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sketch the graph of a function in neighborhood x=2 that satisfies these conditions f(2)=3 f'(2)=2 f"(2)=-1 you can find a specific function that satisfies all of the given conditions i know the first derivative gives you critical points, and second derivative gives yo...

i have no clue how to start it. rationalizing it seems to tedious. how do i do this thanks evaluate the limit as h -> 0 ((fourth root(3 + h) - 2(3+h) - fourth root(3) + 6))/h

Solved-Calculus-Please check?
the equatorial radius of the earth is approximately 3960 miles. suppose a wire is wrapped tightly around the earth at the equator. how much must this wire be lengthened if it is to be strung on 10 feet poles above the ground? (1 mile=5280 feet) delta y= dy/dx (2pir) * deltax d...

Calculus-Differentials-Check please?
if the sides of a cube are measured with an error of 2% use differentials to estimate the relative error in the volume df= 3x^2 * dx df= 3x^2 * 1/50 df= 3/50*x^2 is this right?

Calculus-Solved-Please Check?
estimate cube root of 25 by linear approximation f(x+delta(x))= f(x) + (df(x)/x) * deltax 3 + 1/3x^(-2/3) * -2 3 - 2/3x^(-2/3) 3 - (2/3* ((cube root(9))) is this right? thanks

State a conclusion that seems reasonable. Donald is older than Jeanette; Donald is older than Ethel. Donald is older than Allen. Conclusion?

US History
Thank you so much!!!

US History
AND What is the name of the Principle in the Constitution that restricts the power of any one branch of the government?

US History
List 3 responsibilities that we have as American citizens? 1) Citizens must VOTE 2) Citizens must obey the laws 3) Citizens must________ i don't know what is the third one please help!!!!

US History
Thank you!!!! I got this other question that I need help on List 3 responsibilities that we have as American citizens? 1) Citizens must VOTE 2) Citizens must obey the laws 3) Citizens must________ I don't know what is the third one please help!!!

US History
5 Constitutional Convention 3 Northwest Ordinance 4 Shays' Rebellion 1 Articles of Confederation 2 American Revolution end is this right??

US History
Put this in order ____ Constitutional Convention ____ Northwest Ordinance ____ Shays' Rebellion ____ Articles of Confederation ____ American Revolution end Please help

what does it mean when they ask you "what parts of the book stood out"?

what is the answer to 3x10=(2x10)+(1x__)

Physics: Collison/Momentum Problem
A solenoid has a cross-sectional area of 5.80 10-4 m2, consists of 100 turns per meter, and carries a current of 0.6 A. A 10 turn coil is wrapped tightly around the circumference of the solenoid. The ends of the coil are connected to a 0.7 resistor. Suddenly, a switch is opene...

help please :)
sure i am happy to help you my dear.

Explain why the angle relationship shown are not possible triangle angles 2x-15 3x-17 4x+12

6th grade
A Number rounded to the nearest tenth is 6.1. The same number rounded to the nearest hundredth is 6.08 and rounded to the nearest thousandth is 6.083. What is the original number?

The answer is Yes, they are mine. Si, son mias. for the shirts and mios for the hats.

The answer is Ti, whoever anonymous is was wrong (and maybe me get my homework too!).

On January 2, 2006, Grant Corporation leases an asset to Pippin Corporation under the following conditions: 1. Annual lease payments of $10,000 for twenty years. 2. At the end of the lease term the asset is expected to have a value of $2,750. 3. The fair market value of the as...

As a newly hired Staff I, you are responsible for analyzing the work papers for one of the clients of your organization. Your client is not clear about why you are asking for information on the following topics: o Adjusting lower of cost or market inventory on valuation o Capi...

Social Studies
What are the two strongest and more advanced cultures in Asia?

Can you tell me what you think about your answers. I need to write why I chose this answer.

how many dimes equal the same total amount as 1,000,000,000 pennies?

10th grade biology
analyze evidence on biological evolution, utilizing descripcionof existing investigations, computer models, snd fossil records

how many dimes equal the same total amount as 1,000,000,000 pennies?

Essay on Marriage and Living Together
I need an essay about this subject, it has to include: - Opening paragraph - paragraphs 2,3 present two syrong supporting reasons for the proposition's adoption - paragraph 4 presents one argument of opposition, which you disprove - paragraph 5 presents another supporting...

6th grade Math
gcf of 10 and 17

Assume electricity cost 15 cents kw per hour....using the energy requirements.what is the per gram cost of energy to produce Na + AL? Useful info: 2NaCL --> 2Na + CL2 around 600 degree C; 14 KJ per g Na. Al- 2Al2O3-->4Al+3O2 1000 degrees C; 30 KJ per g Al in cryalite (Na...

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