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8th Math - Probability
A basket contains 5 green lollipops, 12 red lollipops, and 7 orange lollipops. When a lollipop is taken from the basket, it is not replaced. What is P(orange, then orange)? I know the answer. It's 42/552. But HOW do I figure this out? I can do the first p(orange) but if it...

8th Science
I totally got the school subject and name backwards. Sorry!

Please help me work this prob. out - Pre Algebra 8
Thank you, Ms.Sue! <3

Please help me work this prob. out - Pre Algebra 8
-2(m-30)=-6m -2+2(m-30)=-6m+2 m-30 = umm...I actually don't know. Guessing -4m?

Please help me work this prob. out - Pre Algebra 8
an answer *

Langauge Arts - Simile/Matephor

Langauge Arts - Simile/Matephor
I know I misspelled two words; I figured it out as soon as I posted it. I always misspell language (and guard) for some reason and metaphor was an honest typo. My apologies. I'm still the new phrase, "she's attracted to football players like a moth t...

Langauge Arts - Simile/Matephor
Is the phrase "like a moth to a flame" a simile or metaphor? i can see both.... Similes always use "like" or "as", which the phrase has "like" although it's not comparing... So my answer is metaphor, but I'm not sure. Help!

Social Studies 8
Never mind! It's War Hawks!

Social Studies 8
I misspelled my name. Ohweeelll.

Lang Arts
Anonymous and Toby Turnback Punk are both correct. To be honest, the story isn't worth reading. I didn't really like it, although it was a requirement to complete the quiz. I was going to answer this question but I was beaten to it.:(

Social Studies 8
Doesn't matter. You tried to tell me what Hollywood Undead, the band, was. And I schooled you.;) Oh well. Have a nice life!

Social Studies 8
Misspelled my name, dadgummittt.

math help me pls

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