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I am currently working on restoring the database. Thanks, Leo
August 22, 2007

uh oh if pencils cost 20 cents and pens cost 30 cents each find the cost of the following items number 36 has r pens and p pencils
August 21, 2007

Isopropyl alcohol, C3H8O, is used in rubbing alcohol mixture. Alcohol on the skin cools by evaporation. How much heat(in kJ) is absorbred by the alcohol of 2.25g EVAPORATED? THE HEAT VAPORIZATION OF Isopropyl alcohol is 42.1 kJ/MOL Compute the number of moles of C3H8O that ...
June 11, 2007

if you're in the mood for riddles
The riddle forum is back up: There are some truly clever riddles being posted. The following is one of my favorites. Try not to scroll down because then you'll see the answer(s):
April 11, 2007

new description for
The new meta description for is: Students get free homework help from teachers and experts on message boards and chat rooms. Website also features educational articles in math, science, social studies and literature. It will probably take Google a couple weeks to ...
January 25, 2007

description for
A few of you have noted that Google's description of is ineffective on the search results. It currently reads: ----- Articles, games, humor and puzzles for many school areas including art, computers, English, foreign languages, health, home economics, ...
January 24, 2007

What effect do lifting of price controls have on inflation in the long run? I need some ideas... I think inflation will eventually be under control in the long run, but i don't know what factors will cause that. Good tough question. Take a shot. I would think that lifting ...
January 21, 2007

What long term effect do lifting of price controls have on inflation? This is a debatable issue. What does your book say? What do you think? Will inflation increase in the short run but then eventually decrease because when prices are too high, nobody is willing to buy?
January 20, 2007

Hint: The total of angle measurements inside any pentagon is the same. Hint: Look up the mathematical definition of an arithmetic sequence. IF THE MEASURES OF THE ANGLES OF A PENTAGON FORM AN ARITHMETIC SEQUENCE, WHAT ARE THE GREATEST AND LEAST MEASURES EACH ANGLE CAN HAVE? ...
January 10, 2007

November 26, 2006

how to sketch a graph of..
Local minimum and local maximum imply that the function approaches negative and positive infinite at opposite sides of the graph. Local minimum (1,1) and local maximum (3,3) means the slope of the function is 0 at these points. Thank you so much. So 1)when the local minima is...
November 5, 2006

school supplies
We just added a number of articles: This is one of my favorites: Very nice!! =)
October 30, 2006

new forum up and running
The new forum is live. No more random error messages. Much faster searches, sorts and queries. Have a nice day. Thank you, Leo! The new forum is great!
October 29, 2006

one-third done with new forum
I worked on the new forum all day yesterday. It should be done by the end of tomorrow. There won't be any visual changes, but the forum should load even faster. Also, that silly random error message will stop occuring. Wonderful! Keep up the good work. DAG We ALL ...
October 26, 2006

random error messages
Sometimes when posting a new message, a software error will occur with an "unable to post" warning. Right now I am working on fixing this error message once and for all. In the meantime, if you get this message, hit refresh on your browser to try to post the message ...
October 25, 2006

message board threads
As you may have noticed, an entire thread can now be viewed by accessing the original message. I think this is great for students, and this may enhance search engine rankings. If anyone has serious objections to this, please let me know. Thanks, Leo I think it's wonderful...
October 24, 2006

open-ended formatting tags no longer an issue
If you forget to end your bold or italic tags, this is no longer an issue. All formatting tags are terminated at the end of each post. Tags currently allowed for anyone to use are b, i, u, sup and sub. example It is still good practice, however, to pair each opening tag with a...
October 24, 2006

I think we're doing something right
I noticed a few things: 1. when I search for homework help on Google, we're #10 (page 1)! 2. We received so many homework questions yesterday that page 1 and 2, and half of 3, was filled up with questions from Thursday. 3. 99% of the students who post are receiving GREAT ...
October 20, 2006

subscripts and superscripts enabled
Examples: The water molecule: H20 Quadratic: ax2 + bx + c = 0 Just like you would use the b tag for bold or the i tag for italic, use the sub and sup tags for subscript and superscript. that's great...but what do you mean "b tag" and "i tag" ?? the b ...
October 12, 2006

how can we improve
How can we improve Any ideas for improvement are welcome. Thanks! Perhaps separating the subject areas. The subject area categories could be fairly general: English, including how to research Mathematics/economics Sciences Social studies/history Foreign languages ...
October 12, 2006

search box on
The search box at the top of this page now searches the entire forum in real time. Nice. very nice.
October 11, 2006

5th grade math
what is the least common multiple The least common multiple is the lowest possible number that has both numbers for a factor. For instance, if you are asked to find the LCM for 4 and 8, the LCM would be 8 because it is divisible by both 4 and 8. If you were given 3 and 4, the ...
October 5, 2006

Does the following sentence contain any grammatical errors? Those are the kinds of people whom I will never talk to. Thanks, Leo Although it ends with a preposition, which some purists consider poor form, I see nothing wrong with the sentence. It also used "whom" ...
August 9, 2006

homework help ranking
When I search for homework help on google from my computer, jiskha is ranked at #14. What is jiskha ranked on your computer? Thanks. Jiskha came in 12th on my computer. About 14 with or without " " Probably because of lower use during summer? 14th here -- and I think...
July 16, 2006

#2 on msn
I just noticed that if you search for homework help on m.s.n, we're number 2. ... and #8 on Google! =) # 4 on Yahoo And #1 with me. For a couple weeks now, if I search for homework help on my own connection, jiskha is ranked at #11 or #12. But if I go to the library, ...
June 28, 2006

new data type for forum
Currently the forum uses hash maps which becomes extremely complex and prone to glitches as the number of posts approaches 10,000. I have determined that one solution would be to use linked lists instead of hashes. In fact, linked lists, also known as threads, is what most ...
June 20, 2006

annual salary
What is the formula to determine someone's annual salary given only the hourly wage? For example, if someone works full time for $20 per hour, how much does he earn in a year? A friend of mine told me the formula before; it's really simple. I just forgot it. Thanks! If...
June 13, 2006

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