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well i actually have pickedout my answers already.......i just wanted to know i got them rite before i take my exam. maybe you should have asked me what my intensions were before you went on and did that. i take my schooling very serious. next time dont be so quick to judge.

Which of the following is the most important reason for assessing young children? A. To prove the effectiveness of the program B. To comply with federal standards C. To evaluate children's development D. To qualify for federal funding

Teachers need to strengthen their powers of observation when assessing young children. Which one of the following statements about observing is correct? A. The more each of us knows about child development, the more different our observations of the same child will be. B. Two ...

3. In preschool, teachers who want to foster children's emotional development should focus on learning A. how to use discipline appropriately. B. how to help children develop appropriate emotional responses. C. what teachers should do when children act out. D. what causes ...

the child development checklist is an observation tool that? A.can only be used by one observer for the same child B.omits references to childrens emotions. C.includes space to record non-objective data. D.focuses on sequences of child development

thank you ms.sue

1.when a child hits another child because he is angry, the best way to handle the situation is to? A.send the hitter to a time-out chair B.intervine immediately and ask each child what happened C.tell the second child to hit the first child back D.make the hitter apologize to ...

How do I factor (ab+3a-5b-15) by grouping?

physics please respond
thank you. really appreciate it

physics please respond
A 16kg sled starts up a 28 degree incline with a speed of 2.4 m/s . The coefficient of kinetic friction is = 0.27. part a)How far up the incline does the sled travel? part b)What condition must you put on the coefficient of static friction if the sled is not to get stuck at th...

a door was 6ft10in tall and 2ft 11in wid. estmate the area of one of the door

Shortage would be the correct answer. the definition of scarcity is the dollars that become available for investors to use when others save. If you think about it, the store didnt have enough so it would be a shortage. Hope this helps

math urgent
2 rainstorms occurred in one week in a certain area in the first storm, 15ml of rain fell per hour, and in the second storm, 20ml of rain fell per hour. rain lasted for a total of 40 hours, resulting in a total rain of 675ml. how long was each storm. 1st storm = hours 2nd stor...

5th grade social studies
What were the names of the colonies in New England, Middle Colonies and Southern Colonies


what are some examples of covalent bonds and what are some examples of ionic bonds? Electrons are shared in covalent bonds. Electrons are exchanged in ionic bonds. Typical ionic compounds are NaCl, MgCl2, LiI, etc. Typical covalent compounds are CH4, methane; C2H6, ethane; C2H...

orientalism of muslim and arab american
Thats real funny!!! I am here 2 years later with the same assignment.. Yes! it is University of Pheonix.. I bet you have long graduated!

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