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Home Economics
Produced from a blend of cheeses and America's most popular cheese Surely the answers to all these questions are in your textbook or in your notes from classes. (You do take notes in class, right?) If all else fails, put your main keywords into the search box at http://www...

Home Economics
foods cooked in a cheese sauce.

Home Economics
Enzyme that causes milk protein to settle out.

Home Economics
Frequent use of cheese-to stimulate the __________.

Home Economics
"after meal" treats for which cream cheese is often used

Home Economics
Stage of cheese making when curd and salt are packed into hoops (_______- cheese

Home Economics
The chief protein of milk

At what altitude above the Earth's surface would your weight be three-fifths of what it is at the Earth's surface? Assume re = 6.371 10^3 km. If weight decreases as the inverse square of distance, then 3/5= (re/r)^2 where r is the distance from the center of earth to t...

A spy satellite is in circular orbit around Earth. It makes one revolution in 6.02 hours. How high above Earth's surface is the satellite Use keplers law, comparing the moon period and distance from Earth to the Satellite. There are other ways of doing this.

The H-R diagram can be a plot of what? A. luminosity versus mass B. absolute magnitude versus spectral type C. color index versus spectral type D. size verses mass E. temperature verses density information on forces and motion information on forces and motion

The stellar magnitude scale is defined such that if two stars differ in brightness by a factor of 100, they differ in magnitude by what magnitudes? I TRIED TO FIGUR OUT WHAT YOU WERE SAYING BUT I CANT FIGUIR IT OUT SORRY Savannah 3rd grade Mrs.Love A factor of 10 is one order ...

In general, the narrower the spectral line of a star A.the hotter the star is B.the bigger the star is C.the denser the star is D.the smaller that star is E.the cooler the star is

While Sirius, the Dog Star, is type AO, a start just a step hotter than M0 is a related what? A.M1 B.K9 C.F5 D.AOK E.B9

What is the Sun's complete spectral type?

Which statement about stellar motion is incorrect? A.In general, the closer a star is, the more its proper motion. B.The radical velocity is measured by the Doppler shift. C.The transverse velocity is measured by the proper motion and distance. D.Like parallax, proper motion i...

Which of the rock-forming mineral groups makes up the largest group of minerals in the Earth's crust? Look here for your answer. I don...

grammer - english
can the word --- THERE be an adverb and a pronoun - depending on the sentence? Yes. Look it up in your online or hard copy dictionary for examples of both. I hope this helps. Thaqnks for asking. help me find the verbs from sentences ám

hi so sorry - have a quiz and trying to understadn the practice test - so in the other sentence there and these are pronouns there can be both a pronoun and an adverb

write teacher english
are te hquotations in the right place. "The only question," he says, "is how much money your willing to spend. We're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars." I put in the quotes but I am a little confused if you can have two sentences inside one ...

Hi thanks so much for your help but I am confused- I thought in the above it was there and these however in this sentence: Mike looked for the dogs, but there were none. -- I thought the pronoun was there but someone else answered and said it was none. That someone -- Ms.Sue -...

the sentence is: Let's meet back here in one hour, okay? No, I was hoping to explore this area for at least two hours. add in comma - quotations and end marks. Is the answer " Let's okay" " No hours" the sentence is: Let's meet back here in one ...

english pronouns
While walking in the rain forest, I myself saw the bug under the tree. Are the pronouns I and myself dogs are over there; these are the mamals. Are the pronouns there and these. While walking in the rain forest, I myself saw the bug under the tree. Are the pronouns I and mysel...

english pronoun
please help what is the pronoun in hte two sentneces below: the assiment is under other pro-nouns 1. Many of the visitors were awed by the museum. 2. Sam looked for the mice, but there were none. There are all kinds of pronouns. Here is a webpage that lists and explains them: ...

Science Question
How might the most common occurring stars be described, based on our stellar neighborhood? A. White Dwarfs B. K giants C. A main sequence D. M main sequence The most common stars are Red Dwarfs. I dont like the answer choices. Most of them are M type stars. To heat up one kg o...

can anyone help me with these 3 problems I am trying to check my daughters hoime work it has bee na few years. 1. The sum of n and twenty -two, multiplied by three, is 78 2. the product of z and 17 is less than or equal to the difference of twenty -one minus z. 3.two increased...

Physical Science Question 3
Compare the visible part of the ear to a satellite dish in terms of form and function. I will be happy to critique your thinking on this. WTF bobpursley? You are of no help to me on any of this! If I want you to "critique my thinking" I was ask you to, but no where i...

Physical Science Question 2
What is the electromagnetic spectrum? Give examples of each kind of wave and relate each example to its relative position in the spectrum. I will be happy to critique your thinking on this. The following 2 sites will answer all your questions.

Physical Science Question 1
What type of light passes through a polarizing filter? Polarized light, polarized in the plane of the filter?

Physical Science Question 4
How can a permanent magnet be demagnetized? A.Cut the magnet in half. B.Heat the magnet up C.Strike the magnet with a heavy blow D.both b and c You will find the answer if you read this:

Physcial Science Question 3
When a surfer rides an ocean wave on her surfboard, she is actually riding on A.a crest that is toppling over B.a trough of the wave C.the rest position of the wave D.a region of rarefaction Duplicate question; Same answer a 50.0g silver spoon at 20.0c is placed in a cup of co...

Physical Science Question 2
When a surfer rides an ocean wave on her surfboard, she is actually riding on A.a crest that is toppling over B.a trough of the wave C.the rest position of the wave D.a region of rarefaction Have you ever watched a surfer or a suring movie? Actually, none of these choices are ...

Physical Science Question 1
If no friction acts on a diver during a dive, then which of the following statements is true? A.The total mechanical energy of the system increases. B.Potential energy can be converted into kinetic energy but not vice versa C.(KE+ PE)beginning = (KE + PE)end D.all of the above...

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