July 24, 2014

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oh gosh-never mind. figured it out ... talk about a way to make you feel stupid.

I really need to know HOW to solve this. Please-don't even give me an answer, just instructions? Segment AB is a diameter of circle C. If A = (19, 3) and B = (37, 29), what are the coordinates of C?

I'm not asking for the answer (I hate when people do that) I'd just like to know how to go about this so that I may understand. Any help is much appreciated. "A sphere of ice cream is placed onto your ice cream cone. Both have a diameter of __ cm. The height of yo...

Geometry 1
I understand that no one does work for anyone else here, but I do suppose that i could have stated my mis-understanding better. I didn't understand whether A was a fixed point or not. ... yeah. I feel stupid. Anyway, I understand it now, so i suppose that a 'thank you&...

Geometry 1
This is probably quite simple, but I was sick and missed the last few lessons. Anyway, here's the problem: Draw, mark, and label each figure: Rhombus EQUL with diagonals EU and QL intersecting at A. The intersecting at A is what's confusing me--as I said probably simpl...

Here's a little bit of help, but I'm not exactly a big help. Sorry. L- could be something like: Loss of hair is a common side-effect when working with complicated algebraic expressions or Lots of mathematical rules and numbers have been known to cause really bad headac...

I will be learning soon

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