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No need, I figured it out. Thank you though. Apologies.

I need some help with my intro paragraph for a compare/contrast essay. I have the first and last sentences, just need some help with the filler sentences. Ideas? ( "The similarities and differences between the “Gettysburg Address” and “Pericles' Funeral...

for each of the five quotes identify the literal meaning , how this quote develops theme and the sources. these quotes are from hamlet by the way 1.A litte ere the mightiest Julius fell, The graves stood tenantless, and the sheeted dead Did squeak and gibber in the Roman stree...

Stortage of electricity and water

Eng 1511
pls correct this sentence for subject-verb agreement Going home now,how I wish I could get there before it starts to rain.

Find the arithmetic sequence if the fourth term is -6 and the eleventh term is -34

Thank you!

The position of a particle moves along the equation X = Vo/K (1 - e^(-KT)) Vo and K are constants a)determine the total distance that the particle moves b) Show that the aceleration is derived from the velocity c) Reason how it could take an infinite amount of time to move a d...

7th grade social studies
The roman empire did actually extend to Spain

Water from a city well is analyzed and found to contain 25 mg/L of (HCO3)^- and 35 mg/L of (CO3)2^-. Calculate the alkalinity of the water as CaCO3.

Find the coordinates of the image of the point (4,2) when it is reflected across the line y=3

The sum of two number is 40.Two times the smaller number exceeds the larger number by 38.Find the number

Life orientation
Identify and describe one environmental problem that causes ill health

Physical science
A copper penny has a mass of of 3gram. The atomic number of copper is 29 and the atomic mass is 63,5gram/mol.what is the total charge of all electrons in the penny?

the area of a rectangle is 425 square feet. if the perimeter is 84 feet, find the length and the width of the rectangle

8th grade Math
2x - 4 > 6

How can I prove this identity? (1 + sinØ + cosØ):(1 - sinØ + cosØ) = (1 + sinØ) : cosØ

so then for a weak acid weak base titration indicators don't work?

why is a weak acid weak base titration different from strong acid strong base/ weak acid strong base/strong acid weak base?

secondary school
which is the formula that describes process to transform Fe3+ to Fe2+ thanks to HCl in the stomach?

English-Ms. Sue
I need some help with dangling and mismplaced phrases..can you help me?


how do i convert mols of Mg to HCl, if the grams of HCl aren't given? p.s we're supposed to use the equation V=n/c (avogadro's law)

2HCl + Mg = H2 + MgCl2 We are given 0.10 grams of Mg The concentration of Mg = 24g/mol Using avogadro's law (V=n/c; v-volume(L), n-number of moles(mol), c-concentration(g/L)) we have to predict the amount of HCl needed. help !

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