July 28, 2014

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I am taking an online chemistry class and I do not at all understand how on earth how to do stoichiometry. I just dont get it, its not that I dont know how to do the math, but figuring out how to ger the information. PLEASE HELP!! When 11.7 grams of iron and 212.7 grams of chl...

it has to be A. 2 and 4 if you read it carefully you'll get it. Look you have success and environment, then #4 you have wether, but before that it has the wrong kind of choose its chose... we chose not we choose to...... hope i helped.:0)

oh... sorry let me check again

Its A. 2 and 4 2= success two Cs and environment not with and n infront of the m 4= weather not wether.

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