November 25, 2015

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reading: personification
How is personification an effective writting tool? *w*w*w*.*a*s*k*.*c*o*m* hey i cant help but heres a hint just go 2 (go on the words w/ the stares around them )and ask the question !@#$%^& you Here are some really good sites explaining the use of personification. http://en....
February 21, 2007

color theory
1. The range of dark and light blue in the sky refers to the _______ of this color. A. value B. color temperature C. intensity D. hue 2. In the summer, you're assigned to take a photograph of a lighthouse. It's essential that the color temperature of this photograph ...
February 21, 2007

what are some good websites for positive and negative impacts of electromagnetic induction? What kind of electromagnetic induction: like high voltage powerline problems?
December 12, 2006

September 15, 2006

english story
we have to write a dramatically story about a man and a woman who met in their holidays. can somebody help?? Why dont you outline a story, then start writing? We will be able to critique your ideas. Note that the story could have an element or two of suprise....what if the ...
September 12, 2006

Language arts
What does third person limited mean? Thanks for helping !!! Third person point of view (POV) in literature has several variations -- omniscient, limited omniscient, etc. Point of view: (First person ...
September 1, 2006

i have to make a poster about fossil fuels and i don't really know anything about them, so can you give me some information about them?
June 26, 2005

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