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global warming could cause the melting of glaciers and increase the strength of _______
October 22, 2008

So i am working on factors, multiples, and divi
October 22, 2008

AP Human Geography
For an assignment, I have to use this data sheet to do a few things with the data it gives me. To get to it, go to PRB. org, click on 2008 World Population Data Sheet, and then click on 2008 World Population Data Sheet again I'm stuck in this: Construct a bar chart showing...
October 20, 2008

Ap Lit and Composition
ok so just one question: if you want to write a sentence on it, would you be like: The author uses pathos and ethos in this quote, "asdifjaosdf" to suggest blah blah?
October 16, 2008

Ap Lit and Composition
My teacher always asks me to comment on diction, style, tone, rhetoric.... but i dont know how to do this, i mean i know what they are, i just dont know how to formulate an essay on this? can you give me a sentence that sortof depicts what this is?
October 16, 2008

Interest on a $20000 one-year 10 percent note payable dated October 1 2007 was not recorded. The 10 percent interest is payable on the maturity date of the noteWhat is the interest income
October 14, 2008

how do you find the verticle component of velocity of a projectile just as it strikes the ground?
September 27, 2008

On January 1, 2006 two individuals invested 510000 each to form Steve Corporation. Steve had total revenues of 240000 during 2006 and 250000 during 2007. Total expenses for the same periods were 120000 and 150000. Cash dividends paid out to stockholders totaled 22000 in 2006 ...
September 25, 2008

Drivers Ed.
Well, I'm not trying to get my drivers license or anything. I'm trying to finish the review for my Final in my drivers ed class, and out of the 112 questions these are the only ones that I couldn't get.
June 15, 2008

Drivers Ed.
What conditions determine an open rear zone? What are the three stopping positions? When turning, where should your last check be? When must you check your mirrors? When turning left, what should your searching procedure look like? When entering a roadway from an alley, ...
June 15, 2008

solve 3(4)^x for x=2.3 Do I do the 3x4 part first, or do I raise 4 to the 2.3?
May 28, 2008

Does anyone have the spectra for sulfur? In class we did this using a flame test, where we put the sulfur in a flame over a bunsen burner and used a spectra scope to find sulfur's spectra, but I seem to have lost this data. I've been looking on the web, but I don't...
May 27, 2008

What about the answer to #3?
May 18, 2008

Global Studies
So I have to do a project on the 3 regions of Nigeria. I can't find any information on Eastern Nigeria. All I have to do is right a paragraph of that region and highlight and important features of the region. I was wondering if anyone had any information on Eastern Nigeria...
May 15, 2008

#150, did you hear about... help me
April 6, 2008

How do temperature and salinity vary in ocean basins?
March 17, 2008

5(2x-3)+8=9 how do you solve this?
March 6, 2008

Weren't there more then one?
March 2, 2008

What were the undiscovered elements of Mendeleev's periodic table?
March 2, 2008

Social Studies
What form of government does Ireland have? Is it stable? Do they have any allies? I've been surfing the web for a really long time now, searching for the answers to these questions. I'm really stuck...
February 28, 2008

Social Studies
What are the immigration and emigration issues in Ireland and what are some population issues that Ireland is dealing with?
February 27, 2008

Cite the three pieces of evidence that caused Rutherford to conclude that the atom had a tiny, positively charged center (nucleus).
February 14, 2008

Could anybody simply explain how exactly Joseph Thomson discovered that atoms were not "indivisible" and that they were actually made of subatomic particles? (electrons) I've been having trouble understanding how exactly it happened, and everything on the ...
February 12, 2008

Well he said that we aren't allowed to group the months of the year by the amount of days in the month or the amount of letters in the month's name.
February 6, 2008

In science, my teacher gave out an assignment where we had to group the months of the year, kind of like the seasons. I have absolutely no ideas, and was wondering if anyone else had some input on the assignment.
February 6, 2008

what is an example of a commutative propery of addition
December 11, 2007

Social Studies
What is the meaning of the 16th Amendment?
September 17, 2007

algebra 2(check)
1)Choose the correct description of the system of equations:2x+3y=10 and 4x+6y=20. I got consistent/dependent 2)The first equation of the system is multiplied by 2. By what number would you multiply the second equation to eliminate the x variable by adding? 6x-5y=21 4x+7y=15 I...
July 27, 2007

To solve the system of equations, which expression could be substituted for x into the first equation? 3x-5y=14 x+4y=10 a)10-4y b)4y+10 c)(1/4)x+(5/2) d)(-1/4)x+(5/2) I have another problem just like this one so if you could explain how to solve this one I can (hopefully) ...
July 27, 2007

How do you solve system of equations and tell if they're consistant and independant,consistant and dependent,and inconsistant? If you find no solutions then the system is inconsistent. Suppose you have N variables and M equations (N larger than or equal to M). Then, if you...
July 27, 2007

an inlet (pretty sure...)
June 5, 2007

What does the fact that "aliens" are generally are not allowed to vote show about American beliefs? I looked all through my book but it doesnt say anything about voting rights of aliens. Can someone please help me(= There are no voting rights for those who are not ...
March 28, 2007

January 9, 2007

word unscramble
kobnid it has something to do with sewing or something!!!HELP!!
September 28, 2006

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