February 11, 2016

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For the manufacturing plant discussed in Exercise 8.10, the union president and the human resources director jointly select a simple random sample of 36 employees to engage in a discussion with regard to the company’s work rules and overtime policies. What is the ...
June 29, 2009

The correct answer is 1.8 mL
March 1, 2009

algebra I
F math someone go Fock yourself
February 18, 2009

PSAT format
For the reading section is the format part 1 vocab 2 short passages 1 long part3 vocab 2 short passages 2 short or is it the other way around
October 17, 2008

1st grade,Middle Sound
which words have middle sound?
October 9, 2008

October 8, 2008

what is the probability 1.4
October 8, 2008

What would be considered as a competitive interest rate and was is a compeititve interest rate?
May 23, 2008

y the factors are (x-4+3i) and (x-4-3i) ???Can you explain please?
April 21, 2008

Which equation has the complex number 4-3i as a root? 1) x^2+6x-25=0 2) x^2-6x+25=0 3) x^2+8x-25=0 4) x^2-8x+25=0 Can anyone please teach me how to do it?THANKS A LOT!!!
April 21, 2008

but i got .00144 for the answer... the correct answer should be 8.0*10^-4 how come?
February 10, 2008

A steel beam is used in the construction of a skyscraper. By what fraction (change in L)/(Lo) does the length of the beam increase when the temperature changes from that on a cold winter day (-15 F) to that on a summer day (+105 F)? Can anyone please give me some hints to do ...
February 10, 2008

how should i now what form of the word to put in sentense
October 24, 2007

Simplify (1/R_1)+(1/R_2)
October 9, 2007

Math - Algebra
The answer is 3 (choice E). If 3n-4=n+2... you need to breakdown the equation. Add 4 to both sides. So that leaves you with 3n=n+6. Subtract 1n from both sides. So that leaves you with 2n=6. Divide both sides by 2... therefore n=3.
May 20, 2007

Micro Economics
A nation's production possibilities curve is "bowed out" from the origin because a. resources are not equally efficient in producing every good c. resources are scarce d. wants are virtually unlimited . John has a paper route and spends all his weekly allowance ...
April 3, 2007

Write your answer in standard form. Show all your work if you want to be eligible for partial credit. Write the equation of a line perpendicular to the line y = (2/3)x - 7 and passing through the point (4,-2). The slope of the line y = (2/3)x - 7 is 2/3. The slope of a line ...
November 7, 2006

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