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economics a result of the ..... .... .

Simplify each trigonometric expression a) Sin(theta)Cot(theta)-Sin(theta)Cos(theta) c)(sin x + cos x)(sin x - cos x)+ 2 cos(squared)x

Determine the maximum or minimum value. Use at least two different methods. y=3x(x-2)+5

A company has been selling 1200 computer games per week at $18 each. Data indicates that for each $1 price increase, there will be a loss of 40 sales per week. It costs $10 to produce each game. a) State the revenue function b) State the cost function c) State the profit funct...

what are two facts about Aswan High Dam and its impact on the area and two o pinions about that would most likely be shared by some residence of the area?

Quick Spanish #2
De postre tendremos: pastel de chocolate, helado y pay.

Quick Spanish
Bienvenido! Estas invitado a la fiesta de James y Jason

Algebra I
A local gym charges nonmembers $8 per day to use the voleyball courts. Members pay a yearly fee of $150 and $2 per day to use the voleyball courts. Write and solve an equation to find how many days you must use the voleyball court to justify becoming a member. Can you please s...

Algebra I
The sum of three numbers is 147. The second number is 4 more than two times the first number. The third number is five less than three times the first number. Find the three numbers. Can you please solve it? I have no idea how to do this. Thanks a lot for any help!

Right hand side of cell was titrated with Nh3 while monitoring cell voltage: Ag(s)IAg^+ (aq, 0.1 M, 25.0 mL)II Ag^= (aq, 0.1 M, 75.0 mL)I Ag(s) With 1.52 M ammonia titrant, the end point was observed at 9.8 mL. The measured cell voltage was near -0.15 V at the end point. A) wh...

what is the cell voltage when saturated calomel and Pt electrodes are dipped into a solution containing 0.00217 M Br2 (aq) and 0.234 M Br^-

The voltage of the cell Pt (s) I H2 ( 1 bar)I RNH2(0.1 M), RNH3+ Cl(0.05 M)IIS.H.E. is 0.49 V. Find kb of the base, RNH2

consider the cell Pt(s)I H2 (g. 0.100 bar)I H+ (aq, pH= 2.54)IICl^- ( aq, 0.200 MI Hg2Cl2(S)IHg (l)IPt(s) a. write a reduction reaction and nernst equation for each half- cell. For the Hg2Cl2 half reaction, E^0 = 0.268 V b. Find E for the net cell reaction and state whether re...

evaluate E^0 for the half reaction: CO2 (g) + 2H + 2e^- <--> HCOOH ( Aq)

a dibasic compound , B, has pkb2 = 6.00. Find the fraction in the form of BH+ at pH 9.00

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