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When Pat talks during math instruction, Mrs. Miller puts Pat's name on the board. If Pat interrupts the lesson again, she will receive a check by her name and lose five minutes of recess. What type of discipline is this called? Is it assertive discipline? Yes. It is ...
January 14, 2007

Do you think the majority in Dickerson VS. The United States engaged n judicial activism? Why or why not? Can someone help me understand the difference between judicial activism and judicial restraint? Also I need to find a little more info on this case to help me write this ...
January 8, 2007

Write a brief answer to each question. Provide examples. a) When is the sum or difference of two monomials a monomial? b) When is the product of two monomials a monomial? c) When is the quotient of two monomials a monomials? Plz help, the questions confuse me. I have no clue ...
December 20, 2006

nonpolar according to mastering chem
November 23, 2006

christmas will come in december: Probability:100%
November 19, 2006

please help its bedtime
how can you tell which form of a rational number is most appropriate in a given situation? Use an integer, or fraction, NEVER a decimal number. If your number is say 3.5, then the rational answer would be 35/100. if the number is .75, then the rational answer would be 75/100 ...
November 16, 2006

how can you tell which form of a ational number is most appropriate in a given situation?
November 16, 2006

Social Studies
Are their fish in the Mediterranean regions. What kinds of plants are there? The Mediterranean is a sea -- so of course, live there. Please clarify whether you're looking for native plants around the Mediterranean Sea -- or native plants in Mediterranean climates. We'...
November 15, 2006

I have to do a report on the Mediterranean. 20 people are going to be dropped there. They have to make their own homes with local materials. Please help me research on this. this report is due tom.! Use rocks and mud or burrow in hillsides. They are everywhere. Many lumber ...
November 15, 2006

October 21, 2006

hi chloe and robin!!!!!!! what the hell do i do 1!!!!!!!!!!!! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
October 20, 2006

im doing the same to and i dont get it at all!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(
October 20, 2006

Social Studies
I am looking for somewhere that would have all the wars in order that has happened involving American for 1754-2006. Can anyone help?
October 19, 2006

word unscramble
September 28, 2006

law and society
what r the laws and punishment for each laws in Japan ? If you want to knoow about Japanese laws, this is a very broad subject. It might be helpful if you indicated which laws or areas of laws interested you. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the ...
September 27, 2006

Social studies
Who are allies/enemies of Panama? please tell me! I need to know. i've looked everywhere to find this info but failed. I posted the same question here before but it didn't really help. If you know, please just give me the country names. I have been trying to look up ...
September 21, 2006

math question
About how many books will fit on a shelf that is 40 inches long if each book is 2/3 inches wide? 40 divided by 2/3 inches per book = ? You need to divide 40 by 2/3. Your answer will be between 50 and 70 books.
September 17, 2006

Social Studies
What are allies/enemies of Panama? don't tell me to go to wikipedia or background notes or anything like that. i`ve tried everything but couldn't find the allies and enemies of Panama, although it seems like a really easy question! PLEASE HELP! thank you <3 Have you...
September 17, 2006

Social Studies
I have to assume that i am a realist, meaning i believe in the realism theory and that all states' actions are motivated by realism and realism only. Now, i have to come up with three examples why i believe this. I should be able to pursuade others that i'm right. WHAT...
September 10, 2006

_______ and _______ are commutative. What are the two basic math operations where the arguments commute? Think arithmetic.
August 27, 2006

Cornell Notes
August 17, 2006

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