February 28, 2017

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Put the following in order in terms of increasing melting point: SiH4, SiO2, CH4, NH3, PH3. Lowest → Highest (A) NH3, PH3, CH4, SiH4, SiO2 (B) SiO2, PH3, NH3, CH4, SiH4 (C) SiH4, CH4, NH3, PH3, SiO2 (D) CH4, SiH4, PH3, NH3, SiO2 (E) CH4, SiH4, SiO2, NH3, PH3
February 10, 2010

Some properties of the two compounds are listed below: Melting point- Compound X= -114*C Compound Y= -138*C Boiling Point- Compound X= 78*C Compound Y= -22*C Net Dipole?- Compound X= Yes Compound Y= Yes Functional group: Compound X Alcohol Compound Y= Ether i.) Draw plausible ...
February 10, 2010

you have pretty eyes, you're beautiful, dear.
February 9, 2010

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