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An organ pipe is open at both ends. It is producing sound at its third harmonic, the frequency of which is 406 Hz. The speed of sound is 343 m/s. What is the length of the pipe?

Physics HELP!!
Three charges, q1=+45.9nC q2=+45.9nC and q3=+91.8nC are fixed at the corners of an equilateral triangle with a side length of 3.70cm. Find the magnitude of the electric force on q3.

chemistry... HELPP
Chemistry Equilibrium Constant PLEASE Help!? In an experiment, equal volumes of 0.00150 M FeCl3 and 0.00150 M NaSCN were mixed together and reacted according to the equation: Fe3+ (aq) + SCN– (aq) <--> Fe(SCN)2+ (aq) The equilibrium concentration of FeSCN 2+(aq) was...

Physics HELP!!
What is the acceleration due to gravity at 7220km above the Earth's surface? Take the radius of the Earth to be 6.37e6m and the mass of the Earth to be 5.972e24kg.

A 74.1 kg climber is using a rope to cross between two peaks of a mountain as shown in the figure below. He pauses to rest near the right peak. Assume that the right side rope and the left side rope make angles of 48.0° and 11.16° with respect to the horizontal respect...

The mass of a robot is 5489.0kg. This robot weighs 3646.0N more on planet A than it does on planet B. Both planets have the same radius of 1.33 x 107 m. What is the difference MA - MB in the masses of these planets?

The distance the bicycle travels and the time taken are expressed by the formula d(t)=t^2-2t, there d(t) is in miles and t in hours. Find the time taken by the bicycle to cover a distance of 63 miles.

Business Law
Does anyone have the answer to these questions,Please?????

Business Law
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