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Given: line segment AD is congruent to line segment CD, <1 is congruent to <2 Prove: triangle ADB is congruent to triangle CDB

select a web site that contains e-commerce applications. What are the advantages and disadvantages in using this web site?

62.8 m/min

What Fallacies type is this? In one of her columns, Abigail Van Buren printed the letter of "I'd rather be a window." The letter writer, a divorcee, complained about widows who aid they had a hard time coping. Far better, she wrote,to be a window than to be a div...

list as many ways as u can how are crystalline solids connected to science? how are crystalline solids connected to math? how are crystalline solids connected to the world? how are crystalline solids connected to you? why is it important?

Although most salamanders have four legs, the aquatic salamander resembles an eel. It lacks hind limbs and has very tiny forelimbs. Explain how limbless salamanders evolved according to Darwin's theory of natural selection.

Tomorrow i will be interviewed by some highschools and i want to have a list of questions ready to ask them. Does anyone know any good websites where i can get questions to ask? Thanks for helping me!!

prove Given: line r is parallel to line s prove: <1 is congruent to <2

determine which lines or segments are parallel. Give a reason for your answer. measure of angle 5= 65 degrees measure of angle 9= 65 degrees

how do you change fractions into decimals?

i am an eighth grader and i need help because we have to write about how there is a loyalist anda patriot and how they are arguing of why they should have a war and why they shouldnt and also why they should declare independence? but it has to include the boston tea party and ...

physical science
how does matter connect to science? how does matter connect to the world? how does matter connect to you? how does matter connect to math?

im guessing but 7(2x-6)=x-1

Hum 130
Are the indigenous religions still being practiced today? If so, how have the practices changed over time?

Hum 130
How modern civilization has impacted the spiritual lives of the indigenous peoples?

1.Describe how a population differs from a community using your own examples. 2.Describe how an ecosystem differs from a community using your own examples. Please please help. thanks.

percentages: to use a machine,u must do the work on the machine called input work. the machine then foes the work on and object called output work. not all the input work gets transmitted to output work. some work is lost due to friction in the machine. if a machine has an inp...

percentages a servings= of cereal jas 22 calories from fat. twenty percent of the cereal's calories from fat. how many total calories are in a serving of this cereals?

How fast is a bicycle traveling in feet per second if a wheel has a 21-in. diameter and the angular speed of the wheel is 33 radians per second? The speed of the bicycle is the same as the linear speed of a wheel.

What is the angular speel of a 19-in. diameter bicycle wheel if the bicycle if traveling at 29 ft/s?

Approximately 3 out of every 10 students at Greg's college live on campus. The college has 6,000 students. How many of them live on campus?

the coordinates of the endpoints A and B of segment AB are 6 and 21, respestively. find the coordinate of point C between A and B such that AC= 2/3(CB)

The directors and their wives met the stockholders for a night on the town. rewrite this sentence.

Math game called 24

Art... Complementary colors
That's what I was wondering...

TC=50+16 Q -2 Q2+0.2 Q3 a.plot this curve for quantites 1 to 10 b.calculate the average total cost,average variable cost, and marginal cost for these quantities, and plot them on another graph c. discuss your results in term of decreasing,constant, and increasing marginal costs.

Is Tallahassee the midpoint of Pensacola and St. A
Yes! we can set up the equation 3x+40+4x+5=395 and solve to get 7x+45=395 7x=350 so x=50 When we plug it in to check, we get 3(50)+40+4(50)+5=395 so the answer must be correct!

debit 105,000 debit 6,000

Env Science
Distinguish between high-quality energy and low-quality energy, and give an example of each. Relate these terms to energy efficiency High-quality energy is energy that can be converted to work, with a high conversion efficiency. Two examples are electrical energy and gravitati...

Env Science
Distinguish between high-quality energy and low-quality energy, and give an example of each. Relate these terms to energy efficiency Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "'high quality' 'low quality' energy" to...

I am so lost with this assignment.I hope that someone can help me. For my business class we are to: Plan for an interview for a job you would like to have. Consider how you might manage the résumé, job application letter, follow-up letter, and interview. • C...

business vommunication
What are seven things you must do in both oral and written messages? You need to have a good idea of what the message is that you are trying to send, have a knowledge of your audience, and communicate in ways that are clear and understandable for that audience. The other facto...

Consider the choices of Native Americans who decide to stay on their tribe's native land (reservation) and those who choose to relocate to a city. If you were presented with this decision, which would you choose and why? What I would do is not revelant: My culture and etho...

quotation marks
Notice, theprofessor told the class, Cassius' choice of imagery when he asks, upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed that he is grown so great? This is the correct punctuation for quotes and quotes ...

I have a table of standard potentials in water that gives a number of reactions and their e*reduction. Say I'm looking for the reaction Al(s) --> Al+3 + 3e-, but the book gives me the reaction Al+3 + 3e- --> Al(s) and a E*red value of -1.68. If this were to react wit...

Chem--- last lab question!!
My lab partner performed one section of a lab on her own while I worked on something else. This section involved first adding a drop of 6 M NaOH to Zn(NO3)2. A precipitate forms. This is repeated in three separate test tubes. In each test tube, a different substance is added. ...

I have a few question about an equilibrium lab we performed. Approximately .1 g of CoCl2 * 6H2O was mixed with 2 mL of 12 M HCl. The solution turned blue. Then, water was added and stirred into the solution in 2 mL incriments until no further color change occured- the final co...

We performed a lab in class about a month ago concerning different types of equilibrium. One particular portion of the lab adding 5 mL of .3M HCl to 5 mL of .3 M Pb(NO3)2. After a precipitate finally formed, 8 mL of water was added to dissolve PbCl2. One of my lab questions as...

What type of bond exists between molecules in a homogeneous mixture such as air, sugar water etc is known as a(n)

Elements that tend to lose electrons to acieve the electron dot structure of noble gases below them in atomic number on the periodic table are known as metals?

Explain how each of thse affect climate. -latitude -ocean currents -winds and air masses -elevation(altitude) -relief(mountain barriers) -nearness to water Please help. I need straight forward answers. I read some info online about these...but I do not understand. So can you p...

Couple of questions. Why does the earth keep moving? The engine of a rocket applies a continual force to push the rocket along. When the engine stops what will happen? I think the rocket will stop acceleration You need to be aware of the concept of inertia. Inertia is the tend...

2 cars of equal mass m collide at an intersection. Driver E traveled eastward and driver N northward. After the collision, 2 cars remain joined together and slide, before coming to a rest. Police measured the skid mark length d to be 9metres. Coefficient of friction is 0.9. ba...

how do you find the area of a hexagon? Here is the formula: Area of regular hexagon: (sqrt3/ 2)(Wsqrd) Where sqrt=square root W=the smallest width of the hexagon sqrd=squared

2 cars of equal mass m collide at an intersection. Driver E traveled eastward and driver N northward. After the collision, 2 cars remain joined together and slide, before coming to a rest. Police measured the skid mark length d to be 9metres. Coefficient of friction is 0.9. ba...

a chemist is asked to identify 2 solutions whose labels have peeled off. One is known to contain 1.0 mol of NaCl, the other is 1 mol of Na2CO3. Both solutes are dissolved in 1 kg of water. If the chemist measures the freezing point of each solution, can it identify which is wh...

French. Please edit this for me.
This is the english version: She targets men. She gives them the kiss of death. Her favourite targets are lying, cheating boyfriends and husbands The french translation I got online is: Elle cible des hommes. Elle leur donne le baiser de mort. Ses cibles préfér&e...

factoring numbers
If 6 an 10 are actores of a number, name the four other factors of the number 5,3,2,12 who do you get that?

I need help rounding 423,607,492 to the following place values. ten thousands million Please tell us what you think, and we'll be glad to comment on your answers. Starting at the ten thousands digit, it is now 07,492, so rounding it to the nearest, is one ten thousand 10,0...

how many ions do each produce when in a 1.0M solution CH3COOH Ca(NO3)2 NaNO3 NaCl H2SO4 To figure out this you have to be able to dissociate each one and multiply the amount of ions you get by the molarity. I believe NaCl would look like: Na+ + Cl- and because the molarity is ...

coomon factors
I don't understand common factors. can someone show me how to find the greatest common factor of 385 and 1365? 385 = 5 x 7 x 11 1365 = 3 x 5 x 7 x 13 which factors are found in both? 5 x 7 so 35 is the HCF, (it's like taking the intersection of the elements of two sets...

prime numbers
Which of these is a prime number? 407, 409, 411, or 413 409 how did you get that? Suppose you are given some number N. If x<sqrt[N] then N/x will be larger than sqrt[N]. This means that any factor of N must be smaller than or equal to the square root of N. This follows beca...

Can anyone help me come up with an engaging title for my research paper regarding mood swings during pregnancy? Baby Blues? Ups and Downs of Pregnancy Many Months -- Many Moods

chemistry structures
what is the stucture for heptanoic acid i need a to draw it CH3CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2COOH Molarity Calculate the molarity of 9.25 mol HCL in 2.25L of solution. mols/L = Molarity

what does amines plus acids yeild? salts. RNH2 + HCl ==> RNH2*HCl ==>RNH3Cl

algebra 1
in the equation 5x+y=-1,m= I will be happy to critique your work on this. Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have come up with attempts to answer YOUR questions, please re-post and let us know what you think. Then someone here will be ha...

algebra 1
factor 2x3y2+12xydivided by 2xy Divide 2xy into each term, term by term. xy+6

algebra 1
factor 6ab-8b: Common factor: 2b 2b (3a-4)

algebra 1
the difference between 2x2+4xy-3 and x2-2xy-4 is I will be happy to critique your work on this.

algebra 1
change the equation x-y=4 to the form y=mx+b I will be happy to critique your work on this. y=x+4

algebra 1
in the equation y=3x-4, a point on the line is I will be happy to critique your work on this. When x is zero, what is y? (1,-1)

algebra 1
in equation 5x+y=-1,m= I will be happy to critique your work on this. -1


I am having trouble with -4less than or equal to -3x-13 less than or equal to 26 -4 < -3x-13 < 26 Add 13 to all three parts of the inequality. 9 < 3x < 39 Divide all three parts by 3. 3 < x < 13 The < signs should all be "less than or equal, but I can...

A train company has signed a contract to deliver a new fuel driven train 3 years from now. The price they will receive at the end of 3 years is $20 million. If the firm's cost of capital is 6%, what is the present value of this payment? A train company has signed a contrac...

organic chemistry
one mole of triphenylmeethanol lowers the freezing point of 1000g of 100% sulfuric acid twice as much as one mole of methanol. How do you account for this observation? the only thing I can think of that would explain that would be intermolecular forces. Perhaps that has someth...

how long it would take to pay off a credit card balance of $1000 if you pay the minimum of $35 a month at a flat yearly interest rate of 18%. Is interest charged monthly? Compounded? Under monthly compounding, the answer is three years and two months. http://calculators.intere...

An important process for the production of acrylonitrile C3H3N is given by the following reaction 2C3H6 + 2NH3 + 3O2 --> 2C3H3N + 6H2O A 150 -L reactor is charged tot he following partial pressures at 25 C P(C3H6) = .5 MPa P(NH2) = .8 MPa P(O2) = 1.5 MPa What mass of acrylo...

What is the equation for the line of symmetry for the graph of this function? function y = x2 - 4x - 5, if you have a graphing calulator you can put it in there, or just graph it on a piece of paper using a T chart. find it by one of those.

criminal justice
Police are what to the criminal justice process? Good question, I'm curious too. Good luck getting an answer! I imagine that you could call them the "mentors". The see that the rules are followed. Police enforce the laws of the criminal justice system.

Just when you really, really want an ice cream cone, the price is rising. But it isn't summertime gouging by manfacturers. The cost of milk fat, the principal ingredient in ice cream, jumped 71% druing the past 6 months to 2.22 at the end of June. As a result, retail price...

An october 24, 1996 article in the washington post dicussses the completion of a new private toll road between leesburg and washington dulles international airport. It states that daily revenue from tolls increased from $14000 to 22000 when the price to of the toll decreased f...

Just when you really, really want an ice cream cone, the price is rising. But it isn't summertime gouging by manfacturers. The cost of milk fat, the principal ingredient in ice cream, jumped 71% druing the past 6 months to 2.22 at the end of June. As a result, retail price...

organic chemistry
1)Why benzoic acid is soluble in NaOH? 2)Why HCl is insoluble in titration of benzoic acid and NaOH? Benzoic is soluble in a solution of NaOH because the base forms the sodium salt with the acid to form sodium benzoate. The sodium salt is soluble. The second part of your quest...

Inclusive Language—Quoting from Biased Material
The mayors and their wives were invited on a tour of the state buildings. --Thats the question but I don't get it because nothings stated. their spouses would be better. Some of the mayors might be wives. If that sentence is a quotation, then you must use the words exactly...

would someone please check this math
How would you answer this: 5/a=?/a2to the second power.

She is a very capable black woman. How would I make this nonracist and nonagist? She is a very capable person.

The activation energy of a certain reaction is 30.3 kJ/mol. At 20 C, the rate constant is 0.0130 s^{-1}. At what temperature would this reaction go twice as fast? Can't you use Arrhenius' equation for this. Look it up. You have Ea. you have T1. You have k1 and k2. That...

C2H4Br2 + 3 I- -> C2H4 + 2Br- + I3- [C2H4Br2]M [I1]M Initial Rate (M/s) 1 0.127 0.102 6.45 x 10-5 2 0.343 0.102 1.74 x 10-4 3 0.203 0.125 1.26 x 10-4 Determine the order of the reaction in C2H4Br2:

Is a thesaurus the same as a dictionary? Nope: The Thesaurus specializes in synonyms, and antonyms.

can u help me find sites that have info on blood diamonds? (Broken Link Removed) (Broken Link Removed) thank you very much

History-Blood Diamonds
i cant find anything on this subject...i have to write a history report and it would help if i have a timeline on blood diamonds. well i've been searching on the web for 'the history of blood diamonds' but all i seem to find is the movie, which is what i am not loo...

Declaration of Independence
What are the key points of the declaration of independence? List a main idea for each paragraph; then let us know what YOU think. Someone here will give you feedback. =) One of the unwritten things, to me, not in the words, is a v...

who can help me to make and code a calculator program using c language what is an isotope and how do you find the answer

Today many states require that all voters?

what is the link between the transpiration rate and water tension plants? The higher the transpiration rate and drier the soil, the higher the water tension and larger the amplitude.

what about: fifteen: five :: Nine: ? lost:found::autumn: ? rope:string :: string ? all include scr, spr, str or thr????

biology - temp on enzymes
I have a practice question and I need some help on it because I am rather confused! 'Investigation into the effect of temperature on enzyme activity' -Casein is an insoluble milk protein found in powdered milks -Casein forms a whits suspension which clears if the casei...

Why do you think the Celsius temperature scale is sometimes call the centigrade scale? It is divided into 100 units from water freezing to water boiling.

Can someone help me find the pattern and the next 3 numbers in the pattern? 10,1,6,6,11 I would think the next numbers would be 2, 7, 7, 12 But why? The difference between 10 and 1 is 9. The difference between 1 and 6 is 5. So , if you restart the pattern with 11, subtract 9, ...

can i sue the United States and a lawyer or a company on the same suit

Solar system
According to the theory of gravitation, the earth must be continually “falling” toward the sun. If this is true, why does the average distance between earth and sun not grow smaller? Without gravity, the Earth would go in a straight line. It falls toward the Sun exac...

Identify and describe at least 4-6 problems that occur when managers complete performance reviews. Since the focus of our class is on decision making focus on decision issues in your findings. The temperament and skill of the reviewer plays a huge roll. The decision maker need...

Cash Budgeting Question
Cash Budgeting – Helen Bowers, owner of Helen’s Fashion Designs, is planning to request a line of credit from her bank. She has estimated the following sales forecasts for the firm for parts of 2006 and 2007: May 2006 $180,000 June

Problem # 1 WACC and optimal capital structure – Elliott Athletics is trying to determine its optimal capital structure, which now consists of only debt and common equity. The firm does not currently use preferred stock in its capital structure, and it does not plan to do...


i need a lil help with this If x=2 is a root of the equation 6x^3 - px^2 - 14x + 24=0, find p,hence, solve the equation i got p to be 11 how do i solve the equation? You did it.

DrBOB222 pertaining to the MATH question
i got p to be 11 but i do not know how to solve the equation 6x^3 - 11x^2 - 14x + 24=0 Now, you know one root is x=2, so that is a factor. Divide x-2 into the polynomial. That will give you a binomial, which will give the other two factors.

i need a lil help with this If x=2 is a root of the equation 6x^3 - px^2 - 14x + 24=0, find p,hence, solve the equation 6*(2)3-p*(2)2-14*2+24=0 6*8-p*4-14*2+24=0 48-4p-28+24=0 Can take it from here? yes..i got p to be 11. I do not know what else to do from here to solve the eq...

I have two finance questions that I need help on - willing to pay. Please respond back No need to pay. Just post the questions, and we will do our best to help. Thanks for asking.

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