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exercise physiology
calculate the total amount of work performed in 5 minutes of exercise on the cycle ergometer given the following flywheel 25n cranking speed 60rpm distance travel 6meters

Two identical teflon rods are 10 centimeters long and rubbed with fur so that they each have a total negative charge of 20 microCoulombs that is uniformly distributed along their length. They are arranged along the same axis, with their ends 5 centimeters apart. What is the ma...

Ryan’s teacher asked him to graph circle E with equation (x – 5)2 + y2 = 25. Below is the graph he submitted. Circle E that contains points 30, 0; 5, negative 25; negative 20, 0; 5, 25. What, if anything, did Ryan do wrong when graphing this equation?

A planet orbits a star, in a year of length 4.46 x 107 s, in a nearly circular orbit of radius 3.17 x 1011 m. With respect to the star, determine (a) the angular speed of the planet, (b) the tangential speed of the planet, and (c) the magnitude and direction of the planet'...

A player kicks the football from the ground with a velocity of of 30m/s at 45 degree angle. Find the initial vertical velocity?


thank you, i think i got it now.

The area of some shape varies directly with the square of its side. If a shape with 2cm sides has an area 10cm^2,what would be the area of a shape ofthe same type with side of 3cm.

compare the elements in an early protostar and those in a young star formed from star dust of older stars?

Can you tell me how you got that

The amount of money that a sales person makes varies directly as the total amount of sales made. if the sales person receives $7,500 for selling a house for $120,000, how much will he or she make if he or she sells a house for $150,000?

9th grade
Erin's age is 3 times Warren's. In 4 years she will be twice as old as he will be. How old is each now?

Nevermind... v2-u2=2as Here a = -9.8 m/s 2 Putting in the values 0 - 225 = 2*(-9.8)*S S = 11.5 m That's it right>

A missile launches at a velocity of 30.0 m/s at an angle of 30.0* to the normal. What is the maximum height the missile attains? (((30)*cos(30))^2)/(2*9.8) )

Double check this for me: A player kicks a football with an initial velocity of 3.00 m/s at an angle of 60.0* above the horizontal. What is the horizontal distance traveled by the football? s = vi*t + (1/2)(a)(t2) 0 = 3sin(30)t + 0.5(-9.8)(t2) t = 0.306 seconds x = vt there is...

Which force acts opposite of the direction of displacement of the object? I think it would be friction...but could it be spring?

What do you get when you mix nickel sulfate and sodium carbonate?

What is the main idea Johanathan Edward's speech Sinners in the hands of an angry god?

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