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At what time between 6 o’clock and 7 o’clock will the hands on a clock be together?

2. What is the basic principle that can be used to simplify a polynomial? What is the relevance of the order of operations in simplifying a polynomial?

A weak base that encompasses a concentration of 1.4 mol per litre has a percent ionization of 0.63%. Calculate the Kb of this weak base

A weak base that encompasses a concentration of 1.4 mol per litre has a percent ionization of 0.63%. Calculate the Kb of this weak base

Ascorbic acid is a weak organic acid also known as vitamin C. A student prepares a 0.20 mol/L aqueous solution of ascorbic acid and measures its pH as 2.40. Based on this evidence, what is the Ka of ascorbic acid?

Calculate the Ka of nitrous acid if a 0.200 mol/L solution at equilibrium at SATP has a percent ionization of 5.8%

Use the Gibbs-Helmholtz equation and the concept of equilibrium to calculate the approximate Celsius temperature for the boiling of bromine. Br2(l) <--> Br2(g)

a pie dish has base diameter 8 inches and top diameter 10 inches and height 2 inches. what is the volume of the disk? do I do it so cross sections are squares? help!! Thanks!

a pie dish has a base diameter 8 inches and a top diameter 10 inches and a height 2 inches. What is the volume of the dish? How would I do this problem? I could place it on the origin so that the cross sections would be circles, and the area would then be pir^2 where the base ...

I did a chemistry lab on polarimetry where we separated two enantiomers into individual salts and then used a polarimeter to determine the specific rotation and optical purity. What is the relationship of the proline salts to one another? i said that being enantiomers, they we...

What makes up the Hindu religion?

othello paper
I was wondering if someone could proof read the begining of my paper and give me feedback...thanks! In an attempt to warn females against falling under the control of a patriarchal society, progressive feminist Adrienne Rich defines patriarchy as “the power of the fathers...

CALCULUS-URGENT- no one will respond!!!
find the radius and interval of convergence for the series the series from n=1 to infinity of ((-1)^(n+1)*x^n)/n! I did the ratio test so I had the Lim as n approaches infinity of -x/(n+1), but this is 0, giving no radius, so I think I did something wrong...

english- othello and adrienne rich essay
In an attempt to warn females against falling under the consequences of a patriarchal society, progressive feminist Adrienne Rich defines patriarchy as, “the power of the fathers: a familial-social, ideological, political system in which men- by force, direct pressure, or...

What is an upper bound on the absolute value of the error: |sum from n=1 to infinity of ((-1)^(n+1))/(n*5^n)) -.1826666...| ?????

test the series for convergence or divergence using the alternating series test the sum from n=1 to infinity of (-1)^n/(3n+1) I said it converges, is this true?

test the series for convergence or divergence. the sum from n=1 to infinity of ((-1)^n*e^n)/(n^3) I said it converges because the derivative of (1/n^3) is decreasing

what is an upper bound on the absolute value of the error? the abs value of (the sum from n=1 to infinity of ((-1)^(n+1))/(n*5^n) where it is -.1826666....)

It is quoted in Augustine's confessions, "the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life." if this is so, then I believe Ambrose is telling Augustine the the letter, or the law, or exact words in the bible aren't meant to be taken literally, but figuratively ...

It is quoted in Augustine's confessions, "the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life." if this is so, then I believe Ambrose is telling Augustine the the letter, or the law, or exact words in the bible aren't meant to be taken literally, but figuratively ...

I have to compare Iago in othello to Ambrose's message in St. Augustine's Confessions. Ambrose's message is to not take the Bible literally, but figuratively so that he can understand the deeper meaning. I must say how Iago's lesson is the opposite of what Ambr...

Improving Nonverbal Communication
Which nonverbal cues can potentially convey a misunderstanding? An understanding?

I am trying to find a connection between Invisible man by Ralph Ellison and got tell it on the mountain by James Baldwin. The only connection I can find is that both characters are somehow betraying their race. However, in invisible man I can find that white people betray the ...

American History
actually, i don't really get what's the question asking. Can you please explain?

American History
How did U.S. foreign policy at the turn from the 19th to 20th century affect actions taken by the United States towards China?

Gurublue( poetry)
Guru Blue, These are two wonderful websites, thank you. However, I need a website that has audio to show me the stressed and unstressed words.

I am learning about poetry (meter, verse, and foot). I need a website with audio that can allow me to hear the pronunciations of the syllables if stressed or unstressed. Please help me thank you.

What does a skeltal muscle fiber look like? I looked in google, but it shows images of skeltal muscle.

when iron rusts in air, iron(III) oxide is produced. how many moles react with 2.4 iron in the rusting reaction? 4Fe(s) + 3O2(g) => 2Fe2O3(s)

For each of the four major classes of organic compounds, identify the subunits. Describe the general process by which all of these subunits are joined together to form larger molecules.

A woman once had a beautiful rubber tree, but when her sister saw her watering it, she laughed and asked why she was watering an artificial plant. So she stopped watering the plant, and in a few months it died. Explain, using at least five characteristics of living things, how...

What is the chemical formula for rust, salt and air?

i really need help on this question!! I need to solve it using a system of two equations, the question says that an automobile radiator contains 16L of antifreeze and water. this mixture is 30%antifreeze. how much of this mixture should be drained and replaced with pure antifr...

Statistics- PEASE help!
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Statistics- quick! Is this right?
I need to verify one of my answers quickly...the problem is: The mean annual salary for classroom teachers is $43,658. Assume a standard deviation of $8000. 1) Determine the sampling distribution of the sample mean for a sample of size 256. Interpret your answer in terms of t...

This is for grade 11 math, under quadratic extrema and roots. Fred and Ginger have 24 m of fencing to enclose a garden at the back of their house. From the pictures you can see (shows a large rectangle for the house, with a smaller one attached on the bottom line, to the right...

help me please
i do not under stand with what

My question says: How is naturalism used in "The Red Badge of Courage" and come up with three quotes. First of all, can someone explain what naturalism really is?

Spanish/History for Laura & Carry
i know but i can't find the answer in those pages....

Spanish/History for Laura & Carry
wait... so how exactly did they mesh together???

Physical Science

Thesis Statement
I wrote a thesis statement on "The Red Badge of Courage" and if someone could revise it, it would be pretty helpful. "Crane believes war is neither glorious nor honorable, but rather a fiery blaze able to only destroy, caused by groups unaware of the flames they...

By the way, this was for my classmate, Jimmie who is also doing the same assignment. But if someone else could help as well, that would be great.

I am nearly done with my Red Badge of Courage Analysis, but I would prefer one more thought from someone other than me. If you have read the work, could you tell me what you think Crane felt about soldiers as individuals? I think he thought they were ignorant people fighting f...

What is a word for a cause of fire? I don't want examples but I would like a specific word for a causer of fire that could be used no matter what caused it. For example if someone died from murder, the causer of the death would be called a killer or a murderer. That's ...

A girl has a body weight of 400n. What upthrust does she need to float?

ASAP-before we were free
Search for it on the Barnes and Noble website... It has links to readers guides and other stuff... i was actually looking for the same thing and your question came up on google. Hope this helps!

I have to convert 7.2m^3 to L and keep getting the wrong answer. I did 7.2m^3*(1cm^3/91*10^-2)m^3) which gave me 720cm*(1L/1000cm^3)) this gave me 7.2*10^-1


HOW CAN I INCREASE EFFICIENCY OF A BUSINESS OPERATIONS AND KEEP CURRENT EMPLOYEES HAPPY. Respect your employees. Use their ideas in your business plan. Pay them top wages and provide superior benefits. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key wor...

Find the sum of 20 (summation notation symbol)k=1 then (3k-5) If you mean the sum of the first 20 terms, beginning with k=1, of ak = 3k - 5, that would be -20 x 5 = -100 PLUS the sum of the first 20 terms of ak = 3k The latter is 3 times the sum of 1+2+3+...20 , or 3*(20)(21)/...

Find d of an arithmetic sequence if a(subscript 4)=14 and a (subscript 11)=35 I assume d is the difference between successive terms, since you have said this is an 'arithmetic' sequence. Increasing the subscript by 5 increases the value of the term by 35. That is an in...

Find the sum of the first 50 terms of the sequence 2,4,6,8........ That is twice the sum of 1+2+3+...+50 For 1+2+...+N, the sum is N(N+1)/2 The sum is therefore 2*[50*51)/2) = 2550

Find a(subscript 6) of an arithmetic sequ3nce if a(subscript 4)=5 and a(subscript 9)=20. The value of an increases 15/5 = 3 per term. Therefore a4 = 5 a5 = 8 a6 = 11 a7 = 14 a8 = 17 19 = 20 The last term in my previous post should have been labeled a9, not 19.

secend grad maht
if 3+x=6 what is x You can turn that around. Work it as a word family. 3 + ___ = 6 6 - 3 = ___ What do you think? ?? What number can be added to 3 to make 6? 3 + ? = 6? Sorry! I should have written "work it as a number family"!! =)

Is saying light is electrically polarized , saying it is an electric dipole? Your question can be answered using either wave or particle models of light. In the wave model, polarization is related to the direction of the oscillating electrical field vector. Polarization has no...

math (unit rate)
ex.: you ate 8 hot dogs for 8 dollars.you would divide:8 divided by 8 and you would get 1 so the answer is 1 dollar for 1 hot dog.

Find the value of x for the area of the triangle that is 12cm sq. The base is 2x+2 and the height is x. Solve this equation: (1/2)(base)(height) = (x+1)x = 12 x^2 + x -12 = 0 That equation is factorable. Take the positive root. (One of them will be negative0

Is there a way to delete the record of a site you have been to: ex. if you went to Google, but then every single time you type in w w w . g it comes up with "google" right below, is there a way to stop that from happening?? You might want to try clearing the history....

The path of a softball is given by the equation y=0.08x^2 + x + 4. The coordinates x and y are measured in feet, with x=0 corresponding to the position from which the ball was thrown. A) Use a graphing utility to graph the trajectory of the softball. B) Move the cursor along t...

a test tube containing CaCo3 is heated until all the compound decomposes. If the test tube plus calcium carbonate originally weighed 30.08 grams and the loss of mass during the experiment is 4.40 grams, what was the mass of the empty test tube? Write the equation. CaCO3 ==>...

What is the success criteria for the following genres, - A newspaper report - A balanced argument - A biased argument - An explanation Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. This is indeed an interesting question. The rubric could depend upon just WHO is judging e...

Screening tests are often provided for young children for the purpose of: 1. identifying children who require professional evaluation. (or) 2. diagnosing a specific health impairment. Would the correct answer be 1, because screening tests don't diagnose a specific health i...

Health Question
Dietary assesment can provide useful information about which? A. a child's eating pattern (or) B. physical symptoms of nutitional deficiencies. Isn't it B? Yes, it's B. =)

What forms of energy are involved in metabolism? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "metabolism energy" to get these possible sources: http://www.elmhurst.edu/~chm/vchembook/5900verviewmet.html http://ds9a.nl/metabolism/ htt...

With reference to lactose explain the meaning of the phrase glycosidic C-1 to C-4 linkage http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Lactose%28lac%29.png The linkage refers to the #1 and #4 carbons in the rings as shown in the diadram.

Explain the meaning of the term 'regulating mortality factor', also how can an understanding of this lead to a suucessful biological control of pests in agriculture and horticulture.

What is the equation of the hydrolysis of lactose? http://www.rpi.edu/dept/chem-eng/Biotech-Environ/IMMOB/lactose.html

Find the two consecutive odd integers such that 5 times the first integer is 12 more than 3 times the second. can some explain to me how to get this i was thinking the formula would be ' 5x+12=3x No, that's not it. The second integer is x+2, since it is "consecuti...

I have to find some articles on the Positive Externality(characteristics)of automobiles anad negative externality (Characteristics ) of automobiles I have found several negatives I am having a hard time finding any positive ones any suggestions While some might consider these ...

How does a hydrogen atom have so many spectral lines when it only has one electron? That one electron can occupy many, many different energy levels.

How do I use the fact that each element has a different set of energy levels to explain why the colour of the light emitted by an element in the gaseous state is characteristic of the element? Energy affects frequency and frequency determines wavelenght. The color of an elemen...

If 2 protons and 2 neutrons are ejected from a radium nucleus with atomic number 88 and mass number 226 which element will be the result? Could someone please tell me how to work this out. Thanks. The atomic number is the count of protons...so if two are ejected, the new eleme...

Re identifying forces, thankyou to Rom for your help, ive now been able to do most of them. One's i am still stuck on are a bungee jumper, speeding train, cyclist speeding off a ramp and a shuttlecock falling to the ground. bungee jumper: cord tension and gravity, air fric...

Im having trouble identifying forces. I have pictures of things like a man parachuting and a girl skating. I have to draw arrows to show the direction of the force and label to say the forces acting on each object. Parachuter has force of gravity pushing down while wind resist...

chem - Urgent, please help
0.702g arsenic combines with 0.225g of oxygen to make an oxide of arsenic. When heated this produces a gas with a volume of 52cm3. How do i work out the molecular formula of the oxide when its in a gaseous state? The weight ratio will tell you, after dividing by atomic weights...

How do I calculate the mas of oxygen that combines with one mol of arsenic atoms to form the oxide of arsenic? How would I use this answer to obtain the empirical formula of the oxide? The formula for the most common form of arsenic oxids is As2O3. Write down the balanced equa...

If the percentage of arsenic is 76% and the percentage of oxygen is 24% how do I calculate the chemical composition of the oxide of the arsenic? Thanks Pretend you have 100 grams of the stuff. Then 76 grams of As is how many moles? 76/74.9 =1.01 moles. How many moles is 24 gra...

If I have the temperature, the pressure and the mass how do I calculate the volume? Thanks Of a gas? PV=nRT The ideal gas law. calculate n from the mass and mol mass.

chemistry - check please
Have I balanced this right Al2Se3 + 6 H2O ==> 2 Al(OH)3 + 3 H2Se Let me give you a hint on these, write water as HOH, and it balances faster. Treat the OH as a group. Al2Se3 + 6 H(OH) ==> 2 Al(OH)3 + 3 H2Se Yes, it is balanced: see the six H on each side, and the six OH ...

What forces can be seen in action in the classroom Gravity, for one. It's what keeps people in their seats. What about whatever moves the hands of the clock on the wall, or the chalk on the blackboard, or the door on its hinges?

Is this a strong thesis statement: Ms Gilman captures the struggle of the narrator as she provides evidence of the journey of the narrator’s changing mental state that is not just about a woman losing her sanity but of a woman who is suffering from a feeling of entrapment...

1 1/2 * 3 1/5 = 1 1/2 = 3/2 3 1/5 = 16/5 Multiply numerator and denominator to arrive at the answer. Be sure and reduce the fraction if possible. Please help Angelina!!!!!!!!!! With Math.

calculus plz heLP
can someone please prove the difference rule to me? d/dx[f(x)-g(x)]=d/dx f(x)- d/dx g(x) Go to the definition of a derivative: Lim x>0 of {f(x+deltax)-f(x)]/deltaX

can someone please prove the difference rule to me? d/dx[f(x)-g(x)]=d/dx f(x)- d/dx g(x) plz help

proofread- thanks! revelado a Dali en un sueno. Esto tambien acentua que no era los clavos que sostenian a Cristo en la cruz, pero su amor para la gente. En esta picture, la brazo de Cristo forma un triangulo mientras su cabeza está en la forma de un círculo. Mi...

proofread- thanks! revelado a Dali en un sueno. Esto tambien acentua que no era los clavos que sostenian a Cristo en la cruz, pero su amor para la gente.

2x+28<6x -2x -2x 28<4x - - 4 4 7<x =x>7

Ok, so first I want to say that it is ETHNICS, not ethics... but yes I am also having difficulty with this one, just like the rest of you, but the thing is that it is a research paper, where you have to research the topic... research... meaning, search for info. The only thing...

science - controlled experiment
This doesn't seem like it should be that hard, but it is. List the 2 parts of a controlled experiment. _____ variable-- the factor that is not being tested (know expected outcome) _____ variable -- the factor that is being tested I feel like the answers should be dependent...

Pigskin Geography
someone plz help me

Pigskin Geography
i need the answers for week #5 of 08

Pigskin Geography
i need answers for week #3 of 08

Pigskin Geography
i need answers for week 3 of 08

A heavy flywheel rotating on its central axis is slowing down because of friction on its bearings. At the end of the first minute of slowing, its rotational speed is 0.90 of its intial rotational speed of 250 rev/min. Assuming a constant rotational acceleration, find its rotat...

A wheel has a coonstant rotational acceleration of 3.0 rad/s^2. During a certain 4.0 s interval, it turns through an angle of 120 rad. Assuming that the wheel starts from rest, how long is it in motion at the start of the 4s interval. I just need help in getting started. I kno...

Two objects, each with a charge of +3·10-6 C, are located 7 m apart. What is the electric force between them? Use coulombs equation: I will be happy to critique your work.

If travelling waves move at 140 m/s on this string, what musical note is this string currently producing? In hertz The fundamental is 1/2 wavelength. So you have to know string length. wavelength*fundamentalfreq= wave speed.

State the four sections of a buisness cycle. state endogenous and exogenous conditions that affect the buisness cycle. Explain the reasons that inventories of producers are an impoertant in the growth-and decline-in a buisness cycle. Take a shot. Be sure to do a little researc...

25.0 cm cubed of Barium hydroxide,Ba(OH)2 solution neautralises 35.0 cm cubed of aqueous hydrochloric acid of concentration 0.09 mol dm-3. what is the concentration of the barium hydroxide? I like the titration equation Normalitybase*volumebase*concentrationBase equals Normali...

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