space." Is an example of: a. metaphor b. personification c. symbolism d. hyperbole Your help is much appreciated !!

It says to give my answer to the nearest tenth. What does this mean ? i got this : 14.8660... so does it mean i round it to 15 ? or 14.9 ?

Math (Grade 9)
I dont understand how x/7 is 8 because how do you know what x is ???

Math (Grade 9)
Solving Linear Equations: x _ - 3 = 5 7 I know you have to add three to each side, but after that im not sure what to do,, please help!

6, 8, and 10. If the scale factor is 2, then you multiply the dimensions by 2 and you get the dimensions of the new triangle :)

I'm in 8th grade, im in algebra, and this is my question: x=a+b+c ----- ab solve for a. please help!!

Poetry Grade 9
A rhyming poem can be "abcb" right? and it doesn't matter about syllables?

Science, Grade 8
Describe the path of oxygen from when it enters your mouth to the blood.

Science, Grade 8
Why is increasing the surface area of the small intestine important?

Grade 8 Vocab
I am having a vocab quiz soon and I need to know the meaning of the following! Thanks for all the help! - poignant - adversity - quaver - wanton - cacophony - narcissism PS: Please don't give me the link to dictionary sites, I've already tried that and I don't find...

Black can sometimes be a metaphor for death or sadness. You might want to try and google the poem. Some sites have explanations or information on the poems. You could also do a biography search on Sylvia Plath, she is a well known author and I think you could benefit from doin...

Well.... I am not %100 percent sure, but I think I have got the right answer. 100-89%=11% Then, 85% of 11% is 9% (rounded) So I would say 9%

What does PATRONIZED mean?
Look at above question

"Various theories have been proposed to explain its origin and characteristics, focusing on an assortment of factors, including the social and civic peculiarities of Florence at this time including its political structure and the patronage of its dominant family, the Medi...

Social Studies 8
"Various theories have been proposed to explain its origin and characteristics, focusing on an assortment of factors, including the social and civic peculiarities of Florence at this time including its political structure and the patronage of its dominant family, the Medi...

Biology Gr. 11
I typed in COLOR BLINDNESS into google and clicked on the wikipedia link. The article should answer your question and more!

Science Grade 8
I know that this seems like a REALLY EASY question, but for some reason I cannot think of anything! 2. What technologies have been developed that use light? This is from a grade 8 textbook, so nothing to technical!

8 math

8 math
I'm so sorry, but with out that info, it is super hard to put down an answer. I can understand why you are having such difficulty! I would leave that question and ask your teacher. And if for some reason you cannot do that, maybe repost the question- some one who is super ...

8 math
oh sorry about MY spelling now- "When you most that I will try and help" should be changed to "When you make those changes, I will try and help". I really don't know how that other sentece came out! It makes no sense at all ! Sorry again:)

8 math
You will need background information on this question. -What the commission rate was before. -What the salary was before. Also I think you have a mis spelling that would help me understand the question more, the word you wrote is pan, is that the right word? When you most that...

Science Grade 8
The question is: "A flashlight does not lose power as you walk away from it, but as you get farther and farther away, it appears to be less and less bright. Explain" First of all I am BAD at explaining things, and when you don't know the answer it is even harder!...

Not sure on the first one, but on the second one I am 100% sure. If y=2x +4 then this would be your table of values: x y 0 4 1 6 2 8 3 10 4 12 Then to graph the coordinates, you would start with the first row and put (0,4) on the graph. Then (1,6) and so on. Once you have got ...

I am about 90% sure on this: 10.8167

So you might want to think of a life experience you have had and then go looking for a piece of artwork, or you may want to do the opposite, look at pieces of artwork and then try and find one that you can relate to your own life experience.

Science 8
The question is "Explain the difference between a filament and a photophore." I know that a photophore is a machine that an optomitrist uses to find your prescription for glasses, but I am not sure what a filament means. Please Help!

Science 8- Please Help!
Is light transmitted through frosted glass? Explain Please!

How about a job working with the public. Most of the times, these jobs can be very stressful becuase the public cannot always be cooperative. Stress is a serious issue which can lead to alot of health problems, including depression. As for the solution, you could write about n...

Science/ Biology 8
There is a question in my science textbook and no where in the textbook can I find the answer- neither can I find the answer on the internet. The question is: "If you shine a flashlight in a dark room and sprinkle talcum powder in front of the flashlight, what property of...

Oh, I think I am certified to answer this question condering that I have just finished that topic in math! So, if you have 52 cards, and half the deck are red cards and half the deck are black cards, 52/2=26. 26 represents the number of red cards or 1/2 the deck, so the ratio ...

Homework ( English)
Oh, so as I understand it, they want you to step into a dectectives shoes and write a report from a dectectives perspective. Hope that helps!

gr.8 math
Ok, so to actually solve the question and get the right answer.. So the equation to solve this question would be- 12,000+ (1,120,000 x 0.03) Acording to Grade 8 Math curriculum BEDMAS (brackets, exponets, dividing, multiplying, adding, then subtracting) you would do what was i...

Science, Grade 8
Can someone tell me a little about The Wave Model of Light and The Electromagnetic Spectrum. (Who came up with the theory, etc) All help is much appreciated! Tks!!!!!

oh thanks and then I got 8

log (32). the 2 is to the bottom of g in log 2 log (?)=3 2

1st grade
The correct answer is what Ms. Sue gave. None of the others are right according to the science 9 textbook.

What does the word range mean?

I do not get this! me and my friend cannot get the "simplified" ecuation part of the homework! Pre-algebra...... tough work

I have to simplify these please help im not sure how things in parenthesis are exponets -x(2)+8x-12 over x-2 2a(3)+a(2)-3a over 6a(3)+5a(2)-6a 3x(2)+2x-1 over x(2)+3x+2 a(2)-11a+30 over a(2)-9a+18 2y(3)-12y(2)+2y over y(2)-6y+1

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