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social Studies
Jane Goodall was the subject of several National Geographic articles. Your library should have copies you can use for data. Even if they don't, your librarian will be able to steer you to acceptable and informational resources.

You might also check to see how substitute teachers are selected and notified. In our area, the system for notification is computerized and only three people are called. If they are not home or have valid excuses for not attending, then no substitute is assigned that day. ...

You can also take advantage of such "simple" words to learn obscure meanings, the history of the word, and try to make a story using all your vocabulary words with the second or third dictionary meaning instead of the most common definition. Doing this will help you ...

While "this night" is not usually used today, it is still a phrase used for emphasis, especially in religious rites or old books. Example: During one Jewish holiday, the youngest child says, "Why is this night different from all other nights." The phrase is...

This is an idiom and idioms are the hardest part of a language to learn. Sometimes this is shortened even more to just,"No way!" or "Way!" These two really short phrases are short for "There is no way that can happen" and "Yes, there is a way...

This is an exploratory exercise intended to force your brain to look at things sideways. One way to solve this type of problem is to first identify whether the answer is a real (English)word. If so, you can begin by rescrambling the letters. Sometimes this fools your brain ...

A concrete noun is a thing that you can touch and taste. You can touch and taste blood, dirt, and butter.You can't touch and taste astonishment, tragedies, or death. Some words take a little thought to decide whether they're concrete (think cement that you can touch ...

My doctor's office has a sign with many different types of smiley faces. One says, "have an aberrant day."

Usually, GDP is measured by the expenditure method: GDP = consumption + investment + (government spending) + (exports − imports) Many factors affect each of these. If government spends too much, then taxes go up and people have less to spend. If people buy imports more ...

Religions of the World
Think of a religion about which you know little. What would YOU want to know? Think holy days (holidays), ceremonies, and customs, to name a few possible topics to question.

Studies of Society
In addition of Australia's problems, the whole world would go into mass hysteria and the WHO (World Health Organization) would spring into action to try to prevent further spread.

Language/Listening& Speech Skills
I'd tell the child, "You ATE it all up? What did you eat up?" That would give the child the correct form of the verb for both past and present tense. But since that's not a choice...I'd go with your answers.

Do you want good grades? The best way is to learn the subject. When you cheat, you only cheat yourself as you won't know the informstion that the next assignment or the next year's teacher will expect you to know. This assignment is trying to get you to think about how...

Effects of Religion
Religion, like any establishment, seeks power. As Lord Acton once said, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Absolute (or nearly so) power can influence people into bigotry an dhate, which leads quite often to wars. The "I'm the only one ...

Perhaps transporting them by rail kept them from the sight of normal German citizens who might otherwise have been appalled and refused to go along with Hitler's policies. Another question to ask is why Hitler didn't just kill all the Jews and other non-desireables as ...

College Economics
This is a simple algebra problem -- actually two problems as you have two situations. However, you might consider that paint has to dry a certain number of hours before a second (usually required) coat should be put on. So ask this another way -- if a room takes four hours to ...

IIPS, science
As a general rule, the greater the percentage of a population that shares a trait, the longer that trait has been in existance. Think of an epidemic of the flu. If ten people have it in one school and sixty people have it in another, which school do you think has been infected...

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