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american history
In the southern campaign launched by British, Cornwallis lost a battle with the Americans under Nathaniel Greene at?

what does "His face masked his troubles. It was a face without effect, without emotion." mean?

Ife orientation
the hazards that cause ill heath,crises and disasters

information technology (elphi)
I need help with my PAT phase en I need to know what must go into the pat file and the whole layout of it

The average monthly mortgage payment including principal and interest is $982 in the United States. If the standard deviation is approximately $180 and the mortgage payments are approximately normally distributed, find the probability that a randomly selected monthly payment i...

A study conducted by a TV station showed the number of televisions per household and the corresponding probabilities for ecach. Find the mean, variance, and standard deviation. (in table) Number of televisions 1 2 3 4 Probability P(X) 0.32 0.51 0.12 0.05 If you were talking a ...

Chester builds and collects models of boats and planes. He has 22 models all together chester has 8 more planes than he has boats. How many of each kind of model does he have?

find the sum or difference in simplest form 2/3+2/9=

find the sum or difference in simplest form

the length of a rectangle is 2cm longer than the width. if its length and width are both increased by 4cm, its area is increased by 72 cm^2. find the dimensions of the original rectangle.

the length of a rectangle is 2cm longer than the width. if its length and width are both increased by 4cm, its area is increased by 72 cm^2. find the dimensions of the original rectangle.

Find b such that (8x+1/b)-2=x has a solution set given by {3}. b =

physics ASAP please
In a rugby match 3 players huddle around a fourth player and push him. If they push with the following forces, what is the resultant force on him? 160 N 125, 140 N 35, and 220 N 200

write an equation of a line containing the given point and perpendicular to the given line(4,7);4x+y=8

Last night, I slept like a log. Should "I slept like a log" be A. I slept like a baby. B. I slept well. C. I slept as if there were no tomorrow.

Is there anyhong wrong with these two sentences? 1. Her sister and her are now employed at Beef Barn as cooks. 2. The mechanic told Bill and I that the car was not finished.

What is the conversion factor sequence for units from ft./sec. to km./hr.? Is (ft/sec) x (sec/min) x (min/hr) x (m/ft) x (km/m) correct?

Convert 186,281 miles per second to feet per year.???

-48, -12, -3 ... Find the next three terms of the sequence.

A 108g piece of unknown metal is heated to 100 degrees C in boiling water. The heated sample of metal is then dropped into 50ml of H20, which is initially at 23.0 degrees C. After a few minutes the temp. of water raises to 37.5 degrees C. What is the specific heat capacity of ...

Identify the group that does Not contain equivalent fractions, decimal and percent. a.1/20, 0.05,5% b.7/20,0.7,70% c.1/8, 0.125, 12.5%

A rock is dropped from a height of 2.7 m. How fast is it going when it hits the ground?

How much work is done in accelerating a 2000 kg car from rest to a speed of 30 m/s?

How much work must be done to accelerate an 8x105 kg train: a) from 10 m/s to 15 m/s; b) from 15 m/s to 20 m/s; c) to a stop an initial speed of 20 m/s?

A student uses a spring with a spring constant of 130 N/m in his projectile apparatus. When 56 J of potential energy is required to launch the projectile to a certain height, what is the compression in the spring?

A children’s roller coaster is released from the top of a track. If its maximum speed at ground level is 8 m/s, find the height it was released from.

A student uses a spring to launch a marble vertically in the air. The mass of the marble is 0.002 kg and when the spring is stretched 0.05 m it exerts a force of 10 N. What is the maximum height the marble can reach?

An arrow is fired vertically upwards by a bow and reaches an altitude of 134 m. Find the initial speed of the arrow on the ground level.

How much work is needed to lift a 3 kg mass a distance of 0.75 m?

What is 174.36 rounded up to nearest tenth

6th grade science
What is the term for radiation beneath the frequency we can see?

I'm curious to know if i translated these two sentences right: 1.The stop sign is located at the intersection. ~I translated: La senal de parada esta queda al cruce de calles. 2.It is very dangerous to drive a truck across the narrow bridge. ~I translated: Es muy peligroso...

i'm not sure, but i think all of them do except for the scalene triangle and maybe the rectangle.

Which one of these occurs durning the light reactions of photosynthesis? a. carbon dioxide fixation b. g3P production c. NADPH production d. reduction in carbon dioxide

School Projects
My son in grade 4 got zero for his project, "autobiography" What exactly are teachers wanting and is there a site that I can go to to show him some examples? Hes really upset and I dont know what the teachers wants!

wow. dis reli helped alot for my biology hw. i had those same ansers but i needed to make sure. TY so much. this was of great help otherwise i wouldve probally skipped da question.

What do the following notes look like? quarter note ,half note,eighth note ,whole note also how many beats do they receive? If a whole note receives 4 beats to a measure.... then you can easily figure out how many beats eac...

English: clauses
we have to to identify the dependent clause in this sentance and then tell wether the clause is an adverb, adjective, or noun clause. "Who knows what the future will bring?" In this sentance i know where the dependent clause starts but other than that i'm confuse...

science: cells
1~ What do red blood cells do and is there anything significantly different about them from other types of cells? 2~ What are bone cells and is there anything significantly different about them from other types of cells? (I just need help for studying i was absent a week from ...

How to you do the prime factorisation of 350 using exponets? Just break it down into smaller and smaller factors until are are prime. 350 = 50 * 7 = 10 * 5 * 7 = 5*2*5*7 = (5^2)*2*7 1000

simplest form

How does our mind make dreams when we sleep? There are several theories about what causes dreaming. One is discussed in this article: I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

Which layers of the Earth can only be studied by indirect means? ( Layers being inner core, outer core, mantle, And Crust) inner core, outer core, mantle Yes, if you personally visited any but the crust you would be destroyed by the heat and pressure. Right I knew that. i just...

Pronoun agreement: How do you know when to use who or whom? Who is a subject of a verb. Examples: Who let the dog out? Pat is the person who is always late. Whom is used as the object of a verb or a preposition. Examples: He asked, "For whom does the bell toll?" Whom...

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