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i just took exam. the answer is b.

the international links long-distance phone company charges no monthly fee but charges 18 cents per minute for long-distance calls. the world connections long distance company charges $50 per month plus 10 cents per minute for long-distance calls. compare the world connections...

what is the answer a number n times 9 decreased by 11?

Two bicyclists, starting at the same place, are riding toward the same campground by different routes. One cyclist rides 1040 m due east and then turns due north and travels another 1540 m before reaching the campground. The second cyclist starts out by heading due north for 1...

world history
PF_Student is right. It's woman.

how fast must a roller coaster be going to get around a vertical loop with a radius of 15 m

Several forces act on a particle as shown in the figure below (where F1 = 75.0 N, F2 = 65.0 N, θ1 = 25.0° and θ2 = 74.0°, . If the particle is in translational equilibrium, what are the values of F3 (the magnitude of force 3) and θ3 (the angle that force...

Basic Skills
When would be the most appropriate time to use a visual mapping system?

solve: the square root of (x) +2= the square root of (5-x) +3

Solve the equation: _ ___ ãx +2=ã5-x +3

If 12.50 grams of Pb(NO3)2 are reacted with 3.18 grams Nacl in a "typical double displacement" reaction, please calculate the following: a) What is the limiting reagent? b) what is the reagent in excess? c) Calculate the mass of the excess. d) Calculate the theoretic...

Analyzing arguments
What is the difference between an unsound argument and an invalid argument? Let us know if you need further help. =) i want to mary you my phone number is : 8551234 i am a sexy girl and i work in magic night

Critical thinking
How can readers distinguish between prejudicial and non-prejudicial use of rhetorical devices? As we've said before, this question has been asked and answered a bunch of times over the past few months. The key in understanding is in making sure you are clear on the meaning...

Critical thinking
What is the role of rhetoric in influencing people's attitudes and beliefs? Check these sites to help you answer your question. (Broken Link Removed)

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