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The outlawing of slavery and extending voting rights to women seem to indicate that ethics can have beneficial results. Give an example from the past that indicates a similar result or a current social policy that might be regarded as wrong, which therefore needs to be changed

history 103
I need help answering this question.

history 103
The voyages of Zheng He reveal a powerful, accomplished, and restored Confucian state and civilization in China that was at least equal to, but very different from, emerging early modern Western civilization. List and describe the major factors that made those voyages possible...

history 103
The Mayans like the Incas, believed in their own god. They both followed religion closely and had special places for worship. Another similarity for the groups is the use of the calendar. They both used the calendar as a 365 solar calendar. The only difference is the Incas had...

history 103
Iam sorry that was for my other question, I got them mixed up lol

history 103
Navigating the waters seven times of many miles to different countries gave Zheng He an enormous experience of hours navigating by sea. The far most the first important transaction which established this excursion was that tax rates were reduced which gave the merchants an inc...

history 103
I need help answering this question

history 103
Summarize the major factors that allowed the Incas to conquer and rule their large empire. Some suggest that, in many ways, the Incas were like the Romans or other Pre-Columbian American Civilizations. Evaluate whether they were more similar or different, and why. Make sure to...

can you help me simplify this (-2-2)[8+(7+8)]

If you start with 2.97 g of zest and obtain 459 mg of pure limonene, what is your percent recovery? I was thinking of dividing .459g by 2.97g and then multiplying by 100 to get the percent recovery. But then I realized that the zest and limonene aren't the same. So how wou...

what is thesis statement

(cont'd) Creating a Budget - HSM 220
Operating Expenses RENT Per Year $125,000 UTILITIES Per Year $100,000 OFFICE SUPPLIES Per Year $25,000 EQUIP/LEASE $50,000 TRANSPTN/TRAVEL $100,000 OUTSIDE CONSULTANTS $100,000 OVERHEAD COSTS $100,000 Peronal Expenses EXEC DIRECTOR Annl Sal $100,000 1-FTEs TRAINING SUPERVSR Sa...

Creating a Budget -HSM 220
Need help to complete assgnmnt for HSM 220 due Sunday 10/12 - will attach the Appendix C upon request, not enough room to post on site. Various budget approaches play an important role in resource allocation in human service org. The matrix budget consists of line-item, functi...

HSM 220 Creating a Budget
Need help with how to start this assignment, as I am not sure how to begin making my budgets (ex: line-item, functional and program budgets). Any assistance would be most appreciated. This is due Oct 12th. Creating a Budget Various budget approaches play an important role in r...

Answer: 61771.2

How do you know if a value is a solution for an inequality? How is this different from determining if a value is a solution to an equation? If you replace the equal sign of an equation and put an inequality sign in its place, is there ever a time when the same value will be a ...

oh, okay! it took me a bit to comprehend what you did there, but now it really makes sense; before, I was confusing the 2 as multiplied by two instead of squaring, but thank you so much for helping me! :D

please help me
please, help me I've been trying to figure this out for a while, but nothing works

If a2 + b2 = 15 and ab = 3, then the value of (a-b)2 is: A. 21 B. 18 C. 12 D. 9 E. 3 I really don't understand how I could possibly get this... can I please get some help?

please, please help
oh thank you! I tried posting a link, but it didn't work

please, please help
can someone please help me on my earlier post?

I get it!
oh, it makes sense now! thank you all very much! So sorry I had so many people helping me to finally get it, but you are all life savers! :D

so sorry, but I don't get how having a reminder works...

please, please help
I'm sorry, I'm just trying to figure out a way of actually colsing the problem and nothing seems to work

please, please help
I just don't get how I'm supposed to divide 90 by 18 and get a remainder of 2, according to your first reply...

I still don't think I'm doing this right, am I?

I get decimals, well, a whole unti and a decimal

sorry, but I still don't get it...

When a positive integer, n, is divided by 24 the remainder is 18. When n is divided by 8 the remainder is: A.0 B.1 C.2 D.4 E.6 I tried doing n/24=18 and I got 432 and when I divided it by 8 I got 54; am I misinterpreting the question? I really see no other way to do it. Can s...

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