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a ) once upon a TIME, there was an OLD WOman b ) in the LIGHT of the aBOVE STATEment, i shall absTAIN from VOTing c ) good MORNing. how can i HELP you ? d ) i'm aWAY for the REST of the WEEK Are these alright ?

In this exercise, we should capitalize the unstressed syllables... The more I think, the more confused it gets...

Say each of the following sentences and then underline the unstressed syllables in each: a) Once upon a time, there was an old woman… b) In the light of the above statement, I shall abstain from voting. c) Good morning. How can I help you? d) I’m away for the rest o...

b ) WHAT's the TIME c ) don't forGET to turn out the LIGHT. d ) it's anOther BEAUtiful day toDAY. Is this right ?

Stressed and Unstressed Syllables. Hello, I've seen the previous threads about this, I'm doing the same exercise, but there are no convincing answers anywhere... So there are the instructions : Task 4 – Say each of the following sentences and then underline the st...

criminal justice
do you think that the agency ethics statement was patterned after the national association code of ethics

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