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21. Write the ratio given as a simplified ratio. If you drive 225 miles on 12 ½ gallons of gas, what is the simplified ratio of miles to gallons? to 1

In act 3, scene 1, who hears these words from titania? A. Bottom B. Oberon C. Peaseblossom D. Pick

An oil change company advertises that they can change the oil in your car in 15 minutes. Based on the data collected below, what is the probability that oil change will take more than 15 minutes? Class Interval Frequency 6 to 10 minutes 3 11 to 15 minutes 8 16 to 20 minutes 6 ...

Write the following as an inequality -8 is less than x and 2 is greater than x. Use x only once in inequality

Translate this sentence into an equation. 58 is the sum of 8 and gails score. Use the variable g to represent gail score.

Lamar deposits 5000 into an account that pays interest at 4% per year. How much interest wilk he be paid in the first 3 years

Lamar deposits 5000 into an account that pays interest at 4% per year. How much interest wilk he be paid in the first 3 years

into to film
Review a film explain how cinematography is used within the scene how does the cinematography inform the setting? How does it inform the characters?

The indefinite pronouns,all, any, more, most, and some are always singular in meaning is this true or false

Compose a 1000-2000 word essay in which you do the following: •Identify a person who is a role model of a communicator to you, and briefly describe the characteristics that make this person a rolemodel of a communicator. Please choose someone you actually know, not a famo...

help solve mixed numbers problem

the phenomena of parallelism of axis? a- results in the production of day and night b- causes different hemispheres of the earth to tilt toward the sun c- determines the angle at which the sun's rays will strike the earth d- all of the above

Add the rational expressions as indicated. Be sure to express your answer in simplest form. (8 x)/(x-3) + 7/(x-3)

compare the organizational and procedural process needed to manage information in a small business and medium business and a large global business

business research
Due to the planting of seeds in different climate areas.

Public finance
Use utility theory explain why people ever leave all- u- can- eat buffets


Tell us why you want to work for Chuck E. Cheese's?

I am having trouble finding the info

Why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluating each of the following: • Articles • Advertising • Media • Conversations

From the thirteenth to the sixteenth century, the Inca empire flourished in the Andes Mountains. It maintained an eleven-thousand-mile network of stone-paved roads. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Which of the following, if t...

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