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i just love math
December 7, 2007

i need some help with my math can you help thank you if you find someone from MINDY
December 7, 2007

I cannot find the pattern to these two problems. Can you help? 17,_,_,62,_ and the next problem 57,_,_,33,_ Thank you, Mindy
October 7, 2007

how do i do this problem: given g(x)=-x+4, find g(2a).
September 15, 2007

i need help graphing with this one problem x-3y>6, 3x+2y>12
September 15, 2007

Cultural diversity
If someone made the below statements to you, how would you explain that the statements are misconceptions? Include whether you think most Americans believe these misconceptions, and why or why not. · Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are a model minority. · ...
August 27, 2007

what is the money amount of 20/100? 20/100 A 100th of a dollar is a cent. Does that help a little more? Thanks for asking.
February 20, 2007

Which sentence has a preposition-related error? 1.There was a fight between the two men. 2.The Cerritos Center is near to my office. 3.They gave a party for Mary and me. 4.The report was sent to everyone except her. One of those sentences has TWO prepositions, next to one ...
October 21, 2006

unscrambling word
June 14, 2005

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