March 23, 2017

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If you walk 4/5mile and then jog 3/8 mile what is the total distance covered how much farther did you walk than jog
February 14, 2017

Ethics in Tech
Ethics in Technology, pp.474 Answer B: Cooperative agreements
April 30, 2015

intro to computers
That is incorrect...It is not A
May 24, 2014

a piece of iron measures 10.5cm by 5.25cm by 10.2mm and the density of theiron is 7.86g/cm cubed. what is the mass of the iron?
May 12, 2014

Reduce to lowest terms 4a3c --------- 6a2b
December 17, 2012

Calculate the pH of 1.7M of KCl
July 4, 2012

Moreno Industries has adopted the following production budget for the first 4 months of 2013. Month Units Month Units January 10,000 March 5,000 February 8,000 April 4,000 Each unit requires 3 pounds of raw materials costing $2 per pound. On December 31, 2012, the ending raw ...
May 7, 2012

1. A convex mirror with a focal length of -20cm forms an image 15cm behind the surface. If the object height is 1.2cm what is the image height? 2. An object is placed 10cm in front of a mirror and an image is formed that has a magnification of 2. Which of the following ...
July 26, 2011

Find the points on the graph of the following function where the slope of the tangent line is equal to -5/2. f(x) = x+5/x-5 (x, y) = (smaller x-value) (x, y) = (larger x-value)
February 16, 2011

soc 120
#1-A,#2-A, #3-A, #4-A, #5-A,#6-A,#7-A,#8-A,#9-A,#10-A, #11-A,#12-A,#13-A,#14-5,#15-A,#16-A,#17-A,#18-A, #19-A,#20-A,#21-A, #22-A,#23-A, #24-A, #25-A.
December 12, 2010

1.Write the expression as a sum or difference. cos(5x)cos(-4x) 2.Write the expression as a product. cos(4x)-cos(12x)
December 5, 2010

A man enters a tall tower, needing to know its height. He notes that a long pendulum extends from the ceiling almost to the floor and that its period is 28.0 s. (a) How tall is the tower? m (b) If this pendulum is taken to the Moon, where the free-fall acceleration is 1.67 m/...
December 5, 2010

A spring stretches 4.3 cm when a 13 g object is hung from it. The object is replaced with a block of mass 22 g that oscillates in simple harmonic motion, calculate the period of motion.
December 5, 2010

if $1500 grew to $1575 with 4% simple interest how long was the money in the account?
September 22, 2010

R=.28*165 (calc this) plug into following equation and that will give you W =I^2*R =1030^2*R b. P(loss)= IV =1030(720000) <---changed into V from kv =741400000 divide answer from part a by this number to get the percentage
September 17, 2010

A high-voltage transmission line with a resistance of 0.28 /km carries a current of 1030 A. The line is at a potential of 720 kV at the power station and carries the current to a city located 165 km from the station. (a) What is the power loss due to resistance in the line? ...
September 17, 2010

Suppose that you wish to fabricate a uniform wire out of 0.900 g of copper. Assume the wire has a resistance R = 0.500 , and all of the copper is used. (a) What will be the length of the wire? (m) (b) What will be the diameter of the wire? (µm)
September 17, 2010

Two point charges are on the y-axis. A 3.0 µC charge is located at y = 1.35 cm, and a -2.04 µC charge is located at y = -1.50 cm. (a) Find the total electric potential at the origin (V) (b) Find the total electric potential at the point having coordinates (1.50 cm...
September 9, 2010

What is the tangential acceleration of a bug on the rim of a 12.0 in. diameter disk if the disk moves from rest to an angular speed of 75 rev/min in 4.0 s?
November 21, 2009

i need help
October 3, 2009

CheckPoint: Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint
August 15, 2008

Federal Employees Union Question--Please Help
With respect to the powers of a federal employees union,which statement is True? 1. It can bargain to obtain better pay and benefits for employees. 2. It cannot lobby Congress for personnel policy changes. 3. It can overrule the decisions of the Office of Personnel Management...
January 23, 2007

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