November 30, 2015

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On Earth, naturally occurring calcium metal contains 6 isotopes: Ca-40, Ca-42, Ca-43, Ca-44, Ca-46, Ca-48. Select all of the following that are true for a sample of naturally occurring calcium. A) The average mass of the calcium atoms is 40.078 amu. B)One mole of Ca-40 has a ...
November 12, 2015

intro to computers
Answer is D. HDD has a higher rpm rate
May 24, 2014

oh gosh-never mind. figured it out ... talk about a way to make you feel stupid.
May 13, 2010

I really need to know HOW to solve this. Please-don't even give me an answer, just instructions? Segment AB is a diameter of circle C. If A = (19, 3) and B = (37, 29), what are the coordinates of C?
May 13, 2010

I'm not asking for the answer (I hate when people do that) I'd just like to know how to go about this so that I may understand. Any help is much appreciated. "A sphere of ice cream is placed onto your ice cream cone. Both have a diameter of __ cm. The height of ...
March 15, 2010

Geometry 1
I understand that no one does work for anyone else here, but I do suppose that i could have stated my mis-understanding better. I didn't understand whether A was a fixed point or not. ... yeah. I feel stupid. Anyway, I understand it now, so i suppose that a 'thank you...
September 13, 2009

Geometry 1
This is probably quite simple, but I was sick and missed the last few lessons. Anyway, here's the problem: Draw, mark, and label each figure: Rhombus EQUL with diagonals EU and QL intersecting at A. The intersecting at A is what's confusing me--as I said probably ...
September 13, 2009

Here's a little bit of help, but I'm not exactly a big help. Sorry. L- could be something like: Loss of hair is a common side-effect when working with complicated algebraic expressions or Lots of mathematical rules and numbers have been known to cause really bad ...
September 13, 2009

I will be learning soon
June 10, 2008

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