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Medical Terminology
Thank you very much SraJMcGin for all of your help. I really appreciate it.. :)

Medical Terminology
Could someone please check my answers. If they are incorrect could you please give me the correct answers or tell me where I could find them.. Thanks... 1. A patient has unrealistic thoughts and behaviors despite an awareness that they’re inappropriate. She’s experie...

medical terminology
Could someone please check my answers. If they are wrong could you give me the correct answer or tell me where to find it..Thanks in advance for all your help... 1. A patient has calculi present in the kidney. This statement indicates which diagnosis? A. Nephrolithiasis B. Pro...

A row of six 1 N wooden blocks is being pushed across a tabletop at a constant speed by a tow tractor that exerts a force of 1.3 N on the row. What is the coeffiecient of kinetic friction between the wooden blocks and the tabletop?

reimbursement methodologies
Would these be the correct answers? 1. C 2. D 3. B 4. D 5. D (which was my original answer)

reimbursement methodologies
Yes, I went back and changed the answers that Anonymous, said were wrong on the other post. I was needed someone to re-check my new answers for me...Thanks for the help.

reimbursement methodologies
I read over my answers and re-done them, could someone please check them again for me.. Thanks in advance 1. By creating a committee on social welfare, the American Association of Labor Legislation helped to A. decrease public hospital costs. B. implement fee schedules. C. imp...

Reimbursement Methodologies
Would someone check my answers please, thanks for any help.. 1. By creating a committee on social welfare, the American Association of Labor Legislation helped to A. decrease public hospital costs. B. implement fee schedules. C. implement health care coverage for the working c...

is the acceleration of a child sitting near the center of a merry go round larger than the acceleration of a child sitting near the edge of the same merry go round?

is the acceleration of a child sitting near the center of a merry go round larger than the acceleration of a child sitting near the edge of the same merry go round?

A 60.0 kg runner expends 355 W of power while running a marathon. Assuming that 8.00% of the energy is delivered to the muscle tissue and that the excess energy is primarily removed from the body by sweating, determine the volume of bodily fluid (assume it is water) lost per h...

Why does a poor white

Why does a poor white


A 100 g aluminum calorimeter contains 250 g of water. The two substances are in thermal equilibrium at 10°C. Two metallic blocks are placed in the water. One is a 50 g piece of copper at 79°C. The other sample has a mass of 83 g and is originally at a temperature of 10...

A spherical steel ball bearing has a diameter of 2.540 cm at 24°C. (a) What is the diameter when its temperature is raised to 82°C? (b) What temperature change is required to increase its volume by 1.1%? I got the first answer right. i am having trouble understanding h...

never mind...

A brass ring of diameter 10.00 cm at 19.9°C is heated and slipped over an aluminum rod of diameter 10.01 cm at 19.9°C. Assume the average coefficients of linear expansion are constant. (a) To what temperature must the combination be cooled to separate the two metals? (...

never mind, i got it. thanks so much!

so i did that and I got 4.0 X 10 ^16 and it's still I just missing a conversion somewhere or something like that?

(a) An ideal gas occupies a volume of 1.6-cm3 at 20°C and atmospheric pressure. Determine the number of molecules of gas in the container. (b) If the pressure of the 1.6-cm3 volume is reduced to 1.6 10-11 Pa (an extremely good vacuum) while the temperature remains constant...

The moon has a mass of 7.35 E 22 kg and is located 3.84 E 8 meters from the Earth. If Ellen, an earthling, has a mass of 47 kg, what is the gravitational force between Ellen and the moon?

A potter's wheel having a radius 0.55 m and a moment of inertia 11.6 kg·m2 is rotating freely at 55 rev/min. The potter can stop the wheel in 8.0 s by pressing a wet rag against the rim and exerting a radially inward force of 66 N. Find the effective coefficient of ...

thanks again

A rubber ball filled with air has a diameter of 25.1 cm and a mass of 0.618 kg. What force is required to hold the ball in equilibrium immediately below the surface of water in a swimming pool? I tried using the equation B = density(fluid)volume(object)g B = 1.0E3(4/3(pi)(.125...

oh wow, thanks.... wish I would have thought of that. it worked.

A satellite moves in a circular orbit around Earth at a speed of 4390 m/s (a) Determine the satellite's altitude above the surface of Earth.(meters) (b) Determine the period of the satellite's orbit. (hours) I used the equation M(sattelite)V^2/r = M(sattelite)(Mass(ear...

I tried to use V^2/r = GM(earth)/r^2 but I am not getting the correct answer.

A satellite moves in a circular orbit around Earth at a speed of 4390 m/s. (a) Determine the satellite's altitude above the surface of Earth. m (b) Determine the period of the satellite's orbit. h am I supposed to use rotational equations for this? I don't know wha...

Objects with masses of 190 kg and a 490 kg are separated by 0.380 m. (a) Find the net gravitational force exerted by these objects on a 57.0 kg object placed midway between them. N (b) At what position (other than infinitely remote ones) can the 57.0 kg object be placed so as ...

highschool anatomy
During what period of life does immunocompetence develop?

(a) What is the tangential acceleration of a bug on the rim of a 6.0 in. diameter disk if the disk moves from rest to an angular speed of 79 rev/min in 5.0 s? (b) When the disk is at its final speed, what is the tangential velocity of the bug? (c) One second after the bug star...

and for the second one, i took the rad/s and multiplied it times .1524m to get m/s and it said i was incorrect again.

well, for the first one, I changed the rev/s to rad/s which was 8.275 rad/s and then i divided that by 5s to get the angular acceleration and then mulitiplied it by the radius (.1524m) in order to change it to tangential acceleration but it said my answer was incorrect.

(a) What is the tangential acceleration of a bug on the rim of a 6.0 in. diameter disk if the disk moves from rest to an angular speed of 79 rev/min in 5.0 s? m/s2 (b) When the disk is at its final speed, what is the tangential velocity of the bug? m/s (c) One second after the...

A car initially traveling at 31.0 m/s undergoes a constant negative acceleration of magnitude 2.00 m/s2 after its brakes are applied. (a) How many revolutions does each tire make before the car comes to a stop, assuming the car does not skid and the tires have radii of 0.330 m...

never mind.

A dentist's drill starts from rest. After 3.00 s of constant angular acceleration it turns at a rate of 2.8 104 rev/min. (a) Find the drill's angular acceleration. (b) Determine the angle (in radians) through which the drill rotates during this period.

A skier of mass 76 kg is pulled up a slope by a motor-driven cable. (a) How much work is required to pull him 40 m up a 30° slope (assumed frictionless) at a constant speed of 2.5 m/s? J I know that the answer to the first problem is 14896Joules, but I do not know how to c...

multiply both sides by six which gives you 3xa = 12 then divide by 3 which gives you xa = 4 then if you are solving for x, divide both sides by a which gives you x = 4/a if you are solving for a, do the oppisite.

Two blocks, A and B (with mass 50 kg and 100 kg, respectively), are connected by a string. (one mass is on the incline, the other is hanging from the pullye) The pulley is frictionless and of negligible mass. The coefficient of kinetic friction between block A and the incline ...

Thank you SO much! I didn't realize i had to do 27(1-cos33)

Tarzan swings on a 27.0 m long vine initially inclined at an angle of 33.0° with the vertical. (a) What is his speed at the bottom of the swing if he starts from rest? (b) What is his speed at the bottom of the swing if he pushes off with a speed of 3.00 m/s? I tried to us...

never mind, I figured it out.

A 770 N man stands in the middle of a frozen pond of radius 9.0 m. He is unable to get to the other side because of a lack of friction between his shoes and the ice. To overcome this difficulty, he throws his 1.2 kg physics textbook horizontally toward the north shore at a spe...

When an automobile moves with constant speed down a highway, most of the power developed by the engine is used to compensate for the mechanical energy loss due to frictional forces exerted on the car by the air and the road. If the power developed by the engine is 195 hp, esti...

I drew the sketch, the problem does not tell me how high he is initially, I can find the equation vfinal = the square root of (2gh) but I don't know what h is.

Tarzan swings on a 27.0 m long vine initially inclined at an angle of 33.0° with the vertical. (a) What is his speed at the bottom of the swing if he starts from rest?(b) What is his speed at the bottom of the swing if he pushes off with a speed of 3.00 m/s?

Ok so this question was posted before but I'm confused by the answer. The problem is: The two masses (m1 = 5.0 kg and m2 = 3.0 kg) in the Atwood's machine shown in Figure 10-23 are released from rest, with m1 at a height of 0.87 m above the floor. When m1 hits the grou...

6th grade
For every 25 mm of rain falling on the avarage home, 5000 L runs off the roof. Some people use barrels to collect this rain water. Cecila's town usually has 2625mm of rain each year. How many litres of water can be collected by using barrels?

We are learning Indirect object pronouns and I need help with the following questions. Traduce las frases al espanol. 11. He asked her for more money. 12. I gave you your present. 13. She bought you a new dress. 14. He prepared dinner for us. 15. Musicals fascinate me. 16. She...

Chemistry 101
I don't remember my instructor going over this and the book isn't explaining it very well. Can anyone help answer these? Indicate the concentration of each ion or molecule present in the following solutions. 1. 0.30 M NaNO3 2. 1.5x10^-2 M MgSO4 3. 2.00x10-2 M C6H12O6 4...

Chemistry help
I'm not sure how to answer this question.... Assume that magnesium would act atom-for-atom exactly the same as copper in this experiment. How many grams of magnesium would, have been used in the reaction if one gram of silver were produced? The atomic mass of magnesium is ...

Chem answer check
Does this look correct? Thx! Write the balanced equation for the reaction between solid copper and silver nitrate, that produces solid silver and copper(II) nitrate in solution. Include your experimentally determined mole ratios for the copper and silver atoms as coefficients....

1st grade
3 facts about motion

how do i find the perimeter of a triangle with missing measurements? i have no clue how to do this!

A man is walking away from a lamppost with a light source h = 6 m above the ground. The man is m = 1.5 m tall. How long is the man's shadow when he is d = 11 m from the lamppost? (Hint: Use similar triangles.)

9th grade algebra
what times what is equal to 37

spanish 2
cmplete this rule with hay que or se prohibe 1. almorzar en la sala de clase 2 respetar a los demas 3. entregar la tarea a tiempo 4. ir al armario durante las clases 5 contestar las preguntas del profesor

I think you mean "diagonal," not "diagnol."

You must have missed my second response. I changed my answer, therefore I assumed you were responding to that.

That's what I was thinking Thank you

Can you please explain to me how drinking tea is "effective and relevant" to getting good results? I don't understand.

paying attention?

Something that is tangential to getting good results: a. drinking tea b. proper planning c. paying attention d. working hard a. drinking tea?

nothing it just makes the recipe cook longer and soggier

What is the density (in g/L) of hydrogen gas at 23.0 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 1670 psi?

My teacher says to take booknotes on To Kill a Mockingbird but I don't know what booknotes are?

Proper Grammer
I am just editing my essay for my one class and this is a question I always get stumped on which is the proper way. Would a comma or period go inside the quotation marks, or outside? Example, "The dog ran extremely fast." "The dog ran extremely fast". and I...

At what rate will $150 double itself in 14 years? Hoe do I solve this?

algebra 1A
5 less than 3 plus y and x

6th science
scienctist who stidy the natural world say that there is unity in diversity. how does this idea apply to plants?

8th grade science
Measurement is a quantity with both a ____________________? Please fill in the blank. This question is on my study guide and I do not know what the answer is?

Consider the graph of the equation y=ax^2+bx+c, when a does not equal 0. If a is multiplied by 3, what is true of the graph of the resulting parabola? (A) The Vertex is 3 units above the vertex of the original. (B) The new parabola is wider than the original. (C) The new parab...

5th grade social studies
1 is Christopher Columbus

What is the probability of selecting a boy and a girl if their are 7 girls and 3 boys.

how do you find a unit price? is there a formula you need to follow? ex.)how would i find a unit price on an ice cream that if 14 Fl. ounces, has 3 1/2 servings per container and each serving is 1/2 cup. the price of the ice cream is $4.79.

physics help please
Consider a system in which 3.60 mol of an ideal monatomic gas is expanded at a constant pressure of 101 kPa from an initial volume of 2.15 L to a final volume of 3.87 L. (b) Find the change in temperature for this process. ? K (c) Determine the amount of heat added to or remo...

Chem: Mole and Avogadros Number

physics help 2 please!
The air inside a hot air balloon has an average temperature of 84.3°C. The outside air has a temperature of 15.3°C. What is the ratio of the density of air in the balloon to the density of air in the surrounding atmosphere? inside / outside = ??

physics help pleasee!
Three moles of oxygen gas (O2) are placed in a portable container with a volume of 0.0037 m3. The temperature of the gas is 330°C. (a) What is the pressure of the gas? ? Pa (b) What is the average kinetic energy of an oxygen molecule? ? J

physics 4**!!
Consider a double-paned window consisting of two panes of glass, each with a thickness of 0.500 cm and an area of 0.880 m2, separated by a layer of air with a thickness of 1.90 cm. The temperature on one side of the window is 0.00°C; the temperature on the other side is 20...

physics 3 !!!
Assuming your skin temperature is 37.2°C and the temperature of your surroundings is 20.5°C, determine the length of time required for you to radiate away the energy gained by eating a 265 Calorie ice cream cone. Let the emmissivity of your skin be 0.915 and its area b...

physics 2 **
A blacksmith drops a 0.60 kg iron horseshoe into a bucket containing 25 kg of water. (a) If the initial temperature of the horseshoe is 600°C, and the initial temperature of the water is 40°C, what is the equilibrium temperature of the system? Assume no heat is exchang...

physics **
When people sleep, their metabolic rate is about 2.6 10-4 C/(s·kg). How many Calories does a 69 kg person metabolize while sleeping 9.0 hours? ? Cal

Physics help 2 please **
A garden hose is attached to a water faucet on one end and a spray nozzle on the other end. The water faucet is turned on, but the nozzle is turned off so that no water flows through the hose. The hose lies horizontally on the ground, and a stream of water sprays vertically ou...

Physics help please**
A water pipe having a 2.1 cm inside diameter carries water into the basement of a house at a speed of 0.88 m/s and a pressure of 169 kPa. The pipe tapers to 1.0 cm and rises to the second floor 7.1 m above the input point. (a) What is the speed at the second floor? ? m/s (b) W...

physics help pleaseee
In the figure below, S is a small loudspeaker driven by an audio oscillator with a frequency that is varied from 1000 Hz to 2000 Hz, and D is a cylindrical pipe with two open ends and a length of 55.0 cm. The speed of sound in the air-filled pipe is 344 m/s. (In the figure s i...

physics help 4
An astronaut on a small planet wishes to measure the local value of g by timing pulses traveling down a wire which has a large mass suspended from it. Assume that the wire has a mass of 4.10 g and a length of 1.60 m and that a 3.00 kg mass is suspended from it. A pulse require...

Phyiscs help 3
The height of a tower is measured by attaching a simple pendulum to its ceiling, whose length is barely enough to stay off the floor. The pendulum is let go from a small angle, and takes 13 s to return to the same location it started from. a.) How tall is the tower? ? m If the...

physics help 2 please!
A 4.0 Hz wave with an amplitude of 12 cm and a wavelength of 30.0 cm travels along a stretched horizontal string. (a) How far does a given peak on the wave travel in a time interval of 6.0 s? ? m (b) How far does a knot on the string travel in the same time interval? ? m once ...

Physics help please!
The speed of a deep water wave with a wavelength ë is given approximately by v = (gë/2ð)1/2. Find the speed and frequency of a deep water wave with a wavelength of 5.5 m. ? m/s ? Hz can someone get me started with a formula? I lost my book :(

math(Algebra two)
describe what happens to the graph of y=X^2 in the following situations. a. y is replaced with (y+1) b. x is replaced with(x-5) c.x is replaced with (x+3) d.y is replaced with (y-6) i have no clue how to do this can you please help me?

physics help 4 please!!
Two turtles (each 2 kg) sit on an approximately massless branch in the water. They sit on opposite sides of the branch's center, each 3 m away. The branch (10 m long) is spinning at 2 rad/s about its center (nearly without friction). Now, if both turtles walk to the ends o...

physics help 3!! **
Based on the following data about planet X (which orbits around the Sun): Planet X's distance from Sun = 3.6*1012 m Planet X's radius = 2*106 m Planet X's mass = 8.2*1022 kg a.) Find gx, the size of the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of Planet X. m/s2 b...

physics help 2 please!!
Mass A (7 kg) and mass B (10 kg) sit on the ground, 2 m apart. a.) What is size of the the gravitational force: on A from B? N on B from A? N b.) What is the size of the gravitational force: on A from the Earth? N on B from the Earth? N once again, i am using the wrong equatio...

physics help please!!**
A typical GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite orbits at an altitude of 4.0 107 m. (Astronomical data needed for this problem can be found on the inside back cover of the text.) (a) Find the orbital period of such a satellite. hours (b) Find the orbital speed of such a sa...

you have to sent up a given and then a prove staement and drwa a diagram

Prove: if th bisector of an angle whose vertex lies on a circle passes through the center of the circle, then it is the prpendiular biector of the se,emt joining the points where the sides of the angle itersect the circle.

physics 2, help please
Two masses (mA= 2 kg, mB= 4 kg) are attached to a (massless) meter stick, at the 0 and 75 cm marks, respectively. c.) Now, if mass B was removed, how much force would need to be exerted at the 100 cm mark in order to keep the meter stick level*? ? N d.) Now, if mass B was remo...

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