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Is this how you write a skeleton equation i don't understand this Lithium(s)+gold(III)chloride(aq)= Lithium chloride(aq)+gold(s) iron(s)+tin(IV)nitrate(aq)= Iron (III) nitrate(aq)+tin (s)

How would you write skeleton equations for these reactions Lithium(s)+gold(III)chloride(aq)= Lithium chloride(aq)+gold(s) iron(s)+tin(IV)nitrate(aq)= Iron (III) nitrate(aq)+tin (s)

How would you write skeleton equations for these reactions? I am very confused Hydrogen iodide(G)= Hyrdrogen(G)+Iodide(G) Aluminum(s)+iodines(s)= Aluminum iodide(S) Silver Nitrate (aq)+Sodium sulfide (aq)= silver sulfide(S)+ sodium nitrate (aq)

How would you balance this equation Mg(s)+FeCl3(aq)=Fe(s)+MgCl2(aq)

Introduction to Psychology
Okay I have to do short paper on my results for a survey that I did to determine which branch of psychology I would be best suited for. My results were Behavioral: 20, Humanistic: 20, and Psychoanalytical: 17. I think my main problem is getting all of the information I need ...

Solid zinc and aqueous hydrogen sulfate reacts to produce hydrogen gas and aqueous zinc sulfate Is this the right answer Z(aq)+HS equals H(G) ZS? if not can u please correct me

how do you write a chemical equation with this reaction? can u help me solve these 1.Liquid carbon disulfide reacts with oxygen gas, producing carbon dioxide gas and sulfur dioxdie gas. 2. Solid zinc and aqueous hydrogen sulfate reacts to produce hydrogen gas and aqueous zinc ...

11th grade Art
What is keyhole painting? Could you help me with analysing an artwork. What information should I give.

Oh thank you! It wasn't easy but once I figured it out life became fabulous again! :) Thanks again! Have a great night!

Yeah I know! It is really hard for others to understand that. The first three months were horrible because I just kept thinking "why me?" which I'm not normally like! But then after my three month check-up I started thinking about how I was handling things and ...

Thanks so much guys! My essay is about how everyone is the master of their own fates and I am giving an example of how I learned this valuable lesson. I had to have jaw surgery and at first I was miserable and wasn't acting like my normal bubbly cheerful self, but then how...

Yeah I know I think it fits perfectly too but I am trying to avoid using's really frustrating trying to think of something else though! Would "Eight miserable months" or "Eight long, painful months" work? Or do you think I should just stick to &...

So I'm working on an english paper but I've been stuck the past hour on what to do. I'm trying to take my teachers advice by putting in an anaphorism (repeated words or phrases)but I'm having trouble. I'm repeating the phrase "eight months" but I...

In emphasizing the importance of individual thinking and basing one's beliefs on one's own experiences, Sujourner shows she has much in common with

english essay
i need help with figuring out the satirization of Huck Finn. such as with the word choice/ dialect he uses and the irony in the book.

Intermediate Algebra
Find the maximum value of the objective function and the values of x and y for which it occurs. F = 5x + 2y x + 2y (greater than or equal to) 6 2x + y (greater than or equal to) 6 Both x and y are greater than or equal to 0. I don't understand how to do this! And I can'...

randon question that needs an answer
how many years apart is it leagle to marry like can u be 27 but marry sum1 that is 32? or 19 but marry sum1 that is 24? like how many years apart ...can u be 5 years apart and still marry the person? is that leagle?

2nd grade Math
Wich 3 flowers add up to 85 cents? Tulip-48 cents Rose-52 cents Dafidale-25 cents Viloit-37 cents Sunflower-23 cents

5th grade math
something is missing hunn.

US history
i don't know estabished credibility?

US history
How did the Supreme Court decisions mentioned (Marbury v. Madison, McCullough vs. Maryland, and Martin v. Hunter's Lessee) strengthen the American republic?

What does something have to be inorder to be considered a function. I'm not talking about the verticle line test or somethng to verify, im saying in words. like can it not be negative or somehting?

I am supposed to graph this y= -x^2+2x he told us to coplete the square to get us the vertex, but how do i complete the square with a - in front of the x^2??

9th grade
what is one obstacle that both martin luther king and richard wright address in i have a dream and black boy.

Chemistry- Please help me
A sample consisting of 22.7 g of a nongaseous, unstable compound X is placed inside a metal cylinder with a radius of 8.00 cm, and a piston is carefully placed on the surface of the compound so that, for all practicla purposes, the distance between the bottom of the cylinder ...

I have trouble finding the tone of this piece by Aristotle. Seeing then that the state is made up of households, before speaking of the state we must speak of the management of the household. The parts of household management correspond to the persons who compose the household...

How would I rewrite 3(x + 2) in Distibutive property?

CSS Coding
yeah I know this stuff from neopets. Its not top then height, its to then left.

Thank you yay now I can lern how to spell. By teacher will be happy that I can finaly spell!!! why did you giv me da first link?

sorry I typed the rong subject. Its suposed to be called spelling

hello my name is lauren and I am in year 6. I don't no how to spell goodly do you have any tips on how to spell better? Thank you very much.

Chem: Mole and Avogadros Number
How many molecules are in the quantities below? 2.0 moles 0.75 moles

at absolute zero, how much kinetic energy do the particles have?

what is the difference between the average kinetic energy of an object and the total kinetic energy of an object?

us history
were immigrants lived ad worked during the 1920's

a coin rests on a book. the book tilts until the coin just begins to move. the angle is 17 degrees. what is the coefficient of static friction?

Thank You, I saved this link.

Thank You, how can you find a square root of a number easily?

Find all the numbers that give you 7.29 when squared. Show your work.

Math word problem
Thank You so much. It looks so simple, and makes sense the way you wrote it out!

Math word problem
I know the answer, but is there a formula to show work? Amy had a piece of wire 96 inches long. She cut the wire into 3 pieces. The second piece was 6 inches longer than the first piece. The third piece is 9 inches longer than the second. What was the length of each piece of ...

A word Problem Kris has an endless supply of 4-cent and 7-cent stamps for mailing a package. What is the greatest amount of postage that cannot be affixed to a package using these stamps?

What does ti mean to depress the scapula? Does that mean to shrug shoulders?

physics again (check answers please)
What net force increases a velocity of a car from 20 m/s to 35 m/s in 8.0 s if the mass of the car is 1600 kg? (3000 N). What force would cause the car to stop? (3000N) What coefficient of friction is needed to supply the force of friction? (.0191) are they correct?

physics- check my answers)

physics- check my answers)
An ice skater of mass 50kg moving at 10 m/s coasts to a halt in 100 m on a smooth ice surface a. calculater acceleration of the skater (.5 m/s) b. what is the force of friction between the ice and the skates? (25 N) c. calculate the coefficient of friction (.051) are my ...

a rectangular box with a volume of 60 ft^3 fas a square base. Find a funtion that models its surface area S in terms of the length x of one side of its base

what does collective action have to do with interest groups?

[(2+h)^2-4]/h find the limit how do i do this?

Intro to Computer Programming - Pseudocode
This assignment (below) jumped way ahead of my abilities compared to the last assignment. I think I need a parallel array or a 2D array, an accumulator or loop counter, a verification of input, and Boolean something. But I'm not sure how to write it. We're not writing ...

You want to dress in a way that shows you are mature and care about how you look. So, I would say something dress-casual. Wear nice but comfortable shoes. You want your appearance to make people take you seriously, but not be overdone (don't draw attention to yourself by ...

Please see if this is written correctly. Let me know what to fix. Thanks. Michelle Rodriquez es puertorriqueña y dominicana. Ella es famosa por las habilidades de actuación. Ella es rebelde y hace los papeles de unas muchachas gamberras en películas de ...

Please see if this is written correctly. Let me know if I can say certain sentences in shorter phrases or simpler words or both. Michelle Rodriquez es puertorriqueña y dominicana. Ella es famosa por ella las habilidades actuación. Ella es rebelde y de muchachas ...

For how many ordered pairs of positive integers (x,y) is 2x+3y<6? a. One b. Two c. Three d Five e Seven

Hello: Please see if this translation is correct. Make suggestions as necessary or feel free to tell me how to say specific phrases in simpler words. Thanks. Michelle Rodriquez is Puerto Rican and Dominican. She is famous for her acting skills. She is rebellious and usually ...

Why is water used as a contant in many science experiments?

5th Grade Math -- Correction
what is the answer for 27 metres and 16 cm plus 13 metres and 58 cm

Find the greatest integral upper bound of the zeros for the following function. f(x) = 4x^3 - 2x^2 - 12x + 1 Find the real zero(s) to the nearest tenth. f(x) = 2x^3 + x^2 - 1 [I believe the numbers should be around -1 and 0 and 0 and 1.]

please see if this is correctly written. Judith Baca, un habitante de Los Angeles nativo, nació en 1946. Ella es sabida mejor para sus murales grandes. La Gran Pared de Los Angeles representa la historia de personas étnicas de California. El mural muestra im&...

Solve. (sqrt. x + 1) - (sqrt. 2x -12) = 1 The answers I reached were x = 8 and 24. If you plug in 8, you will get 1 as an answer. If you plug in 24, however, you will not get 1 as an answer. Please see if 8 is the only solution. If not, please show me how to solve to find the ... last time
A mortar elevated to 60 degrees scores a hit 15 m up a building 30m away. with what speed was the shell fired?

physics again!!
and...the time is 3.06s

physics again!!
An arrow is fired at an angle of 53 with a velocity of 15 m/s. what is its range? explain step by step please!!

Physics HELP!!!
nevermind, i figured it out

Physics HELP!!!
thanks! I have question though...what happened to the ^2 in the second part? Its in the second step but then where does it go?

Physics HELP!!!
A ball is kicked at an angle of 50 with a velocity of 14m/s. a. how long is it in the air? b. how high does it rise? can someone please explain to me how to solve this???

7th grade math
the sum of two integers is zero. the difference of the same two integers is 16. What are the integers

!social studies!
what were all the places that christapher columbus explored!? help me please!

How do I find the area of a circlr? In the problem I'm trying to solve, the only information that is given is that sides BC and AD of the 8 by 12 rectangle located outside of the circle, are tangent to the circle.

Hey my older brother has been in the spelling bee 3 times and has made it to county before. He says don't freak out when you get on stage and if you do get a word wrong don't be embarrassed because alot of other people get the words wrong. Make sure you study with your...

algebra 1
How would you solve this equation: A local gym charges nonmembers $8 per day to use the volleyball courts. Members pay a yearly fee of $150 and $2 per day to use the volleyball courts. Write and solve an equation to find how many days you must use the volleyball courts to ...

Consumer math
idk what you are talking about. sorry :]

unscrambling word
Have you found your answer yet? What subject is it for? =)

why is platinum more expensive than gold??

why do they put chlorien in swimming pools and drinking water???

does fire have matter?

statistics-please please help
A) Choose one of the following distributions (positively skewed normal distribution, negatively skewed normal distribution or bimodal normal distribution) and generate a sample of 20 numbers for it. The sample you generate should have a mean of 8 and a sample standard ...

if gravity is rounded to 10 and 78.4 is rounded to 78: -then, time= velocity/gravity time=78/10 time=7.8 or... time=78.4/9.8 time= 8

1st grade
I'm sorry I can't help you because I don't know what shape you want us to make!!!!

I just took the test and got a hundred the answers are a a b c c b d a a c c a b d b c c d c b

Dynamath for October
Supermath Electoral votes exactly adding up to Mccains 72??? You have to go over to 75? Right??

the # is 82.406 =)

How do you analyze this sentence: 'When the rain began, we were playing soccer.'

7(n+1)-4n=4 wut is n -7(x-3)=-14 wut is x 8=3+5(y-2) wut is y 2(x-3)+3(x-1)=-5

D = F/(C-E) Let C be the subject

7th grade math
Question: The volume of a cube is 343 mm2. What is the length of one side of the cube?

in part 2 of call of the wild what did the dog-driver do 4 buck?

9th grade algebra
How do you want me to help you if there isn't even a propblem to help you with.

9th grade algebra
First, to complete this problem, you add like terms (2b and 3b)(add them together). Now you should have something like 5b-6. Now add 6 to both sides. Now you should have something like 5b=20. Next you need to divide 5 from both sides. Now you should have b=4. There you go, you...

i can see them..... they ARE on the current qestions page

thank you soooo much!

Triangles C and D are similar. The area of triangle C is 47.6 in(2). The base of Trianfle D is 6.72 in. Each Dimension of D is 6/5 the corresponding dimension of C. What is the Height of D?

Chemistry-check answers
length of 12:19 m in kilometers.

calculate the number of liters in 7.05 x 10 ^-2 m^3

calculate the number of fluid ounces in 6.03 gal.

Calculate the number of english tons(2000 lb per ton) in 6.03 lb

calculate the number of feet in 6.03 miles

i don't know

(Csquared+14c+49)divided(c+7) The quotient is?

No, that's not what I mean. I am supposed to be changing the equation y= x+6x-16 from standard form to vertex form.

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