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Life orientation
Identify 5 practises that are in contravention of the Basic conditions of employment Act

L o
Identify three environmental health hazards that cause ill health

Life science, Tourism , geography, and maths literacy
Which careers can i follow if im doing this subjects at school

life orientation
Its air pollution.water pollution and soil pollution

Life orientation
report to the police

The moon is the earth's nearest neighbor in space the radius of the moon is approximately one quarter of the earth's radius and it's mass is one eightieth of the earth's mass.(a)calculate the weight of an object with a mass of 50.0kg on the surface of the moon....


A man has a mass of 80.0kg is standing on the surface of the earth.(a)calculate the magnitude of the attractive force that the earth exerts on the man

How will the weight of an 20kg object change if it was in a lift that accelerates downwards at 4m.s-1

5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impact on the community
About hiv and aids impact

Life orientation
Is because they are proud of their poor

By giving me relvent answers about checks and balances

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