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Carlos invested his savings in two investment funds. The amount he invested in Fund A was $8000 less than the amount he invested in Fund B. Fund A returned a 8% profit and Fund B returned a 4% profit. How much did he invest in Fund B, if the total profit from the two funds tog...

f(x)=4-x^2 simplify completly. Use difference quotient.

A manufacturer of sports equipment claims that the new fishing line has a mean breaking strength of at least 8 kilograms. Test this claim if a sample of 28 lines found that the mean breaking strength is 7.8 Kg with sample standard deviation 0.5 Kg. The distribution is approxim...

I have fraction 39/13 I have to write three fractions that are equal to I calculated 1 1/3 3/1 3 would this be correct?

solving systems of equations with 3 variables
What is the solution to the system? x-2y=1 x-3y+z=0 2x-2z=18

Algebra II
What is the solution to the system? 2x+y=9 x-2z=-3 2y+3z=15

Solving systems of equations with three variables? What is the solution to the system? 1] x+y+z=-3 2] 3y-z=4 3] 2x-y-2z=-5

psy, PHI 103
Disagree on wheather a believable solution is required for the enjoyment of a mystery novel.

5th grade
write a real word problem where you would multipy 120 and 75

s/a=4.5,D/A=4.5, N/E =.80 & A=D+Emsolve for N/S

how do I write a persuasive thesis statement to this.... gun control. I just need a persuasive thesis statement and I do not know how to write one. help please?

geography: easy
thanks a lot!!1

geography: easy
what is the latitude and longitude of Daytona, Florida


(m+5/6)= -19

can anyone help me with my homework im a senior in high school and this seriously deturmines my graduation and i need help!!!!!!! please! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. We will be very glad to help you, however you need to post what is bothering you!

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