October 21, 2014

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25.0 cm cubed of Barium hydroxide,Ba(OH)2 solution neautralises 35.0 cm cubed of aqueous hydrochloric acid of concentration 0.09 mol dm-3. what is the concentration of the barium hydroxide? I like the titration equation Normalitybase*volumebase*concentrationBase equals ...
November 5, 2006

acids and alkalis
hi thanks alot it realy helped me wiv my hwk :D
November 4, 2006

In a room that is 2.13 m high, a spring (unstrained length = 0.30 m) hangs from the ceiling. A board whose length is 1.58 m is attached to the free end of the spring. The board hangs straight down, so that its 1.58-m length is perpendicular to the floor. The weight of the ...
November 3, 2006

Math - Bases
What is 12 base 5? Would you just divide 12 by five and get 2 (but then what about the remainder) If you are refering to logs, 12 base 5 means log of 12 to the base 5. Call it x. 5^x = 12. x = log 12/log 5 (any log base can be used) x = 1.07918/0.69897 = 1.54396 If "5&...
October 29, 2006

statics equilibrium
hey every1, any1 know how to do statics questions? i have a few virtual work questions i have to get right by 2moro or i'll fail my course! please help... There are several engineers here who can assist. At What point from the left end should a uniform meter stick (cg.=50 ...
October 19, 2006

business studies
c----of p---- is the different stages that a product has to pass through before they are sold g----d----p-----is the total value of goods and services produced b a country in a year The first one looks like cycle of production, but I'm not sure about it. The second one ...
October 15, 2006

2)How many arrangements of the integers 1,2,3,...,n are there such that each integer differs by one (except for the first integer) from some integer to the left of it? Let's construct the arrangement. First consider 1, it can only have two placed next to it so it has to be...
October 15, 2006

Would heating a tertiary alcohol change its structure and reaction with hydrochloric acid and potassium permanganate (KMnO4)? Tertiary alcohols resist oxidation, but can be oxidised by reagents such as 2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyano-1,4-benzoquinone.
October 9, 2006

Principles of Finance HELP!!!
Problem 16-7. Pro forma income statement At the end of last year, Roberts Inc. reported the following income statement (in millions of dollars): Sales 3000 Operating costs excluding depreciation 2450 EBITDA 550 Depreciation 250 EBIT 300 Interest 125 EBT 175 Taxes (40%) 70 Net ...
September 29, 2006

How do you measure body volume? I need two ways. Thanks. Displacement is a common method. Fill a barrel full of water, then dunk the body (letting the water overflow), remove the body, and then measure the water level. Another method is to use air displacement, by Air ...
September 4, 2006

orientalism of muslim and arab american
2009 UoP student still stuck on this question...Thanks for all the help. Most of you have graduated or are pretty close by now, but thanks again!
August 6, 2006

On January 1, 2006, Mythical purchased some office equipment, paying $24,000. It is anticipated that the equipment will last 4 years and have a zero salvage value at the end of the four years. 1) Make the adjusting entry for depreciation at the end of year two using the ...
July 28, 2006

I am glad I found this site on accident! I was looking for the same answer to the question about measurements to calculate prejudice! I'm in my second week of ETH 125.....I really like the class. I'm sure I'll use this site again! Good luck everyone!
July 20, 2006

1. What is it that the adjustment process actually accomplishes? 2. What would happen to financial statements if the adjustment process was skipped? 3. How does the matching principle relate to the adjusting process?
June 26, 2006

Why do revenues increase capital while expenses decrease capital? Because cash is a form of capital.
June 20, 2006

Business/Accounting Question
You are to state what will increase and/or decrease in each of the transactions described below. 1) Mythical Services sold $500 of legal services on account. 2) Mythical collected the $500 from transaction nmuber 1 above 3) Mythical purchased office furniture on account in the...
June 15, 2006

How many moles of ions are there in .2 mol of lithium oxide? I need help again... Strictly speaking, Li2O is a solid and in that form it is not ionized. To get ions from it, you must dissolve it in water, and that causes it to decompose. Despite all that, they probably expect ...
August 29, 2005

Hydrogen reacts w/ sodium to produce solid sodium hydride, NaH. A reaction mixture contains 6.75 g Na and 3.03 g H2. A. Which reactant is limiting? B. What is the theoretical yield of NaH from the above reaction mixture? C. What is the percent yield if 4 g NaH is formed? Laura...
August 28, 2005

A 2.612 g sample of a copper oxide, when heated in a stream of H2 gas, yields .592 g H20. What is the formula of the copper oxide? Again, I need help with this problem. Answer = CuO Ok nvm.. i got it. Set up the reaction as best we can surmise at the moment. CxOy + H2 ---> ...
August 25, 2005

Iron reacts with sulfur to form a sulfide. If 2.561 g of iron reacts with 2.206 g of sulfur, what is the simplest formula of the sulfide? I don't know how to go about doing this problem. The answer is Fe2S3. Calculate the moles of iron in 2.561 grams of iron. Then ...
August 25, 2005

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