July 22, 2014

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Thanks Steve. I don't know why but when I see (1/6)^2 for some reason I want to just multiply the 6*2. It for some reason doesn't seem to stick that it is 6*6 to equal 36. I worked the problem--just had different numbers since I multiplied 6*2 to get 12.

solve the following equation Log1/3(x2+x)-log1/3(x2-x)=2 the 1/3 should be lowered and the (x^2-x) should be higher. Can someone tell me what tools to use to make them like this when posting? x= ?

solve the following exponential equation. 8^x=3 what is the exact answer? a. x= ? b. there is no solution what is the answer approximated to 3 decimal places? a. x= ? b. there is no solution

solve the inequality algebraically 7x-6 less than or equal to 3x^2 please show work

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