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during the french and indian wwar the american colonists: 1. cooperated closely with britain 2. often traded with the enemy 3. enthusiastically supported the war effort 4. provide no troops I think it is either 1 or 3
September 13, 2008

ok thank you so much for your help
September 13, 2008

but i thought it couldn't be 2 because the the french had help them a good amount
September 13, 2008

so would it be 3 since there were still some battles after yorktown so it couldn't be 1
September 13, 2008

the victory at yorktown in 1781: 1. ended the fighting in America 2. was solely the result of american arms 3. resulted from french control of the sea 4. induced george III to make peace promptly I think it is 4
September 13, 2008

social studies
that's not really one of the choices
September 12, 2008

social studies
no we don't but thank you for you help though
September 12, 2008

social studies
i don't have a book i have do this research on the internet and this test is very very hard
September 12, 2008

social studies
the two earliest attempts of the english at colonization in america failed because of: 1. the weakness of the join stock compnay 2. the hostility of spain 3. inadequate financial resources 4. lack of distinguished leadership i think it is 3
September 12, 2008

social studies
the great awakening had all these effects on black americans except: 1. blacks began to be christianized 2. black leadership developed in the persons of black preachers 3. revivalists taught the spirtual superiority of white men 4. whites sought distinctions other than ...
September 12, 2008

social studies
The primary goal of the virginia company was to: a. christianize the natives b. discover gold c. expirement with tobacco d. establish a new nation i think it is B
September 12, 2008

Us history
English puritanism include the following excluding 1: 1. stubborn non conformists 2. outright separatists 3. zealots for de catholicizing the anglican church 4. worshipers satisfied with the progess of the reformtion I think it is 4
September 11, 2008

"are" is the verb
September 9, 2008

math, algebra
solve for x 2 - 5x = -1 - 4x
September 3, 2008

What is evolution by natural selection? Do it mean changes.
August 30, 2008

social studies
Hi i have to do an essay. i have already done all the research but i don't know how to organize my essay. Can someone help me. The question is Was the American Revolution an accelerated evolution rather than a cataclysmic revolution? Evaluate the accuracy of both of these ...
August 21, 2008

i got no idea...can you help me?
August 20, 2008

Calculate the density if the mass of a solid material is measuered as 15.00 grams and its volume is measured as 5.0cmCUBED?
August 20, 2008

social studies
The so-called "Critical Period" in American History can be viewed as historian John Fiske said; as "the most critical time in all American history... including the Civil War": or, may be viewed as a period of transition and some accomplishment. To what ...
August 19, 2008

algebra ll
i said another following up as in same question but different equation and kyle doesnt have +, - and = .so either answer the question with out any comment or if u don't know the ans. move on. i think its silly for us talking on a homework website get over it and go on.
August 12, 2008

algebra ll
solve the system of equation. 4x - 3y equals 14 y equals -3x plus 4 and another following up 4x - 3 equals 8 2x plus 5y equals 9 thatnk u for the help
August 12, 2008

algebra ll
find f(-1) if (x)= x2 - 6x/ x plus 2 and which equation is linear x=-2 ,y =3x2 plus1 ,y= x-2 , y2=1/2 x plus 3
August 8, 2008

Algebra 1
no the answer is -2
June 30, 2008

For free Need homework help with health
June 11, 2008

Need homework help with health
June 11, 2008

what is the job of the government
May 27, 2008

language arts
Alphabetically, which comes first- he's or here's?
April 28, 2008

He was buried six down and eight across
April 14, 2008

Physics / Dynamics
After the fuel is turned off, the rotor of a jet engine decelerates under the action of air friction, which depends on the square of its speed, and constant bearing friction. Thus the deceleration is written as b + c * w^2, where b and c are constants and w is the angular ...
April 11, 2008

A series of small packages are being moved by a thin conveyor belt that passes over a 300-mm radius idler pulley. The belt starts from rest at time t=0 and its speed increases at a constant rate of 150mm/s^2. Knowing that the coefficient of static friction between the packages...
April 7, 2008

what is the answer to pizzazz number 39 , "Did you hear about"
April 6, 2008

what is one place that you can not use currency to pay off a debt. it is not a debt to society or to god.
April 1, 2008

The man who makes it, doesnt want it. The man who has it, doesnt use it. And the man who uses it, doesnt know it.
March 9, 2008

Julie, do you still need help?
February 27, 2008

Challenge and Change
I'm trying to find an answer to this question.. Search and find three other contributors to the field of Marxist or neo-Marxist (new Marxist) research... I've been searching for hours with no luck!! Someone please help!
February 17, 2008

math-8th Grade
Thank you so much!
February 12, 2008

math-8th Grade
I'm stumped. Would someone please guide me? The question is: 175% of a number is 50. What's the number? Thank you!
February 12, 2008

February 9, 2008

why does wearing loose clothing on a cold day provide good insulation
February 9, 2008

In 39.0 s, a pump delivers 549 dm3 of oil into barrels on a platform 22.0 m above the pump intake pipe. The density of the oil is 0.82 g/cm3. (a) Calculate the work (kJ) done by the pump (b) Calculate the power (kW) produced by the pump W = Fd --> W = mad D = m/v P = W/t...
December 16, 2007

your a retard for putting your umd essay online. thanks for writing it for me ill be sure to use it!
November 29, 2007

current events
I need help on a washington state bill for my class and I have to eithe be for or against it. this bill is caled initiative 960 and it concerns taxes.I need this report done and I am stuck. if you anser this thank you so mutch.
November 2, 2007

how would you differentiate ln ln ln x, and what would be the domain??
October 25, 2007

Conrad Beach and its forest site it is a good example of an area that has undergone primary succession. The first step of the process of the primary ecological successions that have occurred at Conrad Beach is that mostly grass and some herbs and mosses were the first plants ...
October 24, 2007

what ecological changes would occur before a primary succession site is capable of sustaining a white spruce forest?? i understand what primary succession is...
October 23, 2007

math, economics, game theory
September 10, 2007

what does confederate system of the governemnt mean
September 5, 2007

social studies
Main Entry: primary source Part of Speech: n Definition: an original fundamental and authoritative document pertaining to an event or subject of inquiry; a firsthand or eyewitness account of an event Main Entry: secondary source Part of Speech: n Definition: any document that ...
September 4, 2007

Algebra 1
How do you find the area of a triangle using Polynomials?
August 28, 2007

U.S history 1877 to present
August 28, 2007

August 18, 2007

linear algebra
i need help
July 19, 2007

a force of 10 N holds an ideal spring with a 20-N/m spring constant in compression. The potential energy stored in the spring is..? 0.5J, 2.5J, 5.0J, 10J, or 200J? POtential energy? Wouldn't it be 1/2 kx^2, but x= F/k, so 1/2 kx^2= 1/2 k*F^2/k^2 and that can be reduced.
May 2, 2007

The length of a rectangle is 2 times its width and its perimeter is 42 cm. A ssquare is formed by putting together 2 rectangles like this. Find the length and width of the edge and the area of this square. "A ssquare is formed by putting together 2 rectangles like this.&...
April 14, 2007

How many moles of propane are expected from the complete reaction of 82.8 g of propene? How many grams of propane are expected from the complete reaction of 101 g of propene? Kyle-- Here is a problem I worked last night for Kira (about half way down the page). It should give ...
April 5, 2007

a 45.8mL sample of a 5.8 M KNO3 solution is diluted to 1.00L. What volume of the diluted solution contains 15.0g KNO3? how do you do this? moles of solution: 5.8*.0458 moles Grams of solute= moles*molmassKNO3 Volume of 15g= 1000ml*15/gramssoluteabove
April 5, 2007

7th Grade Poetry
what poetic term is "a quarrel of vines"? Thank you! That could be a metaphor Thank you so much for your help!
April 3, 2007

7th Grade Poetry
Is "a bark of rust" a metaphor? I need to analyze the poem New Hampshire by Donald Hall and the line I'm having difficulty with is: "a bark of rust grows on the tree of a gas pump;" Thank you! yes, that could be a metaphor
April 3, 2007

March 23, 2007

7th Grade Math
Please help - I don't know where to begin. My problem is this: Find the numbers "Y" and "Z" if (1 and 3/5 times "Y") + (3/5 times "Z") = 5 AND (1 and 3/5 times "Z") + (3/5 times "Y") = 6. Thank You! change 1 and 3...
March 22, 2007

Solve the compound inequality -1 < X - 2 LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO 7 Your problem: -1 < x - 2 ≤ 7 Add 2 to all three quantities to get x by itself: -1 + 2 < x - 2 + 2 ≤ 7 + 2 1 < x ≤ 9 Solution set can be expressed this way using interval notation: (1...
March 20, 2007

A mixture of chromium and zinc weighing .362 g was reacted with an excess of hydrochloric acid. After all the metals in the mixture reacted 225 mL of dry hydrogen gas was collected at 27 C and 750 torr. Determine the mass percent Zn in the metal sample. [Zinc reacts with ...
March 4, 2007

math, algebra,correction & help
1/7 1/3
February 23, 2007

social studies
what was the material that was used to make portrait masks in ancient egypt cartonnage
February 21, 2007

i want spanish
February 14, 2007

A golfer hits a ball off the ground with an initial velocity of 200 ft/s at an angle of 23 degrees. The green is 750 feet away. Will the shot make it to the green? State by how much it makes or misses the green. What is the vertical velocity? 200*sin23. ANSWER So how long will...
February 4, 2007

A golfer hits a ball off the ground with an initial velocity of 200 ft/s at an angle of 23 degrees. The green is 750 feet away. Will the shot make it to the green? State by how much it makes or misses the green.
February 3, 2007

U.S. History
The "executive privilege" that relates to the right of the president to keep communications confidental is best described a/an: 1. power that is only applicable to matters of national security. 2. absolute power that applies to all communications that a president ...
January 23, 2007

U.S. Government --Need Help!
The "executive privilege" that relates to the right of the president to keep communications confidential is best described a/an: A. power that is only applicable to matters of national security. B. absolute power that applies to all communications that a president ...
January 22, 2007

Is it possible for a cup of water to completely evaporate in a room with a constant temperature of 21ºC??? Yes, of course. Why would you think it would not? A wet towel will dry, right? but why is that? The Kinetic Molecular Theory, distributed velocity /energy in ...
January 22, 2007

U.S. Government
A/An__________ is a citizen who is involved in the political process and only supports canidates who want to enact laws that would allow prayer in public schools. Is this a candidate activist or a issue activist? I'm thinking this is an issue activist, am I correct? I ...
January 21, 2007

U.S. Government--Need Help !
I have this question on an assignment and I need help. Many believe that political parties are incapable of serving as an avenue for social progress because: A. party positions change so frequently. B. the leaders who draft party platforms are generally out of touch with the ...
January 21, 2007

U.S. Constitution
Which statement best describes how states derive powers from the U.S. Constitution? 1. The Constitution does not mention anything about state powers. 2. The Constitution only grants states the power to levy taxes and regulate commerce. 3. The Constiution grants states all of ...
January 19, 2007

what is boil soil :: goat
January 16, 2007

math correction
write 5760 as a product of primes
January 9, 2007

What are some analogies for Endoplasmic reticulum and Nuclear Reticulum Go here for endoplasmic reticulum http://www.google.com/search?as_q=&hl=en&num=10&btnG=Google+Search&as_epq=Endoplasmic+reticulum+is+like&as_oq=&as_eq=&lr=&as_ft=i&as_filetype=&as_qdr=all&as_nlo=&as_nhi=&...
December 30, 2006

I need a 14 letter word, the 4th letter is an o for a crossword puzzle that is a drug that slows down body functions, including breathing and brain activity. Thanks Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Hopefully, you are looking for: chlorpromazine
December 16, 2006

algebra 1
I'm stuck on this problem. Can you help? -4x-9y=1 -x + 2y =-4 WHat is x and y? Two equations in two unknowns. Here is a quick way to solve them -4x - 9y = 1 4x - 8y = 16 (I got that my multiplying both side so the secind equation that you provided by -4) Now add the two ...
December 5, 2006

if a 13 by 9 inch brownie pan is divided into 20 equal size brownines, what are the dimensions of one brownie? Divide 13 by 5, and 9 by 4 To get the dimensions. 13 divided by 5 is 2 3/5 9 divided by 4 is 21/4 please explain or show equation in fractions
November 29, 2006

Hi, I am having trouble determining the correct answer for this question. Which one of the following decay modes has not been observed? A)neutron emission B)Positron emission C)Alpha emission D) electron capture I don't know what does it mean be "observed." If I ...
November 25, 2006

how was chillingworth injuring dimmesdale without inflicting any physical injury? Was it mental torture? Did Dimmesdale suffer (mental) agony? NO
October 26, 2006

Factor m^2-k^2+6k-9 ^2 means squared. The answer is (m-k+3)(m+k-3) I want to know how to get that. Thanks. Look at this: m^2 - (k^2 -6k + 9) m^2 - (k -3)^2 Now that is the difference of two squares... Thanks!!
October 9, 2006

Factor m^2-k^2+6k-9 ^2 means squared. I don't know any other way to type it. Thanks. Seems to me you can only do this in 2 pieces...factor the first 2, then the last 2... (m+k)(m-k) + 3(2k+3) Whadya think? hmmm... I looked in the back of the book and it says... (m-k+3)(m+k...
October 9, 2006

Factor 2ab(c-d)+10d(c-d) I would like to know how to do this. Thanks. (c-d) is a common factor, so you pull it out: (c-d)(2ab + 10d) Oh, then you can pull a 2 out: (c-d)(2)(ab + 5d) Thanks! you're welcome!! What do the letters stand for tell me @ I will tell you the answer...
October 9, 2006

hi I am learning about Hydrocarbons, and naming them is there any steps I shoul follow when naming them becuase I honeslty don't understand! thanks for your help!!!1 First of all you should know that rules govern the IUPAC system. I would learn that system since everyone ...
June 16, 2006

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